GET TO KNOW: Maxximus The Greatest

When it hits you, you feel no pain. When it comes to music, we realize how powerful and healing it can be. Reggae Music has come a long way since Bob Marley’s global ascension and now it is becoming a thriving industry and genre throughout the world. One of the many places that has received its impact is Canada and there has been a string of musical explosions coming out of this North American country including the rise of Recording Artist Drake. The Reggae/Dancehall scene has also become very vibrant, and we are now seeing the likes of Dancehall Artist Popcaan aligning himself with Drake’s O.V.O. label and a new wave of young acts from Toronto creating their own buzz.


Adding himself to the new wave is Maxximus. Otherwise known as “Maxximus The Greatest”, he originally hails from Kingston 12 in Jamaica. Known for its alias “Mexico”, Maxximus was raised in the Inner City community of Arnette Gardens that has spawned stars like the late Dancer Bogle, Recording Artist Nesbeth, and DJ Squiddly. Jerome Brown aka Maxximus along with his parents migrated to Canada early in his life and with music as his passion, he started to focus on where and how to improve on it. Now in his twenties, Jerome Brown is looking to make a mark for himself and has teamed up with various producers to accomplish this. Working between Jamaica and Canada, his career is a work in progress. He has joined forces with production houses like Full Range Entertainment, Push A Yute, Building Block, and other popular labels.


Currently working on an EP set to drop in Spring 2016, Maxximus is prepared for life on the road and in the studio. After speaking with Sherene McQueen, Co owner of Push A Yute, she describes Maxximus as a “Hard working artist who is only interested in getting better”. With talent and youth on his side, look out for the lyrical artist.

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Shelly Xpressionz Sets The Record Straight!

With many creatives putting out great content in the world of Dancehall, there are times when styles are borrowed, or in other cases, stolen. Today, popular Dancer Shelly Xpressionz (Shelly-Ann Callum) of Dance Xpressionz spoke out about her dance “Shelly Bounce” which was stolen by two other dancers and now being called “Bruk Back“. Below is her statement via her Instagram page.

Let me as the creator of the dance “Shelly Bounce” now being called “Bruk Back” by Tamara n Chrissy address this issue…let the record clarify that I have nothing personal against these young ladies as they are very talented dancers, however the issue at hand is not their talent but their lying nature and deception. Nothing about the dance or the name is unique to any of you, because you both know that we (Dance Xpressionz) were asked to campaign a song called “Bruk Back” by (Dancehall Artist) Savage. He asked us to create a dance called “Bruk Back” to this song, we were planning to use the Shelly Bounce and call it bruk back but because savage had gone on to promoting another song we left that project, this is when you both decide to use the step to (Dancehall Artist) Razor B song “Weh Mek yu waa bruk fimi back” which fits perfectly, just one issue…it’s not your dance and you both know this, so why are you “Chrissy” trying to find stupid justifications for stealing my dance? We were on good terms when this happened, you could’ve asked me because I rate you guys so I could’ve given you all the dance to promote but when you come into my space n steal from me what kind of idiot would I be to let it slide…tell your friends the truth and stop allow them to gas you up. As for you speaking about us getting older, really…that’s your drawing card..Dwl, well if you’re getting younger more power to you, age has nothing to do with this, this is me and my family protecting our intellectual property and you can’t blame us or stop us. You are a bear face thief and trying to be rude. When we use bogle steps we say it’s bogle step and if a step was inspired by Bogle we say it. Also for your information we can’t steal from dancehall, dancehall is ours collectively, but you can’t steal someone’s step as you have clearly done. So please stop sounding stupid. I am defending my dance and there’s nothing you can say to stop me from doing so…so continue to get gas up from your friends…oh and if they’re really your friends they would tell you that you’re wrong because it’s as plain as day. Big up yuhself still you are both good dancers but unuh just lie n teef!

Shoutout to @chinny_unique and her #team #new #dance #brukback up🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙

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PRESS RELEASE: Culture Shock Expo and Concert Launched and Ready to Go!

The highly anticipated event Culture Shock Expo and Concert was officially launched and the school promotions are on! Taylor Made Events and PR Management hosted a successful launch for the Culture Shock Expo and Concert slated for October 3, 2015 at Dinthill High School in Linstead, St. Catherine.

The launch was held at Bog Walk High School on Thursday and was attended by several teachers and administrators. The main organizer Talisa Taylor shared “The launch surpassed my expectations. I remember reaching out to quite a few sponsors and they weren’t so receptive at first but now persons are calling to rent booths and participate”. The event will cater to just over 1000 students from partnering schools and will feature several cultural practices of the Indians, Chinese, Africans, and Europeans in the form of an educational expo and concert

In her presentation at the launch, Taylor presented her display highlighting the features of the event including the Cultural Food Village with several cuisines, the Art and Craft Gallery, and the Cultural Fashion Village. She also pointed out to the involvement of Suncity 104.9FM, Hype TV, EPlus TV and entertainment news programme, The Release that are media sponsors for the event.

The guest speaker for the launch Mr. David Reid, the Eastern Regional Manager at JCDC, also delivered an impressive speech highlighting that Jamaican culture impacts other cultures all over the world and that all Jamaicans are trend setters. June Isaac (the wife of the late Gregory Isaacs) was also in attendance; she also highlighted her eagerness for this cultural event for which she pledges the full support of the Gregory Isaacs Foundation.

Opportunity for Young Talents
The event not only seeks to ‘edu-tain’ students but the organizers are also recruiting young talents that have incredible art and craft pieces that they want to showcase. Taylor shared “We believe in showcasing young talent and Jamaica is filled with artistic people so we do have a gallery that is open for artist to showcase their work and possible get sales. All they have to do is send us sample photos of their work and their contact information to”.

The event will also feature a Caribbean Fusion Concert which will feature cultural dances, dub poetry, instrumental performances and guest artistes. These performers include D’Angel, Prodi (formally Prodigal Son), Voicemail, Radijah, Guidance,A-Game, D’Medz, TheOutcome, dub poet group Colas, RR, Marr, Racquel Jones, Ras Extr3me, Aljermaine, Blass, Jah Jah & Asha, A-Shane and Sanity just to name a few.

Culture Shock is slated to begin at 10 am and end 6 pm and will be hosted on the Dinthill High School Grounds in Linstead, St. Catherine on the 3rd of October 2015.

Taylor Made Events and PR Management

David Reid (Eastern Regional Manager JCDC), Peter Simpson and Steve Billings (Suncity Radio), and D’Medz

David Reid (Eastern Regional Manager JCDC), Peter Simpson and Steve Billings (Suncity Radio), and D’Medz

June Isaacs (Gregory Isaacs Foundation) presents David Reid (Eastern Regional Manager JCDC) with a gift basket

June Isaacs (Gregory Isaacs Foundation) presents David Reid (Eastern Regional Manager JCDC) with a gift basket

Qraig (Voicemail), June Isaacs (Gregory Isaacs Foundation), Kevyn V (Voicemail), Talisa Taylor (Taylor Made Events and PR Management), and D’Medz at the launch of Culture Shock

Qraig (Voicemail), June Isaacs (Gregory Isaacs Foundation), Kevyn V (Voicemail), Talisa Taylor (Taylor Made Events and PR Management), and D’Medz at the launch of Culture Shock

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PRESS RELEASE: @RR_Musiq’s Collaborations Score Big!

While she is an up and coming artiste RR pronounced “Double R” has been making strides with her collaborations. The sultry artiste has released ‘A Dat Yuh Wah’ featuring Sizzla and ‘Crazy in Love Remix’ featuring Mavado. Both collaborations have opened doors for her to working with several top local and international producers.

RR said, “These collaborations have really assisted me in elevating my career. As a female in dancehall I look towards keeping my music at a high standard and as such I will ensure my productions remain at the highest standard”. ‘A Dat Yuh Wah’ was produced by Frankie Music and ‘Crazy In Love Remix’ was produced by UIM Records. Both songs have been receiving air plays on several underground radio in London, main stream radio in North America, Ghana, and the Bahamas. “To hear stations such as 100 Jamz in Bahamas, Irie Jamz and Hot 97 in New York, Carib Flex in Palm Beach and 99 Jamz in Miami play my music has been a blessing to me. I have had success with other singles but these collaborations I believe will climb several charts”, shared RR. She also added that both singles are available on iTunes for purchase.

The ‘Crazy in Love’ artiste who was set to shoot the video for ‘Crazy in love Remix’ in August shared that the new date for shoot is in mid-September at a mansion in Fort Lauderdale. RR can be followed on Twitter at RR_musiq; and Instagram at RR_musiq.




Facebook: /TaylorMadeEventsPR

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PRESS RELEASE: @NadeshaStarface Creates Buzz With “Hold My Man”

After bursting on the scene with her break through song featuring the proclaimed “King of the Dancehall” Beenie Man, Starface, one of Dancehall’s newest sensations has followed up with another street banger titled “Hold My Man”. “The reason why I recorded this single is because there are women who strive on other women partners and feel like the time they spent with your partner you would give up.” Starface explains. The song was produced by Canadian based record label Konsequence Musik. “Hold My Man” is the second song Starface has done for the label, her first being “Ride or Die”, which sparked a great feedback from the public.

Starface is a female artiste from Portmore, who is known for her savvy style and catchy lyrics. “Mi have weh fi hold my man/ Di best body in  the whole island/ Bum pon di song whole night long/” Starface deejays on the raunchy but catchy track. The single was released on iTunes August 27 and since its release, Starface has been receiving a good response from her fans via social media. Delighted with the reaction from her peers, Starface and her team has decided to shoot a video for the single and build a campaign around it. Catching up with the artiste, she reveals that she has a lot of new track in the pipeline and she is here to take over 2015 and beyond.

For interviews or bookings contact:
Latoya McKay
Public Relations Director/ Manager
Konsequence Muzik
IG :@latoyamckaypr



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