PROMO: @InnovoEnt Presents: Turn Up


#TurnUp was inspired by the genuine admiration of Trap music by my peers and generation at large. Innovo is focused on celebrating the evolution of Jamaican culture, which is heavily driven by globalization. My generation grew up on MTV and BET so it’s no mystery why our tastes are similar to those in the United States, especially those in the middle to upper class socioeconomic category. I was at an event last December and it had about 90% patronage between the ages of 20 – 40. When the DJ started to play trap music, the entire venue erupted into a choir. I asked one of the young ladies singing the songs word for word if she would go to a trap music event. She sharply said while shaking her head, “That can’t happen! The only genre niches in Jamaica are soca, dancehall and reggae! “That will NOT work.”

That motivated me to create a new environment and to be the leader of that community. It’s evident that the organic market demand is there, but the vision to meet that demand in a spectacular way isn’t present. Innovo means “Innovate” in latin so instead of being dismayed I knew this response meant it was time to strike. I have seen this happen a few more times at Ribbiz during Kamal Bankay sets. Just look around, almost every time you hear someone under 25 singing, humming or playing a song from their phone, it’s trap music. I don’t believe in following blindly in order to meet the status quo, because anybody who ever made history did the opposite.

#TurnUp will focus on the hip hop arm of Trap and also the EDM arm of Trap with dancehall remixes to tie it in. #TurnUp features the talents of Fatalic Sounds whose trap segments could lift an elephant ( , Acmatic whose EDM sets carry you on a trip to space ( and DJ Stamma ( who has the element of surprise at hand. #TurnUp is an entertainment package for $2000 that includes drinks, goodies for the clients and will be at Club Eutopia (Upstairs New Kingston Burger King). I want it to remain a surprise, because it’s better that way! A mixtape will be available at in the last week of May so our clients get a spot-on preview of what to expect at #TurnUp. We only want the best for the clients, namely the Innovo Club. We know they deserve it.

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NEW VIDEO: @ItsTheTifa – Tip Fi Di Strip


Prepare for a lot of pole dancing and raining dollars thanks to Tifa’s latest music video. Titled “Tip Fi Di Strip” and directed by RD Studios, Tifa gets into dancing mode with her crew in a very flashy visual and aims to have you digging in your pockets and making the cash rain. Maybe the ladies watching can learn a thing or two from this, and the fellas can start stacking up the money and install a stripper hole in the house. A very fun effort from T-I-F-A! If you’ve entered her Instagram contest, be sure to check it now to see if you’re a winner. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Mixtape Movements: @DJLeviChin Back Yard Party Mix 2015


For the party animal in you comes a mixtape from St. Lucia’s own DJ Levi Chin. Presenting his 2015 version of the “Back Yard Party Mix“, Levi blends EDM, Pop, Hip Hop and more for almost an hour of fun and high energy. You need this to get you through a rough day, a fist pumping night, and even to wake the neighbours. Always a great mix from the “Turn Up Kid“. Check out the mix below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @IAmRicoLove x @DuttyPaul – Somebody Else (@DonCorleonie Remix)


A single that has been heard everywhere gets the remix treatment today thanks to Producer Don Corleonie. Remixed is Rico Love’sSomebody Else“, which features a guest appearance from Dancehall artist, Sean Paul. With a Caribbean feel in the production, Rico and Sean share their feelings on loving someone, but their love interest is busy loving someone else. You know when a Jamaican is on a hot track, it’ll only get hotter. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @QQWorld – Pound An A Half Mix Flour


Dropping another single that comes with a dance that’s sure to spread like wildfire is QQ! Titled “Pound An A Half Mix Flour” and produced by QG Productions on the Flour Riddim, QQ introduces to us the new dance and name drops all the dancers that will bring it to the main stage. A fun single that’ll sure to keep the summer parties hype along with the dance. Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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