Who Writes This Stuff? 🧐

Wade Haye, founder of 13th Street Promotions….lover of music, art, fashion….trying to get out of the bucket and bring along some peeps for the ride!

Why “13th Street Promotions”? – Well…”13″ is my favourite number, “13th Street” because I wanted to use my blog as a channel/avenue to display unexposed talent.

So…What do you want out of this blog? – I believe everyone deserves a chance at being seen and heard, there are many talented people out there that are held back. I’d love for my blog to be recognized worldwide, maybe on a few high profile blog-sites/websites. Even if i don’t acquire that kind of notoriety, I just want to be able to help a few people.

14 thoughts on “Who Writes This Stuff? 🧐

  1. Great idea, Wade! And so true. Jamaica is a breeding ground for raw talent, but most of them go unnoticed for a variety reasons, the most damning one being lack of opportunity. I’m an actress and film producer, and while I’m not big time I want to contribute in some way to developing Jamaica’s feature film industry. I think our island is rich with stories to tell, and as such I’m developing a mentoring segment on my blog where young Jamaican film enthusiasts can learn and or improve their film / video making skills. If they impress me (and my partners) they win a prize. If you know of any such people, send them my way. I’ll be putting up the first column / challenge in the coming weeks!

  2. I’ve watched this blog grow and become better over the years ! Excellent work . Really proud of how far you’ve come and the dedication as well as CONSISTENCY in your efforts ! 😁😁😁

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