Album: @TheTherapistSOL Presents: 9 More Dreams


A few years in the making and a follow up to his debut, “Lethal“, Rapper The Therapist drops his “9 More Dreams” project. Assisting this conceptual piece is production from King Biggs, JLL, Riptide, Paris Lamont, Heatwave and Miguel James, Therapist considers this his best body of work yet. Trading verses with his Sons Of Liberty brethren The Rush and King Biggs, and Singer Jamila James, you won’t hear the typical raps from this yute. He also adds that this is the soundtrack to his first year spent living on his own. Get your ears ready, no nightmares in this slumber. Check out the album below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW MUSIC: @TheTherapistSOL – Ego (Prod. By @KingBiggsSOL)


After announcing last week that he’s releasing a full project titled “9 More Dreams“, Sons Of Liberty’s The Therapist released the first single tonight. Titled “Ego” and produced by King Biggs, Therapist speaks on the part ego plays when he’s pursuing and dealing with females. Biggs’ production here reminds me a little of The Neptunes’ own but Therapist handles his own on this and makes it a fun a first single. Expect a visual featuring party patrons dancing in slow mo while The Therapist walks through them and rapping (right?). What do you think? 9 More Dreams drops on February 28. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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INTERVIEW: @KingBiggsSOL x @InnovoEnt


If you’re a listener of Jamaican Hip Hop, you might be familiar with the Rapper/Producer and now Entrepreneur Julian Morrison a.k.a. “King Biggs“. Affiliated with the Sons of Liberty collective and Equiknoxx Music, Biggs has made room along with his song writing and production for Innovo Entertainment. I’ve had the chance to chat with him recently about this new venture, his aims for it and future endeavors.

13thStreet: King Biggs, you’re known in the Jamaican Hip Hop circles as a Rapper, Producer and a part of the Sons Of Liberty collective, now you’re dabbling in a new venture. What is Innovo Entertainment?

KB: Innovo Entertainment is a brand that produces interactive entertainment experiences for adventurous and tasteful young Jamaicans. It will produce parties but that won’t be the flagship. New entertainment options such as fitness challenges, entrepreneur expos and events celebrating international culture will give people something else to do other than party. The ethos of Innovo Entertainment is the celebration of the effects of Globalization on 80s and 90s babies in Jamaica. Most of the events involve activities so patrons don’t come and stand still, they’re a part of something unfolding before their eyes.

13thStreet: What made you decide to start this venture? When was the idea brought into existence?

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NEW MUSIC: @SOL_Music – SOL 2014 Cypher


SOL is that gang man! With King Biggs’XXII” dropping tonight, the members of Sons Of Liberty got together and created the “2014 Cypher“. Produced by The Defenders and J Chris Beats, each member came with their part to form  Voltron on this production that chants, “SOL is that gang man!“. Speaking on how dope they are to what they’re going through outside the booth, this entry requires keen ears. I feel a video will be out for this. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW MUSIC: @KingBiggsSOL x Julesborg – MTV Girls


Despite having a minor setback on his “XXII” project, King Biggs dropped off his second single. Titled “MTV Girls” which features Julesborg, Biggs describes the song as a personal testimony to how reality TV has impacted a generation of Jamaicans in the 1990s to 2000s. He also gave brief experiences faced by others and himself during High School and University. Produced by Equiknoxx Music, check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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