PRESS RELEASE: @BadGalBambi Releases “Standing There”


Recording artiste Bad Gal Bambi has released her new single, ‘Standing There’. Produced by Stash Di Cash Records, the single speaks to the issue of infidelity in relationships and how Bambi deals with it. Known for her hit single ‘Bad Gal Forward’ which was produced by Ricky Blaze in 2006, and her work with the famed Spragga Benz and producers such as Jah Snowcone and Salaam Remy, Bambi shared that she is ready to take over!

Her unique sound and style are just a few things to look out for but Bambi shared that she is more than a new sound and a pretty face. She shared “I love Hip Hop, Dancehall and R&B, so I fuse them to create my ideal sound; I believe in being innovative with my music”.

Bad Gal Bambi who is based in Brooklyn, New York is now promoting in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean and hopes to visit the islands soon.

Instagram  @therealbadgalbambi

Twitter  @badgalbambi


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PRESS RELEASE: @EladGideon Captures “Wile Life” In New Video


Recording artiste Elad Gideon, who recently released his single ‘Wile Life’ on SoundCloud, is set to release a music video for the song. The video was shot with the assistance of upcoming director, Shevoneese McFarlane in St. Andrew and Portmore. Elad explained, “The music video comes in the form of a short film. It captures the wild spirit of my single ‘Wile Life’, and highlights the different sides of Jamaica.” He further outlined that the video follows three characters on an adventurous journey. He shared that he was inspired by old movies such as ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘The Town'; “My music video has a similar feeling, but comes with a twist.”

The ‘Wile Life’ artiste is also working closely with his band D’Kreation and his own recording label R-Magedon Republic that he co-owns with childhood friend, Christophe Wesley. The artiste and budding entrepreneur is also preparing to start his promotional runs and tease his single ‘Gringo Style’ which he describes as a ‘spin off’ from ‘Wile Life’. Elad Gideon has also produced singles such as ‘Just Life’ and ‘The Worst’ which will be released later this year.

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Get To Know @DAngel_Music


The Dancehall Diva D’Angel needs no introduction to many. While she has kept eyes glued to her, and brought the energy in her performances over the years, there are still those who may not know a lot about the artist born Michelle Downer. Get familiar with her below and share your thoughts in the comments section. And so!

1. What are the 5 words that best describe D’Angel?

Happy, Fun loving, Kind hearted, Hardworking, Resilient.

2. Who have been some of your influences musically and otherwise during the development of your career?

I admire (Singer) Diana King for her great musical ability and even more so we are from the same community. I also look up to (Deejay) Lady Saw who has paved the way for me as a female Dancehall Artist. My mom is another who is my tower of strength, and she has been a great supporter throughout my entire career. Finally, my son Marco Dean who is the driving force in my life.

3. What’s the process like for D’Angel when creating music?

When it’s time to get creative, I think about real life issues and write songs that people can relate to worldwide. I don’t just write from my personal issues, I also draw ideas from others who are going through different issues.

4. What’s the Dancehall scene like overseas compared to Jamaica when you’re touring?

When I’m on tour, I’m meeting and performing for people from different ethnic backgrounds. The differences are few but in the end, they mutually love and embrace Reggae and Dancehall music.

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PRESS RELEASE: Spookie (@BrainTear_Music) Prepares For Promo Tour!


Dancehall recording artiste Spookie is preparing for his highly anticipated promotional tour to Jamaica this summer. The Jamaican born, UK based artiste will arrive in the island on the 2nd of August 2015 for a two week visit to promote his singles ‘Hurt it up’ and ‘Cah Tek Wi Life’.

Both singles have been receiving great reviews and air play in Jamaica, the wider Caribbean and the UK. With over 41000 views on YouTube since the official video release for ‘Hurt It Up’, Spookie has seen tremendous growth in his fan base. He shared, “I have fans from countries such as Panama, Germany and Suriname just to name a few and it keeps growing”. Spookie is delighted with the reception he has been getting from the fans “The experience is pretty amazing, I have been booked on many shows and parties to perform my songs and it’s fulfilling. I feel as though I have pleased my fans and that’s exactly what I wanted to do,” he added.

Though his trip to the island will be a short one, Spookie will spend his time completing several television and radio Interviews, street promotions, performances at several parties and meeting with other producers with the hope of recording his next hit single.

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PRESS RELEASE: @Marr_Reid’s Momentum Builds


Reggae recording artiste Marr is making the necessary moves to improve his musical content and capture a wider audience. With his conscious lyrics and unique sound, Marr has been vigorously promoting his single ‘Stars of Wonder’ on the ‘Other Day Riddim’ produced by 10 Star Recordz and Kapreno Production. Additionally he premiered his video for the single as directed by Haynes Video Production and N.F.E Entertainment on Hype TV’s Up and Live recently.

Marr, who is originally from Old Harbour, St. Catherine shared “Everywhere I go, especially in and around Old Harbour, the fans love the energy of the single and they respect the fact that I used community members in the video as well”. With the support of his community, along with his single getting air play on stations like Suncity 104.9 FM and recently Fame FM, Marr’s fan base has grown tremendously.

In addition to these successes, Marr is gearing up to release his mixtape ‘Rebellution’ in July and continue into the summer with European promotions. He added that even though this is a new experience for him, he is enjoying it and is getting used to being a public figure.

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