NEW MUSIC: @KonshensSojah – Live My Live


Producer Kryss Ras has made a mark on the scene recently with his “Arctic Riddim“. Featuring acts like Ce’cile and Prodi, today’s entry comes from Konshens. Titled “Live My Live“, Konshens speaks on ensuring he stays on the right path, encouraging the yutes to make the right moves, being true to himself and focusing on his mission to be successful. A great effort on the Arctic Riddim, Konshens usually has songs with a catchy hook and this is no different. Look out for more from Kryss Ras and Kryss Ras Records. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: Why Is @DelusDJ Afraid To Love Again?

Delus (2)

Recording artiste Delus has been receiving a lot of support for his single ‘Afraid to Love Again’. The single has also sparked much debate on social media from his fans about his personal life. ‘Afraid to Love Again’ speaks about his heart breaks and relationships and shows a more vulnerable side of the artiste.

He shared “the inspiration for this song was based on true events in my life. Most people who have been in relationships and break up because of infidelity can relate to this song”. The single, produced by World Union on the ‘Four Seasons Riddim’, came after the success of ‘Another Gal’ which was released in January of 2011. ‘Another Gal’ also spoke about infidelity in relationships but, if you follow the storyline carefully Delus released another single entitled ‘Mi Find Her’ in December of the same year; now he is afraid to love again!

The Subkonshus signed artiste has since released ‘Love Hates You’ produced by Broxton Music and let us not forget the popular ‘Gallis (From Birth)’ single by Blaqk Sheep. When asked about his present relationship status and the releases of these story telling singles he had this to say, “I honestly had not planned that these songs be released in any particular order; I guess it’s just musical destiny. As for my relationship status, I am sure my music will give you updates”.

Delus is set to release his EP in March 2015 and possibly the lady interest influencing the lyrics behind his singles.

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PRESS RELEASE: “Say Di Weerd” With @JavadaSubK x @KonshensSojah


Subkonshus recording artiste ‘Javada’ is set to release

his new collaboration entitled ‘Say Di Weerd’ with Konshens on the ‘Fix Up Riddim’. The

release of the riddim, produced by ZJ Liquid’s H2O Records is eagerly anticipated.

“I am always using the slang “Say Di Weerd” so Konshens and I were in the studio

and I said it while talking and he said that’s going to be the song” Javada shared. Javada came on the scene in

2011 and was called “Loucrative” before he was given his present name by the Subkonshus CEO,

Konshens. The song is set to be released in the third week of January on I-Tunes.

He has since released videos for singles such as ‘Special Delivery’ and ‘Anything you

want’ and his mix tape entitled ‘Rude and Smooth’. When asked about his affiliation with

Subkonshus he shared, “I do get a lot of support from producers and deejays because of the

respect they have for my music and the music that Subkonshus puts out”.

Javada is currently working on his website which will be accessible to his

fans in weeks to come. The website will feature news releases, give a-ways and new music.


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PRESS RELEASE: @DelusDJ Keeping Busy For The Christmas

Photo Delus

Recording artiste Delus performed at the recent staging of Portmore Jamboree in Naggo Head and was well received. Performing songs such as ‘Look Another Gal’, ‘Gallis From Birth’, ‘What Tomorrow May Bring’ and ‘Mi Mada’, the Portmore crowd was eager to get more of the artiste. Delus, signed to Subkonshus Group has been busy this Christmas making appearances on several local shows and playing a key role in Suncity 104.9FM Campus Invasion.

Delus shared, “performing in Jamaica is a test and a joy, performing for me isn’t only about getting the support of the crowd but also ensuring that the message in the music is being received.” The Suncity 104.9FM Campus Invasion visited several tertiary institutions and Delus performed along with acts such as G Whizz, D’Angel, Chevaughn, and A-Game to name a few. The ‘She’s Happy’ artiste recently shared with RETV’s Entertainment Squeezz that he is preparing to release his EP entitled ‘Public Relations’. Delus shared, “Next year is going to be a big year for me, it’s really about pushing my music and releasing this EP is just the start of an even bigger project”. Delus added that he has several tricks up his sleeve and he is ready to take his rightful place on the entertainment scene. Delus is set to host his EP Launch in February of next year.


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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @KonshensSojah


With his name being mentioned recently for the feuds he’s involved in, Konshens stops by Onstage to clear the air and address his detractors. Here he spoke on his situation with Masicka and shared his reasons for their split, discontinuing his Konz 876 brand and unveiling a new brand in 2015, K Swiss, his feud with Demarco, wanting to see a clash with Masicka and Demarco, and his absence in the Dancehall circles. Konshens sure handled this like a Politician and I’m looking forward to what he has in store for 2015. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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