PRESS RELEASE: @ReggaeSting Creates History, Again!



Last year MAGNUM STING made history when the show aired live on pay-per-view in multiple countries across the world and now the event’s promoter, Supreme Promotions, is set to present another historic first. This year’s staging will not only see the largest dancehall spectacle across the globe but also a full-blown reggae show.

On December 26th Jamworld will host not one, but two major festivals: Reggae and Dancehall – featuring today’s Giants of Reggae and the Reigning kings and queens of Dancehall, patrons can therefore look forward to enjoying two colossal shows with one ticket.  Another exciting addition is the introduction of a brand new genre EDH (Electronic DanceHall), a fresh new wave of electronic music merged with pulsating dancehall beats, anticipated to be another exceptional treat for the audience at Magnum Sting come Boxing day.

“For the first time ever, we will have two major festivals on one night, this year will be electrifying! The number one dancehall show and the number one selling dancehall brand, Magnum, have reunited for this extraordinary staging.  For the reggae show we will see the current major players in reggae. We have a reputation of always delivering the giants for a reasonable entrance fee that will not change for Magnum Sting 2014” Supreme Promotions head honcho Isaiah Laing revealed.

Magnum has been on board as a major sponsor of several of Sting’s productions throughout the years. Their relationship dates back as far as 2002. This year the company is putting major focus on the event to achieve monumental success.

Magnum Sting’s stage opens at 8PM with emerging artistes and the roots rocking reggae show runs from10PM to 2AM, with the unquenchable “cyaan cool” Fireman Capleton who is bound to set Jamworld ablaze atmidnight. At 2AM, the sweltering dancehall explosion begins with Magnum showcasing the Dance culture that is again making headlines.  Magnum Sting climaxes at the traditional daybreak with the anticipated Clash.

Sophia Fairman, Group Brand Manager for Fortified Wines and Liqueurs of J Wray & Nephew says fans are in for a unique experience this year: “Magnum has always been the brand of Dancehall and Sting carries the crown and has bragging rights for hosting the most dynamic stage show. This year Magnum Sting gives patrons a complete Jamaican musical and cultural journey.  This is what Magnum represents as we continue to showcase our unique and diverse culture. We feel that Magnum Sting is doing just that and fans are in for an energetic experience.”

Magnum Sting 2014 will make history yet again with their most dynamic stage show to date.  Featuring today’s Giants of Reggae and the Reigning kings and queens of Dancehall, fans get two stage shows with one ticket this Boxing Day!


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AUDIO: @Ragashanti Interviews @IShawna



With the recent news of Selector Foota Hype and Dancehall artist IShawna involved in feuds since their breakup, popular Radio Personality Ragashanti called up IShawna to discuss the current situation. This is a pretty lengthy call so I’ll let the audio speak for itself. Check out the Interview below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: @Alexx_AGame Dominates @GungoWalkFest


Photo 1 AGame


While his new single is burning up the airwaves A-Game has been making moves. After his return from a European Tour with Konshens and the Blu Print Band he performed and dominated the popular Gungo Walk Festival held yearly at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. The festival featured other popular acts such as Chevaughn, Wayne Marshall, Ikaya and many more.

His set started at 6:30 pm and featured his hit song ‘A-Game Everyday’ along with new singles such as ‘Working All Day’, ‘Ego’, and ‘Must Give In’ which was an acoustic preview of an unreleased collaboration with Subkonshus artiste Javada. A-Game shared, “my set was complex, it had a lot of variations and it was very dynamic especially because of the intensity from my backing band A1”.

Additionally, A-Game received a lot of support from the music fraternity who attended the event to support his live performance. Subkonshus CEO and mentor to A-Game, Konshens was in attendance along with Delus, JCapri, and Kevin from Voicemail. “I had to support A-Game, he is very talented and ambitious and I wanted to hear his new material” shared the ‘Pull Up to Mi Bumpa’ singjay JCapri, while the ‘Gal a Bubble’ star Konshens added “Cah him bad an me know! I want to know how long it will be before everybody else knows; seeing him live helps with my survey as well as puts me in fan mode for a bit”.

A-Game who received a very welcoming reception from the patrons added “I thought that was my best performance so far and many individuals thought it was the best performance for the show and I am grateful for that. I also believe it was a start for me. I wanted to prove myself in a live performance and not just in recordings; music is changing and unlike most young acts I find that it is imperative that work is put into perfecting my craft and how I present myself to my fans”.

Publicist for A-Game, Talisa Taylor shared “A-Game has been doing exceptionally well and his single has aired on several radio stations here in Jamaica and abroad. He has also been receiving great support online and as such I strongly believe that this is the beginning of something great”. A-Game is set to release a collaboration with Konshens produced by DJ Benny Page from the UK.


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PRESS RELEASE: @TommyLeeSparta Makes Triumphant Return To Costa Rica



Ace deejay Tommy Lee Sparta made an exuberant return to Central America for his Costa Rican supporters. This appearance marks the entertainer’s third show for his massive fan base in Costa Rica. With high-energy the gothic star took to the “Dancehall Xplosion” stage giving arguably the best performance of the night. The Party is here promoted event was held at the Cuty stadium in the city of Desamparados.

 This event was a special one for the country who celebrated their independence the following day. It was the bash to attend for the holiday with notable attendees, such as the ambassador to Jamaica present. The stadium with a capacity of over five thousand was packed to witness dancehall’s disputably reigning stars: Tommy Lee Sparta, Aidonia and Popcaan, as well as selectors of Copper shot, DJ Ruff and DJ Cuilo.

After thrilling the audience Tommy expressed, “Right now mi overjoyed. So much love from the people. Nothing tush, everything well bad! Mi surprised how much a mi new song dem already know. To hear them a sing along with a song dat mi drop last week is insane.”

The undeniable favorite track of the night was “Defend” composed by Zion production a prominent record label in the territory. Among the other well received were hits such as: “Psycho”, “shook”, “Vibes Inna This”, “Mechanic”, “Spartan Angel”, “Dream”, “Bad Like We”, “Party Non-Stop” and “Buss A Blanka”.

The artiste now prepares for his next stop in Suriname before he jets off to French Guiana, Guyana, Martinique and St. Martin.


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Preview: @FiveSteez – “Welcome” Music Video Launch


Welcome Official Music Video (300dpi)

With his “These Kingston Times” project hitting the internet next month, Rapper Five Steez prepares to release the music video for his first single, “Welcome“. The video is slated to drop on Monday September 15 at 8PM but you can catch a preview of a few scenes below. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Image7 Image8 Image1 Image13

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