TECH: @F1rstNation Media Launch In Jamaica

2014-01-21 19.44.37

(Brought to you by Shana Reid and Jordie Davis)

It cannot be denied that there is much division amongst the Caribbean nations, many countries are rivals and it is not necessary as we all benefit from each other’s achievements, we all float in the same waters and when one country hurts we all feel it. However, it is unfortunate that while the same waters wash upon all of our shores, we still feel like we are standing alone; sometimes I forget that the Cayman Islands is just 235 miles away from Kingston and a short 45 minute flight (you could get to Cayman and check into a hotel before ONE of my classes are finished).

What is also surprising is many of us who were born and raised in Jamaica don’t even know about half the places in our very own parish, let alone in another Caribbean island. What the F1rst team has done is come up with a new way to bring us all together and keep us all connected while making us more aware of the places that are around us through just one mobile app and a website.

I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t know there was a Chinese Food Restaurant within walking distance of my home until I started exploring

As a business owner, traveling this new avenue paved by young minds of the Caribbean can benefit you in a plethora of ways. Your customers can easily find your business and leave great ratings and comments about their experience and your product right on the site and the app for the world to see, you no longer have to rely on face to face word of mouth. Signing up on F1rst as a business also gives you the opportunity to create and share deals and discounts with your most loyal customers and catch the attention of potential customers. You can also track who visits your store based on the number of persons who “check in” to your location through the mobile app.

If you’re like me and always have a problem finding new places to eat or hang out, then f1rst is also perfect for you. Whether you use your computer or mobile device, f1rst will find your exact location when you sign in which is awesome because when you’re going out, the closer the place is to you the better right? Say you’re hungry and you’re tired of pizza hut and KFC, simply search for restaurants and BAM! A list of restaurants closest to you and I can bet there are a couple you didn’t even know about. Your search results can also be filtered by your preferences, whether you want air conditioning, you want to be able to pay via credit cards or you need it to have alcohol because it’s been a long day, the possibilities are endless.

How ironic is it that F1rst is indeed first in a number of things because the Caribbean has never had something like this. There are great things on the horizon for this brand new invention, many things to offer. Bringing the Caribbean together by creating something that is uniquely ours. It’s not just Jamaica that’s “little but tallawah“.

Why be second when you can be f1rst!, the Caribbean way forward.

Check out pictures from the F1rst Media Launch event provided by Wealth Magazine below featuring 13thStreetPromotions members Shana Reid and Jordie Davis.


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