@PayAttentionJa PROMO: @Sef_Jo Interviews @GullyCash



“Right now, I’d call my self.. the DICTIONARY for yaad[rap]” – 876muzik

#PayAttention returns on Saturday, January 31 at C&C South Beach, 2 Brompton Road.
Pay Attention - January 31 (Back)Without further deliberation, Gully Cash details exclusively how he intends to take the stage that very night!

Q: You’re scheduled to perform on the upcoming¬†#PayAttention line-up, how exactly does it feel to be one of the first local rapper to hit the 2015 stage?
A:¬†THIS!¬†It’s seriously a great opportunity for me to showcase my talent as a solo act since¬†Fo5ifth. So it really is a good look! I’m honored to be a part of the line-up knowing the body of work I put in since summer of last year… It really is proving that my hard-work and dedication is being acknowledged.

Q: What kind of a performance should core fans expect to see/hear on Jan. 31?

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@PayAttentionJA PROMO: @Sef_Jo Interviews @JaneMacgizmo


“Well y’know ..like.. usually, everything in my life – I plan. But music is the only thing… I feel like it’s SUCH a free thing.¬†I don’t overthink it” – Campus Buss

As we come closer to the end of January, the new season of #PayAttention draws nigh. On Saturday, January 31 at C&C South Beach, 2 Brompton Road¬†you’ll be able to catch live performances of a handful of Jamaica’s wide array of local rappers.

Pay Attention - January 31 (Back)One of the 4 performers though doesn’t claim to cling to that genre but as a talented rising artiste on the scene, Jane Macgizmo seeks to catch the attention of many [even ours] w/ her free-spirited melody. Let’s get acquainted further…

Q: Do you think that the 2015 #PayAttention stage will be welcoming to you as one of the FIRST for the year? [July 19th, 2014 was the most recent show]

A:¬†Well, this is my first time and I’m actually pretty excited to be a part of the¬†#PayAttention¬†series. I am nervous but I’m just hoping the music takes me to where I need to be with everyone enjoying¬†the performance¬†and my music.

Q: I believe you’ll resonate extremely well with your audience & core fans, what can they expect on Jan. 31?

A:¬†They [core fans] can basically expect a sneak peak of my¬†EP¬†as I’ll be performing a few new songs from it.

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@PayAttentionJa PROMO: @Sef_Jo Interviews @FiveSteez



“Five Steez¬†will never waste¬†energy¬†disputing the efficacy of Hip-Hop saturation,¬†this apparent rap situation in Jamaica. Calmly (yet very¬†firmly) he‚Äôll say #PAYATTENTION” – SIRvival_ Tactics

After a seeming 4 month hiatus, the show is back, with an amazing line-up of artistes ready to take the stage on Saturday, January 31 at C&C South Beach, 2 Brompton Road.

Pay Attention - January 31 (Back)
Today, we take on the lyrical emcee, Five Steez. 
Q: As the opening acts for the 2015 #PayAttention line-up, how exactly does it feel to be hitting the stage after the short break? [July 19th being the last staging of the show]
A:¬†I’m excited to hit the stage. I got to start the year in 2014 and that was an excellent show. So I’m only looking forward to an even better time for myself and the audience.
[Thing is, I know I have to deliver since #PayAttention has been on a short break, and also because many people may be seeing me perform my latest music for the first time.]

NEW MUSIC: @Mavado_Gully x @1Future x @AceHood – I Ain’t Going Back Broke



Being broke is not an option for many and coming from the Gully side, Mavado proclaims in his new single “I Ain’t Going Back Broke!“. With Rappers Future and Ace Hood accompanying the Gully God¬†and a La Roux sample, they speak on coming from nothing to being something, being able to provide for their families and never wanting to be destitute anymore. By the sounds of the single, Mavado might have a hit here as it’s a little different from his previous International efforts. His MixtapeThe Hands Of The Gully God” will be available in the next two weeks on this blog. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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Mixtape Movements: @CashFlowRinse Presents: Worst Behavior Vol. 2



Bad people ting! After blazing the streets with Vol. 1, DJ Rinse drops another bomb with “Worst Behavior Vol. 2“. Featuring over an hour of hot Dancehall and Hip Hop singles, remixes and dubplates, this is sure to get you through the week, month and year! I’m on my worst behavior, no Drake. Check out the mixtape below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


Straight Mix –¬†http://bit.ly/1x4bnoB

Tracked Mix –¬†http://bit.ly/1ykqizr

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