OLDIES SUNDAY: The Royal Routes – I’ve Got To Be Dreaming


Today’s Oldies Sunday selection will take you to church thanks to The Royal Routes. Titled “I’ve Got To Be Dreaming“, this was produced by Royal Routes & Co. and released through the Ephesus label. This group, led by Everet Dyce, proved that nothing can stop them from delivering the good message through song, not even Poliomyelitis. This song is an undeniable hit that has transcended generations and is sure to bring back memories for many. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: @ProdiVOP876 To Host Album Launch This Month


Reggae recording artiste Prodi (formally known as Prodigal Son) will be hosting his first reggae album launch at Emmanuel Apostolic Church on April 24 at 8 p.m. The Circle Small artiste has stirred up much controversy with this move from gospel to reggae, but reminds his fans that God is still the head of his life. Prodi shared: “I am a Christian, and my choice to do positive music is, a personal one that I made with God”. Last June, Prodi released his Reggae EP Voice of The People, which was a success. This EP led to several international features, including one in the famed Rolling Stones magazine.

The album, Perfectly Imperfect From Kingston City, will feature 13 singles, inclusive of powerful hits such as Hustlers Anthem, Kingston City, Never Leave and Circle Small. Prodi and his ‘Yawd Movement’ kicked off 2015 with his much-talked-about performance at Rebel Salute and continued the year with much success. “I am very excited about this year’s achievements and I strongly believe that this year is the year I make bigger steps in reggae music,” he said.

Prodi has been planning his Devotion Tours in schools in Kingston and St Andrew and will be visiting a few community youth clubs to share his message through positive music. He added: “I get judged a lot and oftentimes by those who do not take the time to listen to the content of my music and the powerful messages that we share with people. “This album shows that even though we are perfectly made in the sight of God, we all make mistakes and, as such, we are perfectly imperfect”.

Prodi recently released the video for Never Leave and is on his promotional runs for the album.

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NEW VIDEO: @ProdiVOP876 – Never Leave


Recently, Prodigal Son a.k.a. Prodi teased fans with his “April” campaign on his social media profiles. One of the first releases comes in the form of his “Never Leave” music video. Directed by Rayon Smith, Prodi is shown to be on a survival journey where he travels through forests, hunts for his meal in the sea, and giving praises to God as he states has not left his side. The single is off Prodi’sPerfectly Imperfect From Kingston City” album that will be launched on April 24 at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church in Cross Roads, Kingston. Great song with a message, and interesting video. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @KAnthony7 x Wiya – Heading To The Top


Providing some motivation today are Gospel artist K. Anthony and Producer Wiya with their new music video. Titled “Heading To The Top” and directed by Pear Media and D.R.Y., we see the artists hitting the studio and providing some uplifting lyrics in this clean visual. Both artists show off their fashionable tastes and their locations really make the video pop. No time for detractors, we have to head to the top and win! Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @KingStitchie


From being a top name in the Dancehall circles in the ’80s to saving souls, Lt. Stitchie has done it all. With being awarded an Honorary Degree and becoming an ordained Minister, he explains it all with Winford Williams on Onstage. Here he spoke on leaving the Dancehall circles and being saved in the ’90s, his journey as a Christian and Gospel artist, his thoughts on the current set of Dancehall artists and producers, being regarded as a top tier foundation Dancehall artist, family life, new music and books. Stitchie also performed “Letter To Dad” and other songs for the audience. After all these years, Stitchie still has what it takes to churn out great music no matter the genres. Check out his interview and performances below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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