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“Five Steez will never waste energy disputing the efficacy of Hip-Hop saturation, this apparent rap situation in Jamaica. Calmly (yet very firmly) he’ll say #PAYATTENTION” – SIRvival_ Tactics

After a seeming 4 month hiatus, the show is back, with an amazing line-up of artistes ready to take the stage on Saturday, January 31 at C&C South Beach, 2 Brompton Road.

Pay Attention - January 31 (Back)
Today, we take on the lyrical emcee, Five Steez
Q: As the opening acts for the 2015 #PayAttention line-up, how exactly does it feel to be hitting the stage after the short break? [July 19th being the last staging of the show]
A: I’m excited to hit the stage. I got to start the year in 2014 and that was an excellent show. So I’m only looking forward to an even better time for myself and the audience.
[Thing is, I know I have to deliver since #PayAttention has been on a short break, and also because many people may be seeing me perform my latest music for the first time.]
Q: It’ll be interesting to hear your latest stuff, what else should core fans expect to see/hear on Jan. 31?
A: Core Five Steez fans and core #PayAttention fans can expect to hear some of my usual songs, but also new music from ‘These Kingston Times‘. I always throw in something special at each staging so I’m DEFINITELY going to have a surprise at this one… and I do believe folks will greatly appreciate.
Q: Share one track/video you feel embodies your entire work & tell us the meaning behind it.
A: Right now, I’d say ‘Night Streets‘ from ‘These Kingston Times‘. It’s hard to pick a song that embodies my whole work… Why? I feel I cover a lot in my music; but that track gives you my train of thought: it is the literal way I make sense of my life, my surroundings and how my purpose fits into it all. Through that song, you can probably understand me more and my own approach to music.
Q: On that note, if you feel like letting on, what puts you in the right vibe to make music?
A: Music, itself. 
Music brings the vibes. But that’s not to say that I’m always in the mood to make music. Factors vary. But I like a relaxed environment… no distractions… not too many people around, unless they’re contributing to the process. Some greenery usually helps or precedes the process. An active mind, as well. I channel my thoughts and energy into the music, especially lyrics.
“The music industry suffers because of a general lack of resources AND infrastructure” – Steez

Q: It’s important that your fans are kept in the loop also, so what’s the progression for the rest of the year?
A: I’m on a few projects for the rest of 2015, while I keep promoting ‘These Kingston Times‘.
Q: If @Azaeliabanks singled you out [on twitter] because she felt that you don’t represent as a BLACK artiste, how would you respond?
A: No one that listens to my music or spends time around me can honestly say that. And that’s what I’d say to her.
[-_-]: What does it mean to ‘represent’ as a black artiste anyway?!?!! 

Q: Why is it (from your perspective) that Hip-Hop in Jamaica isn’t yet on some worldwide renowned level?

A: It is mostly due to a local industry built upon two genres and the general lack of resources/infrastructure, which even the industry itself suffers from to a certain degree. Whether this is due to government neglect or socio-economic factors. The challenge we faced in the past was that we were relying on the traditional means of creating a name locally eg. seeking producers or seeking radio play. Whereas presently, we’ve found that we can make better progress than before, by producing and marketing ourselves the way any independent label would. We have a lot more to do, in terms of creating outlets/avenues, raising awareness about individual artistes and highlighting the existence of the scene. We just have to grow organically. Right now is the best time, given the technology at our hands and the shifting energies, where people want different experiences and different music. 

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