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“International expansion was in our plans from day one” – @Inztinkz

Less than a week away, #PayAttention patrons should expect a fully revamped show kick-started by a complete change of venue. Often times big changes like this can mean detrimental losses, however, the show subtly made their maneuvers and are once again back at it hosting Kingston’s premier Hip-Hop event. The only way forward is up, in my humble opinion.

Pay Attention March 28 2015 Flyer (Back)
Producer Inztinkz is ready to show me what the new setup is all about

Q: I’d call you the technical audio director of #PayAttention; a long-standing organizer of the show. Briefly update me about the progression #PayAttention has been going through lately.

A: Lately, #PayAttention has been going through a lot; we recently decided to change venues.  The next staging of #PayAttention on March 28th will be held at our new venue Club Eutopia in New Kingston. We decided to try out a different vibe, open our doors to performers outside of Kingston that we have always wanted to feature.  Look out for continued progress from #PayAttention as we continue to achieve goals and shatter perceptions.

Q: I’ve been thinking about this for a while: #PayAttention is an environment that helps to connect local Hip-Hop artiste’s with fans & other prospectives. What about local Hip-Hop producers, could we possibly have a showcase for them too? 

A: Funny you would ask this question. Being one of the most respected producers in local Hip-Hop, it’s very important to me that producers get a platform to showcase their skills. There are a few things in the planning stages that will get the producers on board in a real way. You will know more as time progresses.

Q: Without getting too cliche with these questions, tell me some of the perks of your position as one of the pillars holding up the 1st Coast movement. 

A: Hahahahaha! Perks he says…Let me be honest, not too many perks really. I’m well respected and I do have a sphere of influence over the scene [even in terms of where I think it needs to go].  The biggest benefit is that I can impart some of the knowledge I’ve gained over twenty[20]+ years to those younger than me. I can shape the direction of local Hip-Hop and help make it flourish.

Q: Any projects in the making? If yes, would you care to make an exclusive comment about it?

A: Currently working on a few projects, which may/may not be released this year. I won’t get into too much detail now but all I’ll say is the bar will be set real high.


Q: Finally, 2015 started out strong, Hip-Hop wise. Have you listened to anything most recently that gets an automatic stamp of approval?

A: A few things from 2015 get my stamp of approval like the Joey Bada$$ and the J. Cole. TrillinAYaad by Gully Cash is definitely something I give a major stamp of approval. That’s some quality 1st Coast Music right there. 

Inztinkz Contact:

@Inztinkz IG | Twitter



E-mail inztinkz@live.com for if you’re interested in his work

Get your tickets early. DM @payattentionja on IG or Twitter for more info.

Pay Attention March 28 2015 Flyer (Front)






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