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PRESS RELEASE: Oska’s Message To The Prime Minister!

With many Jamaicans awaiting the announcement for the next general elections, up and coming artiste Oska is speaking out through his new single ‘Please Prime Minister’. The single produced by 10 Star Records acts as a social commentary that pleads to the government to invest more into the music industry in particular Reggae and Dancehall music. He said “When I go to Germany and see the love I get there for my music I am so overwhelmed. I think music is a good thing and it can be a solution to a lot of the problems Jamaica is now facing”.

Oska described in his song the power of positive music and urges government to use it in campaigns to create change. He also expounds on the importance of Jamaicans embracing their musical culture and not be so concerned about the negatives often times affiliated with Dancehall but to encourage further change. In what seems to be a controversial single also has the upcoming artiste being vocal about the drop in the quality of the music produced by top producers and the hope that this will change.

Oska shared “The truth is a lot of producers have been solely concerned with just getting material out to the public because of monetary gain and not so much to create a legacy and to garner international awards and attention. As a young artiste, I would like to see more producers putting out quality music that can help break barriers for all Jamaicans”. The single on the ‘Stop Mash Up Jamaica Riddim’ has been garnering a lot of comments online and has become a strong topic with the present political unrest. The single is featured on recording artiste Marr’s mix tape ‘Rebellution’ and has been receiving air play in Germany, France, Zimbabwe and the UK.

Oska is set to commence his Jamaican media runs in December of this year. ‘Please Prime Minister’ can be heard on Soundcloud and is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

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GET TO KNOW: @Moziyah

Moziyah has one goal – to make great music that will entertain, inspire and resonate on an international level.
Born Andrew Roberts at 50 Red Hills Road in Kingston, Jamaica, Moziyah Possesses a keen insight and an unmatched appreciation for music. He credits his sound, influence and inspiration to the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear and the stalwarts who helped lay the foundation of this enduring music.
Moziyah has years of experience in the business of music. He earned his stripes growing up in front of the recording studios and outdoor dances. He started singing competitively at the tender age of seven and was able to grab the kudos on the big stage shows without even a big song. But, it has been this experience that has guided and taught him the importance of possessing  great song-writing skills and smooth delivery.
The influence of American soul music on Jamaican roots reggae mirrors Moziyah’s trans-nationalism. He moved from Jamaica to the United States in 1997 and was able to embrace all kinds of music. “Music is music, but Reggae is my foundation. Righteous music is what I do,” says Moziyah . His music combined is a distinctive vocal sound with pulsing grooves and lyrics that expresses his Rastafarian spirituality.

Now ready to capture a global audience, Moziyah has released a couple singles “Cross Roads”, “Knock Knock” and most recently the sultry Reggae single “No Lies” and the gritty Dancehall track “The Truth”
All produced by IMZ Entertainment (Ingenuity Movement Zone), Moziyah’s independently owned company.

As his versatility crosses over between Reggae and Dancehall, Moziyah prides himself in writing his own lyrics bringing a positive vibe. The rising star can be heard ripping both the local and international airwaves  and promises nothing but his all to both his fans and musical lovers worldwide!

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Mixtape Movements: @SkaiBrid – Dirty Glass EP

With Jamaica bringing genres like Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Ska, and many others to the world, it’s no surprise when we tackle other genres and today a Band named “SkaiBrid” (Sky-Brid) graces this blog. This 3 member Band consisting of Brendon Wesley, Rajiv Manderson, and Reece Chen, tackle Blues and Rock music (named Blues Rock), and Alternative with their EP, “Dirty Glass“. This 4 track project (5 on the Deluxe version) features a blend of instruments,  far from generic lyrics, and a groove that’ll have you adding this to your “Must repeat” list. For new listeners and those unfamiliar with Blues music, this will be something you’ve never heard before, and something you may just like! Check out the project below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Onstage TV

NEW VIDEO: Watch @OnstageTV Live!

Tonight, the popular CVM TV series Onstage goes live via live streaming. Check out the stream below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @DMedzMusic – No Vote

With the recent news of a Prison to be constructed here thanks to a deal between the UK and the Jamaican Government, and with Politicians giving Jamaicans stress and oppression over the years, the question is asked, “What are we voting for?“. Today Recording Artist D-Medz speaks his mind on “No Vote“. With the help of clips from a recent Vox pop, the “Rebel Souljah” gets at Politicians who make life uneasy for the people, makes it clear that things won’t get better no matter which Political Party is voted in, and questions the value of a vote. Something to think about the next time a Political Rally comes around, and when Election time comes. Off his “Empower EP“, check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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