Who Writes This Stuff?

Wade Haye, founder of 13th Street Promotions….lover of music, art, fashion….trying to get out of the bucket and bring along some peeps for the ride!

Why “13th Street Promotions”? – Well…”13″ is my favourite number, “13th Street” because I wanted to use my blog as a channel/avenue to display unexposed talent.

So…What do you want out of this blog? – I believe everyone deserves a chance at being seen and heard, there are many talented people out there that are held back. I’d love for my blog to be recognized worldwide, maybe on a few high profile blog-sites/websites. Even if i don’t acquire that kind of notoriety, I just want to be able to help a few people.


14 thoughts on “Who Writes This Stuff?

  1. Great idea, Wade! And so true. Jamaica is a breeding ground for raw talent, but most of them go unnoticed for a variety reasons, the most damning one being lack of opportunity. I’m an actress and film producer, and while I’m not big time I want to contribute in some way to developing Jamaica’s feature film industry. I think our island is rich with stories to tell, and as such I’m developing a mentoring segment on my blog where young Jamaican film enthusiasts can learn and or improve their film / video making skills. If they impress me (and my partners) they win a prize. If you know of any such people, send them my way. I’ll be putting up the first column / challenge in the coming weeks!

  2. I’ve watched this blog grow and become better over the years ! Excellent work . Really proud of how far you’ve come and the dedication as well as CONSISTENCY in your efforts ! 😁😁😁

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