PRESS RELEASE: @TJayTenFloor Impressed Montego Bay Crowd!


After his powerful performance at this year’s staging of Reggae Sumfest and his mind blowing performance at Beer Wendzdays in Montego Bay, Teejay has gained much street credit. The artiste who performed, not once, but twice on Dancehall Night has created a much needed buzz. “I think a lot of people underestimated me but it’s always good for me to prove them wrong” shared Teejay.

Teejay was one of several Montego Bay based artistes that performed on Dancehall Night and has received a lot of media attention. He added, “Going forward I am very eager to leaving my mark behind. I will be at Mobay Jerk Festival and I am ready to perform for all the present and soon to be fans”. The artiste who recently released his single ‘Real Hot’ produced by Good Good Production on the Liquor Riddim is also in promotion mode. Teejay shared that he is excited to perform this single for patrons at Mobay Jerk Festival along with his other singles including ‘Buss Head’, ‘True Friend’ and ‘World Come Down’.

Teejay is set to release the video for ‘Real Hot’ locally this month and reminds his fans to support Mobay Jerk Festival on August 1st at Catherine Hall Entertainment Center in Montego Bay.

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PRESS RELEASE: @DAngelMusic1 Wanted In Africa!


Dancehall artiste D’Angel has been creating quite a stir in Africa with the release of her remix with African Grammy winner and recording artiste Stone Bwoy. The single is called ‘Tingisha’ on the Chaskele Rhythm produced by Rebel Liberation Records. D’Angel shared “since the release of the single, my African fan base has grown tremendously; now I have promoters calling and I am hoping to plan a tour soon”. King Rebel the producer shared that the single is in great demand and it is the “anthem in Nairobi”.

The First Lady who is presently on a North American Tour added that she felt “elated” after several fans reached out to her on social media advising her that the single has been playing on the radio stations in Kenya, Nairobi, Namibia, and Uganda to name a few. She shared “having your fans, selectors and radio personalities reach out to me is amazing; I love all my fans and to know I am doing well abroad is always a great feeling”. D’Angel was recently featured in The Star stated that she was demanding her respect in the music industry. The ‘Stronger’ artiste defended her success and made it clear that she has no intention to slow down. She has since performed on several stages while on tour and has created a long lasting impact on each state she has visited.

Now promoting singles such as ‘Ramp Ruff’, ‘Gimmie Likkle More’ and ‘Whine Factory, D’Angel is eager to return to Jamaica for her promotional runs before leaving again to finish her tour.

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PRESS RELEASE: @DMedzMusic Embraces Success with “Champion”


Recording artiste D-Medz has caught the attention of the masses with the release of his single, ‘Champion’. The song, which is a part of a six track EP titled ‘Empower’, has even won the praises of the foremost black conscious international organization, the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). D-Medz added, “I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback for this single. For which I am extremely grateful.” This passionate 26 year old artiste, reigns from the town of May Pen in Clarendon. Previously a Dancehall artiste, D-Medz now believes that conscious reggae music is his calling; a calling that has resulted in the making of his greatest musical success, ‘Champion’. He shared, “This song is aimed at confronting the fast changing social trends that are challenging our traditional values”.

The release of ‘Champion’, has placed D-Medz high on the reggae charts, giving him many platforms to share his views. ‘Champion’ became number 1 on Stampede Street Charts, 13 on Ron Muschette World Reggae Top 20 Chart and 8 on Blacker Top 20 Video Chart. The song was also recently featured on several Jamaican radio stations including Irie FM, Hitz 97, Mello FM, Bess FM, Hot 102, Stylz FM, and the United Kingdom’s Vibes FM, Bang FM, Roots FM, BBC Radio 1 Extra and Beat FM. Fans have been going wild for ‘Champion’. One Facebook fan shared on D-Medz’s Facebook page, “Your song is really positive! Keep doing what you doing youth!” D-Medz is now preparing himself for a summer promotional trail in Canada to further highlight his EP ‘Empower’.

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PRESS RELEASE: @TJayTenFloor Set To Perform At @ReggaeSumfest 2015


Several Montego Bay based artistes will be featured on this year’s staging of Reggae Sumfest. Up and coming artiste Teejay is one such artiste who is eager to grace the stage for the second time. He shared “The first time I performed at Sumfest, I wasn’t actually booked but I was called on stage by my friend Ryme Minista and it turned out to be a great experience for me”.

Teejay will perform at Reggae Sumfest on the 16th of July which is branded as Dancehall Night. The event held at Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay is set to deliver mind blowing performances from some of Jamaica’s greats. The artiste, who recently released his single ‘Real Hot’ produced by Good Good Production on the Liquor Riddim is also in promotion mode. Teejay shared that he is excited to perform this single for patrons at Sumfest along with his other singles including ‘Buss Head’, ‘True Friend’ and ‘World Come Down’.

Teejay is set to release the video for ‘Real Hot’ locally this week and reminds his fans to support Reggae Sumfest 2015.

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PRESS RELEASE: Gregory Isaacs’ Mural Service Planned


The wife of the late veteran Reggae artiste, Gregory Isaacs, is set to reveal a mural for Isaacs on July 15th 2015 in Downtown Kingston – between Charles Street and Orange Street. June Isaacs shared, “Gregory Isaacs is still very dear to my heart, and this is a way for others to remember him for his music, performances and songwriting”.

The ceremony will highlight the music and charitable work done by the veteran along with tributes from friends of the music fraternity. June added “this is slated to be a remembrance of all that Gregory has contributed to music and several communities; he was a great man that aimed to make positive changes wherever he went”.

The legendary Gregory Isaacs is known for singles such as ‘Night Nurse’, ‘Number One’ and ‘Hot Stepper’ just to name a few. It has been 6 years since Gregory Isaacs’ passing and his fans still very much appreciate his music. His foundation The Gregory Isaac Foundation was formed after his passing in 2011 by June Isaacs and was done in an effort to continue his charitable work.

The core focus of the foundation is child welfare and anti drug/violence messages which are highlighted every November – Drug Awareness Month. The main beneficiaries are the Walkers Place Safety, St. Barnabas Early Childhood Institute, Black Harmony Basic School and the National Council for Drug Abuse.

The unveiling of the mural for the late Gregory Isaac is set to begin at 4pm and end at 6pm.

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