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Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Future: 8 Artists Who Started Out Young

In recognition of May being Child’s Month, 13th Street Promotions is dedicating this Oldies Sunday post to the youth. Many of us can look back at our own childhood when we’d imitate our favourite Artists and pretend we are established stars. What many may or may not know is that some of our favourites started out or even got discovered in their early stages. While we know that acts like the late US Pop Star Michael Jackson and Jamaican Singer Jimmy Tucker started out very young (Jimmy was Jamaica’s 1st Child Prodigy in the 1950s), we’d like to inform you or refresh your memory on some of our Caribbean acts who started out young.

1. Machel Montano (Debut Age: 9) – Too Young To Soca

2. Beenie Man (Debut Age: 8) – Too Fancy

3. Dennis Brown (Debut Age: 12) – Lips Of Wine

4. Yami Bolo (Debut Age: 13) – When A Man’s In Love 

5. Nadine Sutherland (Debut Age: 11) – Starvation On The Land

6. QQ (Debut Age: 10) – Poverty

7. Wayne J (Debut Age: 10) – Stay Ina School

8. Jodian Pantry (Debut Age: 11) – I’ll Give My Heart

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5 thoughts on “Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Future: 8 Artists Who Started Out Young

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