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Rhiya Luna Deals With Ups And Downs On “Peace Of Mind”!

Recording Artist Rhiya Luna uses her talents to share her thoughts, her moods, and her experiences. While her life is far from perfect, she makes efforts to have some balance. With life being filled with unexpected moments, it can take a drag on you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Rhiya shares her journey of getting back to the good place on the new track, “Peace Of Mind“.

Produced by VoxGad Music, Rhiya Luna shares the ups and downs she has been experiencing in her life. Every day has its challenges, but she is working hard to overcome her troubles so she live her life to the fullest. In today’s society, Mental Health has become a much talked about topic, and experts have been lending their hand in helping people overcome their burdens, and move forward in a positive way. Rhiya Luna keeps her head high, and uses her. music as a form of therapy till she’s back where she belongs. Pray for your friends who are facing their own battles.

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"Gully Forever: The Mavado Playlist" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #HipHop #Reggae #13thStreetPromotions #Mavado #GullyGad #Playlist #Spotify #GullyForever #Caribbean

We Celebrate @Mavado_Gully’s Career In New “Gully Forever” Playlist!

Today, November 30, we celebrate the birthday of a Dancehall legend. Many know of his many aliases including Mavado the Gully Gad, but his parents named him David Constantine Brooks! Mavado celebrates another year of life on Earth, and we celebrate his many works with our newest Playlist in a long while called, “Gully Forever: The Mavado Playlist“!

For over 9 hours, we bring to you some of Mavado’s greatest tracks. From breakout singles, to International collaborations, to even beef tracks, Mavado has done a lot of work for Jamaican music. Mavado has been influential to the culture, and has his place in being a part of one of Dancehall’s greatest beefs with Vybz Kartel, and forming an alliance that has divided Jamaicans for a long time. Salute Mavado wherever he is!


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MIKE ft. Sister Nancy "Stop Worry!" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #NewYork #Dancehall #HipHop #Music #13thStreetPromotions #MIKE #SisterNancy #StopWorry #Caribbean

.@T6Mikee Collaborates With Sister Nancy On “Stop Worry!”

New York-based Recording Artist/Producer MIKE is an Artist who has been making his name over the years providing unique tracks, and hard hitting production. A founding member of the sLUms collective, he looks to release a new project in the coming weeks. As a part of the rollout, he teams up with a Jamaican Dancehall legend on the track, “Stop Worry!“.

Featuring Dancehall’s 1st Lady Sister Nancy, MIKE shares some bars about his everyday life, including some experiences. Sister Nancy steps in with some wise words throughout the song, emphasizing that we should wake up, and rise up from all the craziness that’s going on in the world. The track was produced by DJ Blackpower, and was accompanied by a Music Video directed by Ryosuke Tanzawa. Shout out MIKE’s t shirt. “Stop Worry!” is a unique collaboration between MIKE and Sister Nancy, and will be featured on MIKE’s upcoming 8th studio album, “Beware Of The Monkey“.

Want to hear some Sister Nancy and how influential she is? Check out our “Sampling Sister NancyPlaylist!

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Mr. Lexx/Lexxus "Full Hundred" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #MrLexx #Lexxus #FullHundred #2000 #BRich #OrgasmRiddim #Caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY: @TheRealMrLexx – Full Hundred (2000)

On Oldies Sunday, we celebrate Icons, and the songs they have created. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we highlight a Palmer who has made great contributions to Dancehall. His mama named him Christopher and he started out as Lexxus, but the world now knows him as Mr. Lexx (Mr. Lex as well)! We go back in time to check out the track, “Full Hundred“.

Produced by Richard “$hams” Browne for B-Rich Records on the “Orgasm Riddim“, Mr. Lexx was all about living life to the fullest on “Full Hundred”. A song that was motivational, Mr. Lexx emphasized that whatever he was doing in life, he was going to give it his all, and you should too! Nothing but the best for Mr. Palmer. “Full Hundred” quickly gained popularity following its release, and was one of the top singles featured on the “Orgasm Riddim”, which also spawned a few hits. A music video was made for “Full Hundred” that gained mostly positive reviews, and was premiered on Jamaica’s “Entertainment Report” television programme in 2000. The track was featured on Mr. Lexx’s 2005 debut album “Mr. Lex“.

Since the release of “Full Hundred”, Mr. Lexx went on to enjoy a career that gained him a few more hits over the years. He found himself in a few controversies and even a few beefs, and dabbled in Radio and Television as a Media Personality, but he remains one of the more entertaining names today, and thanks to Social Media, he has gained an audience that continues to grow. He is also watching the rise of Recording Duo The Yutes, who happen to be his sons. “Full Hundred” remains one of his most well known singles.


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Valiant x Tommy Lee Sparta "Guzu Bunx/Fada Rock" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #StMary #MontegoBay #Dancehall #Music #ValiantMusic #tommyLeeSparta #GuzuBunx #FadaRock #Caribbean

.@valiant__Music Connects With Tommy Lee Sparta On “Guzu Bunx/Fada Rock”!

Dancehall Artist Valiant continues to keep his name hot in the streets thanks to his viral hits “Dunce Cheque” and “Speed Off“. Now is his time to dominate, and he’s not letting the foot off the gas anytime soon. With the holiday parties just around the corner, he wants the people dancing to “Guzu Bunx/Fada Rock“!

Featuring incarcerated Dancehall Artist Tommy Lee Sparta, Valiant connects with the Sparta Boss for a vibe here. Their collaborations were long coming, and they did not disappoint here. With a music video directed by KhingCam, it’s a party, and everyone’s invited. While Tommy Lee is noticeably absent, Valiant sports a “Free Tommy Lee Sparta” t shirt to show respect. If you’re ready to learn a few dance moves, get familiar with the Guzu Bunx and Fada Rock today! Kotch e hat responsibly.

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"Tulsa King" TV Series on 13thStreetPromotions.com #TulsaKing #Oklahoma #Tulsa #Weed #SylvesterStallone #ParamountPlus #LeroySibbles #DoYourThing #Jamaica #Ska #Reggae #Caribbean

Leroy Sibbles’ “Do Your Thing” Featured In New @TulsaKing Series!

Have you been watching any TV lately? Caught up with any shows? Discovered something new? If you didn’t know, Legendary Actor Sylvester Stallone stars in a new series called, “Tulsa King“. This Crime Drama focuses on a Mafia Capo who was just released from Prison, with a mission to organize a criminal organization in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The series has found favour with the audience so far, but for its second episode, a familiar sound was heard during one of the scenes.

In episode 2 called, “Center Of The Universe“, the legendary Leroy Sibbles’Do Your Thing” gets featured. Released in 1969 through Studio One, Leroy Sibbles delivered a funky track that got everybody dancing. Sibbles is a former member of The Heptones, and has enjoyed a solo career that produced plenty hits over the years. He is also a Producer who has lent his sound to various Artists in Jamaica, and the rest of the world. “Do Your Thing” was also featured on the soundtrack for the “Watchmen” series in 2019. For those who need a lil crime in their lives, check out “Tulsa King” starring Sylvester Stallone now playing on Paramount+.

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Jada Kingdom "One Life" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #JadaKingdom #HundredHoursEntertainment #CrownHouseMedia #OneLife #Caribbean

.@JadaKingdom Focuses On The Important Things On “One Life”!

Dancehall Artist Jada Kingdom comes through with new music with a message. Jada has been staying busy these past few months in the booth, on stage, and being a topic of various discussions, and her fanbase enjoyed a respectable growth through it all. While her life may have taken a few turns this year, she looks to focus on the important things on the new track, “One Life“.

Produced by Hundred Hours Ent./Crown House Media, Jada Kingdom finds herself wanting to be away from the ills of the world. “One Life” is a song that speaks of the need to be around the right people, including that one love who you can see everything in life with. Jada Kingdom previously worked with Hundred Hours Ent. and Crown House Media on the track, “ESQ Till Death“, which quickly became a hit when it was released earlier this year. Expect “One Life” to be a hit with the fans, and possibly inspire couples to form in the coming days. With the delivery on “One Life” by Jada paired with its great production, it could become one of her signature tracks.

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.@HephB1 Dedicates “Figure 8” To All The Sexy Ladies!

This one goes out to all the girls around the world! AfroDancehall King Heph B is gearing up for a lot of excitement to close off 2022. Having kept the speakers blaring with “Big Boy (Remix)” this past Summer, Heph wants to keep the energy up a few notches. With the ladies in mind, Heph B steps out with “Figure 8“!

Produced by longtime collaborator Steve Rawd, Heph B dedicates the new “Figure 8” single to all the sexy ladies, the ladies with the beauty, the ladies who know they’re the center of attention, and the ladies who have the right assets to drive Men crazy! Prepare to dance over Steve Rawd’s smooth production as Heph B provides a melodic delivery that is easily a hit! Heph B is putting the final touches to the deluxe version of his “AMARII” album, and “Figure 8” is just another taste of what Heph has in store to close 2022. Stay tuned for the next Heph B update. In the meantime, ladies make that booty bounce to this!

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Bugle "Toxicity (Deluxe Edition)" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Reggae #Dancehall #Music #Bugle #BugleAn9ted #DextaDaps #MarciaGriffiths #HephB #LaaLee #BountyKilla #Toxicity #ToxicityDeluxe #ToxicityAlbum #Caribbean #Grammys #Grammy2023

.@BugleAn9ted Gives His “Toxicity” Album The Deluxe Treatment!

Reggae/Dancehall Recording Artist Bugle is set to give the rest of 2022 some of his best work. He has been consistent with the content all year, but this time he’s going for the gold. Last year saw him release the highly acclaimed “Toxicity” album, and he has been following up with content to support the album. Today, he follows it up with the “Toxicity (Deluxe Edition)” album!

Featuring 16 tracks, Bugle eyes even more with the deluxe version of “Toxicity”. Still showing that he’s one of the best to do it, he gives us even more thought-provoking music with strong messages, and even something to get us moving. In preparation for the album’s release, he recently joined AfroDancehall Artist Heph B, and Dancehall Artist Laa Lee for the “Big Boy (Remix)” single. Along with the aforementioned Artists, newcomers joining Bugle on the album is the legendary Marcia Griffiths, Dancehall Artist Ding Dong, and longtime friend and DASECA collaborator Dexta Daps. Previously featured Artists including Bounty Killa, Kabaka Pyramid, Julian Marley, Adeana Myrie, Jesse Royal, and Tony Gold all appear on this follow up project. The legendary Wayne Wonder gets some love on this album, but we’ll let you find out which track he getting the love. If you were a fan of the original version of “Toxicity”, you will more than appreciate the new additions, which make up for a solid release, and a great listen. Bugle has done it again!

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Heph B ft. Bugle & Laa Lee "Big Boy (Remix)" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Nigeria #Texas #Dancehall #Afrobeats #AfroDancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #HephB #LaaLee #LaaLeeRanks #BugleAn9ted #BigBoy #BigBoyRemix #Caribbean

.@HephB1 Enlists @BugleAn9ted & Laa Lee For “Big Boy (Remix)”!

AfroDancehall King Heph B claimed 2022 to be one of his years, and it has been paying off for him greatly. Reeling off of the continued success of his “AMARII” album from 2021, he enjoyed Billboard success thanks to the single, “Big Boy“. With the summer coming to a close, he looks to end with a bang with the star studded “Big Boy (Remix)“!

Featuring Dancehall heavyweights Bugle and Laa Lee, we get a remix that is as rich as it sounds, and you will be dancing! With the original bouncy production and Laa Lee, Bugle, and Heph B each in top form, you’ll want to put on your finest threads to fully enjoy this track. This one is for the Royalty in you, keep this one in your Playlist. The original version got a lot of love through the “Big Boy Challenge“, but the remix may be a part of a bigger, more luxurious situation. A music video for “Big Boy (Remix)” is in its beginning stages, and is expected to be released in the coming weeks. Get your speakers, designer clothes, money, and mind ready, and enjoy this tune!

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13thStreetPromotions.com celebrates 10 Years! #Jamaica #Music #Caribbean #13thStreetPromotions

10 Years Later…

Since Jan. 24, 2012

3,594 posts…

5,256,000 Minutes…

Gave countless Artists a platform…

Countless hours of content played…

Viewed in almost every Country…

Made a few Logo changes…

Loved by many…

Snubbed by many…

Appeared on numerous timelines and screens…

Mentioned by big names and newcomers…

Powered by God and determination…

Is a known unknown…

…But still pushing for greatness, and a lot more!

What started as a platform to feature hometown (Manchester) Artists (that went nowhere quickly), turned into a platform that featured and promoted Caribbean based and influenced talent. Thank you for 10 years. Grateful for the various members of the supporting cast over the years. Shoutout to those who spoke ill of the brand, it didn’t close the doors. Whether 10 views, 10 likes, or 100,000 visitors, as long as 13th Street Promotions is in your browser history.

Keeping it short, here’s to more years.

As always… Visit 13thStreetPromotions.com.

(We have a few more links for you to check out here.)

(If you feel like sending some Anniversary money, Tweet us for the Paypal or Cashapp lol)

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Sampling Sly & Robbie Playlist

We Look Back At Songs That Sampled Sly & Robbie In Our Latest Playlist!

First off, R.I.P. to the LEGENDARY Robbie Shakespeare, 1/2 of the “Riddim Twins” a.k.a. the production duo known as Sly & Robbie. May Robbie’s amazing basslines forever live on! We had plans to release a Playlist paying tribute to the legendary Sly & Robbie next year, but with the sad news that came this week, we had to put something together in the best way we know how. We present to you the “Sampling Sly & Robbie” Playlist!

Sly & Robbie made classics that have spanned generations, and helped to inspire many around the world. Our latest Playlist highlights not only some of the classics, but some of the known tracks that have sampled them. If you didn’t know about some of them, now you know, and we’re glad to have passed on some information to you.

Walk good Robbie Shakespeare, let his music play on!

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Dave & Ansell Collins' "Double Barrel" featured in a new Playlist on 13thStreetPromotions.com

We Highlight The Dave & Ansell Collins Classic, “Double Barrel” In Our Throwback Playlist!

In 1970, the duo known as Dave Barker and Ansell Collins a.k.a. Dave & Ansell Collins released their single, “Double Barrel“. Produced by Winston Riley, the song went on to become the second Jamaican produced track to top the UK music charts. From there it went on to sell numerous records, charted in the US, and introduced the world to a young Sly Dunbar, who played drums on the record. It became a classic, and was immortalized by many Artists through the technique of sampling. Today, for our latest #13thStreetThrowback Playlist, we highlight “Double Barrel”.

Featuring 50 tracks, the “Double Barrel” Playlist highlights a few covers, and songs that sampled the 1970 hit. From Special Ed’s infamous “I’m The Magnificent“, to Kanye West’sThe One“, and from Hip Hop to Electronic Music, “Double Barrel” has traveled near and far. When you hear “I’m…the magnificent!” on a track, just remember where it came from. Salute the great duo known as Dave & Ansell Collins!

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GyalKapone's new single, "Mission" for 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Dancehall #GyalKapone #HomeInvasion

.@GyalKapone Gets The Ski Mask Ready For A “Mission”!

On June 19, 2020, Jamaican Creative GyalKapone made a big step as a Recording Artist with the release of her debut single, “Never“. Since then, she has created a great demand for her music, and not a week has passed without someone hitting her up to know when the next track is coming out. “Never” got her name buzzing in some areas, and we believe there is a bright future for her in the field. She finally emerged on her birthday (Sept. 25) with a brand new track called, “Mission“.

Produced by Kahtion Beatz and BeatsByDemitri, Gyalkapone shows another side of her that will amaze, or shock her listeners. On “Mission”, she is in need of some millions, and with some like minded friends, she sets out to get it. With a commanding presence on the track over a sinister production, GyalKapone is just letting you know that if you co-operate with her nicely, no one will be harmed. Just give her what she needs, and keep it moving. The track is screaming for a visual, and we promise you that it’s on the way, so stay tuned. If you’re new here, get familiar her debut single, and stick around as she seeks to build her catalogue.

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Elephant Man "Sling" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #ElephantMan #Sling #Christmas #Holiday #Caribbean

Elephant Man Gets Us Ready For The Christmas Parties With “Sling”!

There was a time when Dancehall Artists ensured that a Christmas song was a part of their catalogue. Some of our favourites would send it out early so that we could catch on to it just in time for the holiday parties, and the tunes would quickly become hits. For some time, that side of Dancehall died down, but the “Energy GodElephant Man is here to revive it with the video for the Younger Generation Productions-produced track, “Sling”.

Directed by Simeon Di Great, Elephant Man returns as Santa Claus to bring good tidings, and a whole heap of dancing! With his Dancers ready, Ele kicks off a few dance moves including the introduction of the “Sling” dance, and remixes the classic “This Old Man” to get us in a vibe. Elephant Man grants wishes of dance during a time where the Choppa songs have taken over the scene, and looks to incorporate even more dancing back in Dancehall. Let the holiday parties kick off in fine style, and done the “Shizzle” way!

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