PRESS RELEASE: @VoicemailMusic Demands Respect For Dancers!


With the recent release of their ‘I Wanna Dance’ video directed by Di Rawtid Yute (D.R.Y) and produced by Mark Hize, dancehall duo Voicemail has been keen on showing respect to all dancers. The duo also shows gratitude to other entertainers who have shown respect to dancers but still believe that dancers are often times underestimated in Jamaica. Qraig said “There are so many dancers who are touring all over the world and are treated with the utmost respect abroad because of dances created here in the streets of Kingston, but in Jamaica they are not highlighted enough. I believe it is time for everyone to embrace the Jamaican dance culture and stop highlighting the negative elements in dancehall”.

Kevyn V shared “This movement is growing and we believe as entertainers it’s our job to package dancehall music with the dances that compliment it and make it what it is. Often times people are more concerned with what they feel is wrong with dancehall as oppose to encouraging the dancehall dance culture and turning it into possible revenue streams”. While being vocal on the topic, the video for ‘I Wanna Dance’ has become a viral sensation. With dancers from all over the world creating their renditions of the video, Voicemail says that they are very pleased with the feedback; The group has been going through a transitional period as they have both launched their individual careers while at the same time maintaining that “Voicemail’ is here to stay”. Qraig added that the group has had to address several rumors in the past about a feud but reminds us that Voicemail is a brotherhood; “We will have our independent careers but when we get together it is always magical”.

The duo is presently promoting the ‘I Wanna Dance’ video and is keen on reminding fans that they are ‘Game Changers’ in dancehall. Kevyn V said “It’s really about bringing back the fun factor in dancehall and reminding fans that dancehall is really not about negativity or negative energy”.

Voicemail is set to begin their promotional trail in August with several campaigns lined up with newly signed PR Company, Taylor Made Events and PR Management.

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