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.@ShavAMusic Takes “I Need You” International With An @OrtiOfficiel Remix!

Happy Friday folks! How about some new music? Today’s new Artist comes from Reggae Royalty, and her name is Shav-A! Daughter of foundation Recording Artist Admiral Tibet, she has been on the grind in recent times including releasing her 2018 single, “I Need You“. To start off 2019, she goes International as she teamed up with French Recording Artist Orti on “I Need You (Remix)“! Produced by Don Charles, Shav-A and Orti give us some Dancehall Pop vibes here, but the track leans towards “AfroDanceMusic” thanks to its multi-genre inspired production. For those who yearn for their special someone to get home, keep this one on repeat till that phone call comes through, or the knock is at your door. “It was fun making “I Need You”, and when I did the remix with Orti, it was a walk in the park and definitely a track that I know you will love,” said an enthused Shav-A when asked about making the remix. “Orti is very talented, and I look forward to working with him again and other International Artists.

With Shav-A’s sound, she will definitely be an Artist to watch out for this year as she steadily carves her own musical path. Shav-A also has plans to release an EP later this year, and it promises to make a lot of noise on the music scene. Check out the track below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.


15 thoughts on “.@ShavAMusic Takes “I Need You” International With An @OrtiOfficiel Remix!

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