ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Get To Know @EladGideon


Elad Gideon is an upcoming artist that has a lot to say. Hailing from May Pen, Clarendon, he brings a rugged style that can be heard and felt by everyone. Get familiar with him below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

1. Describe Elad Gideon in five words.

Militant, honest, expressive, calculated, and focused.

2. How did you come up with the name Elad Gideon?

My first name ‘Dale’ when reversed spells ‘Elad’ and the Hebrew word Gideon that means ‘Mighty Warrior’ is my street name. I wanted a name that represented me and my music, and those two words does just that!

3. What motto or advice do you live by?

Fortune favours the BOLD!!

4. Why choose a career in music?

I believe that because we only get one life to live, we should spend it doing something that makes you happy, and music makes me happy.

5. For persons who have never heard your sound, describe your music in five words.

Expressive, melodic, soulful, militant, rugged/gringo!

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PRESS RELEASE: @EladGideon’s New Militant Sound

Elad Gideon

Recording artiste Elad Gideon showcases his raw and militant style with the release of his new single ‘Wile Life’. The song produced by himself, Douglas Flannigan and Farel Richie was released on SoundCloud recently. The highly anticipated single, is a tribute to resilient Jamaicans who have found themselves affected by the harsh realities of the society. Elad explained, “The people in our society have become almost beast like in order to survive their everyday struggles”.

Elad grew up in the town of May Pen, Clarendon. His stage name begins with his first name ‘Dale’ being reversed to spell ‘Elad’ and then coupled with the Hebrew word Gideon that means ‘Mighty Warrior’. His name highlights his calculated, militant, rebellious and nonconformist personality that he fervently portrays through his music. Elad’s music is packaged and presented on a live music platform and is an unorthodox fusion between reggae, dancehall, hip hop, and some alternative rock/RnB influences. Elad added, “My music is limitless. It is not restricted to any one genre but is rather a mixture of all the genres of music that I love. My music also speaks to those relatable topics, thoughts and ideas that are rarely highlighted in Jamaican music.”

The ‘Wile Life’ artiste has also produced singles such as ‘Just Life’ and ‘The Worst’, both of which are now available on his SoundCloud profile, Elad is set to start his promotional trail for ‘Wile Life’ and is eager to premiere its video. The video will be shot and released this summer.

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PRESS RELEASE: Chilando (@ShowDiVybzEnt) Stirs Success With “Long Bamboo”


Recording artiste Chilando has been receiving positive feedback on the party scene from his new dance single, ‘Long Bamboo’. Major supporters of ‘Long Bamboo’, namely, Dancehall Queen Nikesha, Renee Six Thirty, Swa Twins, Chin Romeich and Fresh Look Models from the female dancing community were all featured in the music video. Chilando shared, “The girls love the song and have been performing it at several shows and parties that both they and myself are booked for”.

The release of ‘Long Bamboo’ has not only boosted Chilando’s fanbase but has also placed more attention on his other singles. The single ‘Hot it Up’, produced by DJ Sunshine of Yellow Moon Records was recently premiered on Irie Fm and has since been rotating on several other local stations.

Other favourites from Chilando include ‘Life Too Short’ produced by Chimney Records recently featured on ITunes Reggae Hot tracks and the single ‘Feel Nice’ produced by Riddim Sky Records. Chilando has also afforded the opportunity to work with popular producer, DJ Frass to produce the song, ‘Officer’ on the ‘Jelly Water Riddim’. Chilando added, “It was a pleasure working with DJ Frass because of his work ethics in the music industry. He is truly a talented producer”.

Chilando is set to shoot the video for ‘Officer’ which will be shot by award winning director Xtreme Arts.

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PROMO: @InnovoEnt Presents: Turn Up


#TurnUp was inspired by the genuine admiration of Trap music by my peers and generation at large. Innovo is focused on celebrating the evolution of Jamaican culture, which is heavily driven by globalization. My generation grew up on MTV and BET so it’s no mystery why our tastes are similar to those in the United States, especially those in the middle to upper class socioeconomic category. I was at an event last December and it had about 90% patronage between the ages of 20 – 40. When the DJ started to play trap music, the entire venue erupted into a choir. I asked one of the young ladies singing the songs word for word if she would go to a trap music event. She sharply said while shaking her head, “That can’t happen! The only genre niches in Jamaica are soca, dancehall and reggae! “That will NOT work.”

That motivated me to create a new environment and to be the leader of that community. It’s evident that the organic market demand is there, but the vision to meet that demand in a spectacular way isn’t present. Innovo means “Innovate” in latin so instead of being dismayed I knew this response meant it was time to strike. I have seen this happen a few more times at Ribbiz during Kamal Bankay sets. Just look around, almost every time you hear someone under 25 singing, humming or playing a song from their phone, it’s trap music. I don’t believe in following blindly in order to meet the status quo, because anybody who ever made history did the opposite.

#TurnUp will focus on the hip hop arm of Trap and also the EDM arm of Trap with dancehall remixes to tie it in. #TurnUp features the talents of Fatalic Sounds whose trap segments could lift an elephant ( , Acmatic whose EDM sets carry you on a trip to space ( and DJ Stamma ( who has the element of surprise at hand. #TurnUp is an entertainment package for $2000 that includes drinks, goodies for the clients and will be at Club Eutopia (Upstairs New Kingston Burger King). I want it to remain a surprise, because it’s better that way! A mixtape will be available at in the last week of May so our clients get a spot-on preview of what to expect at #TurnUp. We only want the best for the clients, namely the Innovo Club. We know they deserve it.

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PRESS RELEASE: Is @QQWorld Settling Down?


Dancehall artiste QQ’s recent single entitled ‘Number One’ has had many single ladies turning their heads. The single produced by Johnny Wonder of 21st Hapilos Production and Adde Instrumentals on the Lost Keys Riddim speaks to a mysterious lady that could be QQ’s better half. With lines such as “no matter if mi have a million gal…. you a di one” and “…more time mi act selfish I’m only human and the only thing that matter to me a dat you a di one” have caused many to ask who is the mysterious lady?

The One Drop artiste embarked on his Jack Hammer Tour in March and has performed on over 30 stages to screaming female fans. It is no surprise that QQ, who is now a father has a large female fan base after his transformation in recent times. When asked about this mysterious lady QQ shared, “I love all ladies but you have to settle down at some point in time; as to if I am settling down, I would let the song answer that”.

With the success of the Jack Hammer Tour, QQ has had many high points and one low. GQ, Manager and father of QQ had shared in a recent release that QQ had been recovering from a series of nose bleeds caused by his frequent flying. QQ is now back on track and has since released ‘Next One’ produced by Dre Skull and ‘Pound and a Half a mix Flour’ produced by QG Productions.

QQ, who is presently in Canada, will release his ‘Jack Hammer’ video this week.

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