NEW MUSIC: J Yungg (@JYunggMusic) – Nah Hide And Dweet

“SWAGGA LAWD!!!”, that’s the first line you’re gonna hear from J Yungg’s hype new single “Nah Hide And Dweet”. This was produced by Famouss Money Records on the Jelly Heart Riddim and i must say it is definately full of vibes, you can’t help saying “Swagga Lawd”. Check out the song below and the download link on the next page, you don’t have to “hide and dweet”. ENJOY!!

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NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem – Birthday Cake Remix…and the stans go wild!

This video just presented itself on my radar and as the title says, “The stans go wild!“. Recently the world got to hear Rihanna’sBirthday Cake Remix” with Chris Brown, and it got many mixed reviews. MooreMayhem made this video to drop in her 2 cents and trust me not only is it enjoyable, but it’s sure to make you think. I won’t take up much more of this column, check the video by and ENJOY!!

You can Check out MooreMayhem on Youtube, her Blog and her Tumblr.

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NEW MUSIC: Lloyd Banks (@LloydBanks) – Jackpot

The Punchline King is at it again! After being relatively quiet since his Cold Corner 2 mixtape, Lloyd Bank$ decided to drop a street single, Jackpot for the fans. Jackpot was produced by Jahlil Beats (Meek Mill’sImma Boss“). Not sure if this single is hinting at a new album or mixtape but this will be stuck on repeat in few laptops and smartphones for a while..ENJOY!!

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Mixtape Movements: Five Steez (@FiveSteez) – War For Peace (Album Sampler)

To keep fans over until the full release, Five Steez dropped a free 6 track sampler of his War For Peace album. Although it’s a free release, he encourages listeners to also purchase his many singles which will be  available on Bandcamp, Tunecore, and many other outlets.

This album is intended to guide people towards peace in their lives,” says Five Steez. “The title represents triumph amidst struggle. It is a metaphor for the ironic reality that the path to wisdom, freedom, peace and happiness is a tough one.”

The full album release will be announced later, download the sampler from the links below.

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NEW MUSIC: Five Steez (@FiveSteez) – Rebel Music x Growing Pains

Five Steez is making moves. In anticipation of the War For Peace sampler Friday and the album later this year, Steez dropped off couple songs in promotion. First off is Rebel Music, produced by Dahj Da Dadz & Bravo, nice production by the way for the family, friends, and all the thugs. Next track is Growing Pains produced by Dawit and features Shaq The MC. Check them out below…ENJOY!!!

Rebel Music

Growing Pains (ft. Shaq The MC)

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NEW MUSIC: Nomad Carlos (@NomadCarlos) – Illest S*** x 1Time 2Time

With Live From Yard popping up on the blogsite saturday, Nomad Carlos sent a couple joints off the mixtape my way. Illest S*** was produced by while 1Time 2Time was produced by 2Serious Productions. Check it out and ENJOY!!!

Illest S***


1Time 2Time

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Artiste Spotlight: Nomad Carlos (@NomadCarlos)

Unpredictable, diverse, determined, and real are just few of the words used to describe this Kingston by the way of Florida rapper Nomad Carlos. Born in Florida on May 5, 1987 and is currently living between there and Kingston, Carlos been said to “Live and breathe Hip Hop” by his peers.

Nomad, an avid lover of many genres of music, started writing raps after being inspired by a few of his peers who happened to be very skillful in the art. From early recordings, he moved on to releasing mixtapes with a group named the Bullet Proof Army which consisted of him and a few of his peers. Nomad went on to performing, releasing music videos, and even completing an album with the Bullet Proof Army and was recognized as one of Jamaica’s up and coming rappers.

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Mixtape Movements: DJ Lank’s (@CodeLank) Angels & Devils Mix (Guest Blogger: @MszRockStar)

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY FOLKS!!! While some may call it “Lovers’ Day“, “Happy Orgasm Day“, or “Wine and Chocolate Day“, It’s a day celebrated by many lovers worldwide. While there are many who don’t have a loved one to share the day with there are many other activities they can do by themselves and still feel special. For the lovers out there I, along with and DJ Lank (of CODE RED Sound), bring to you this special Valentine’s Day Mix called “Angels & Devils“.

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Artiste Spotlight: Five Steez (@FiveSteez)

Five Steez is a true MC that has surprisingly risen through an obscure Hip Hop scene in Jamaica, the land of Reggae, to capture ears and minds all over the world through years of mixtape releases, performances and televised music videos. With the city of Kingston as his backdrop, he expresses a reality that exemplifies Hip Hop’s role as the ‘voice of the voiceless’.

Steez was born in Kingston, Jamaica on November 11, 1986. Throughout youth, music was his biggest fascination and as he grew older and wiser, he knew his calling was to speak to and for the people.

“I need to tell my story and the stories of my peers who don’t have the platform I do. I hope I can show somebody something and change a life the way I’ve seen Hip Hop change lives already,” he says.

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NEW VIDEO: Zagga (@ZaggaMusic) – Change (Official Video)

After featuring Zagga earlier, I was sent the official video for his current single, “Change”. This was directed by RD Studios and was shot in Jamaica. “Change” was produced by Chimney Records. Enjoy peeps!

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