OLDIES SUNDAY: 6 Super Cat Intl. Collabs You Haven’t Heard In A While

You know him as the Wild Indian, the Wild Apache, the Don of all Dons, but he is also known as Super Cat! One of the legendary Deejays from Jamaica, Super Cat commanded the crowd, and ruled the airwaves. Today on Oldies Sunday (we’re back after a few months), we won’t highlight the hits, as you know them well, but refresh your memory or introduce to you International singles that featured the Don Dadda. Let’s go!

Dem Nuh Worry We (Hip Hop Ragga Remix) ft. Heavy D. (1992)

Many know the original version over Dancehall production, but this Hip Hop version was a hit in the US clubs. Produced/Remixed by DJ Eddie F., the combination of Super Cat and the late Rapper/Producer Heavy D was a winner no matter what Riddim it rode! Me love mi Chicken and mi Goat well curry!

Dolly My Baby (Bad Boy Remix) ft. Mary J. Blige, 3rd Eye, Puff Daddy & Biggie Smalls (1993)

Super Cat was well respected in the Hip Hop crowd, and this remix is one of the few examples of that. Co-Produced by 3rd Eye and Puff Daddy who added verses, Mary J. Blige delivered the backing vocals and featured the debut recording of the late Biggie Smalls who was then unknown. A lot of history in one track as Mary went on to be the Queen of Hip Hop/R&B, Super Cat became a Dancehall legend, Puff Daddy went on to be one of the great Hip Hop CEOs, Biggie went on to be a legend in Hip Hop, and 3rd Eye, who was one of the first Hip Hop acts signed to Motown Records, and was argued to be the creator of the term “Bling Bling” (Lil Wayne was to argue that he coined the term in the late 90s with his single of the same name).

Fly ft. Sugar Ray (1997)

Rock Band Sugar Ray made their presence felt in 1997 with the release of this single. Off their debut Album “Floored”, this was one of two versions featured on the Album (Super Cat didn’t appear on the other version). While the video featured the Super Cat version, it still became a hit for the Band whose debut went on to sell 2 Million copies. Super Cat’s chant of “Spread yuh love and fly” really worked wonders.

Na Na Na Na  ft. 112 (2003)

The Bad Boy connection happened again in the 2000s when 112 (who had parted ways with Bad Boy Records in 2002) enlisted Super Cat for their 1st single off their 4th Album, “Hot & Wet” which was released in 2003. While Super Cat gave the single the Island flavour, he made an appearance in the music video as a Don’s supposed to. The single was a moderate success for the group.

The Don of Dons (Put De Ting Pon Dem) ft. Jadakiss (2003)

In 2003, during the height of their Production career, the Production duo of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo a.k.a. The Neptunes released a compilation Album named “The Neptunes Present…The Clones”. Featuring tracks by Artists they’ve respected in the game, Super Cat joined the list with a collaboration with Rapper Jadakiss. Super Cat proved once again that he can handle any beat thrown to him. What made this greater, Super Cat and The Neptunes’ Star Trak label had a partnership that would result in a new Album from the Deejay. It never materialized however but a Mixtape featuring the Wild Apache flexing his lyrical muscle over various familiar Neptunes productions was leaked a few years ago. What a shame.

The Don ft. Nas (2012)

Super Cat appears as a sample from his 1982 “Dance Inna New York” hit. Produced by fellow collaborator the late Heavy D (along with Salaam Remi and Da Internz), Nas released this as a street single for his 10th Studio Album, “Life Is Good”. A fan of Super Cat, Nas believed that the Deejay mentioned him in the single hence his determination to record over a sample. Super Cat was also shouted out on “The Don”. “The Don” went on to be a respected track off the Album. From Cockburn Pen to Queensbridge.


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