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Squash Seeks An Escape From Deceitful People On “Hurt Me”

Dancehall Artist Squash has experienced a lot in his life, good and bad. While he’s currently in the news for what is a case with Immigration, he falls back to do one of the things he loves, and that’s making music. He shares some of his thoughts on, “Hurt Me“.

The DirectorBadz visual captures Squash taking some space away from others as he shares that his trust levels have changed on the JanoDon Records-produced track. Though he has kept his circle to a minimum, he still deals with deceit from those he has given love, and helped out in some way. In the end he distances himself from everyone. It’s a terrible feeling when those you love betray you, and you can’t wrong some when they’d rather live in solitude. We hope Squash’s current situation doesn’t turn for the worse, and it’s handled properly so that he is able to keep the music going in one piece.

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.@ProjexxMusic Cruises At “Top Speed” With @OfficialGiggs & Marksman

Recording Artist Projexx has been staying busy these past few months. While he hasn’t been releasing music, he was making vital connections, showing up on various platforms, and enjoying the success of his appearance on projects like WizKid’sMade In Lagos” album, Juls’Sounds Of My World“, A!MS’Offshore“, Skillibeng’sThe Prodigy: Ladies Only“, and his debut EP “Queen Hill“. Ready to have the people talking, he released the visual for the single, “Top Speed“.

Featuring legendary UK Rapper Giggs and Dancehall Artist Marksman, Projexx brings a different energy on “Top Speed”. They all trade slick lyrics throughout, and the 300K-directed visual catches them in a flashy life with a few ladies surrounding them throughout. Projexx may be looking to release a follow up project this year, and it’s overdue for one. Giggs has been busy in Jamaica securing collabs as well, and it’s good to see Marksman on the collaboration as his name and content has been getting mixed results online. Roll out!

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.@ItsToian Featured On @SpiderVerse Soundtrack With @MetroBoomin, @RedRatMusic Classic Gets Sampled

Dancehall-Pop Recording Artist Toian has been on the grind. Been a while since we featured her, but she has been putting the work behind the scenes. Based in Miami, she secured a number of collaborations, and released a project or two. Remember her Ice Queen” collab with Vybz Kartel? “Ride The Wave“? What about “Rude Boys“? Her name has been called up recently in what you could call one of her biggest career moves, and that’s making the connection with SuperProducer Metro Boomin, and the highly anticipated “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-VerseFilm.

Teaming up with WizKid, Beam, Don Toliver, and Metro Boomin, Toian jumped on the “Spider-Verse Remix” of “Link Up“. With a mix of Pop, Afrobeats, and Red Rat’sTight Up Skirt” sample, Toian’s here for the link up, but don’t catch no feelings. She fits well with her collaborators, bringing her sweet vocals, making for a nice addition to the featured production. Red Rat’s “Tight Up Skirt” was released in 1997 and produced by Buccaneer on the Opera House label, and was famously sampled by Samantha J. Expect a lot more from Toian in the future, maybe she’ll pop up on more collabs with your favourite Artists, or even have more of her music featured in Films. Congrats to the big Singer!

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Rvssian x Vybz Kartel x Trippie Redd "Sixteen" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Ohio #Dancehall #hipHop #13thStreetPromotions #Rvssian #VybzKartel #TrippieRedd #Sixteen #Caribbean

.@Rvssian Brings Together Vybz Kartel & @TrippieRedd For “Sixteen”

Producer/Recording Artist Rvssian continues to keep his brand afloat with various singles and productions that turn into hits, and is still staying true as a member of the Gaza Nation. He has a few surprises that he has been steadily unveiling over the course of this year, and now he drops another with the release of “Sixteen“.

Rvssian not only brought out friend and long-time collaborator Vybz Kartel for “Sixteen”, he recruited multiplatinum US Rapper Trippie Redd. Released through Head Concussion Records, we get a combination of Rvssian’s beats and lyrics, Kartel’s signature wordplay, and Trippie’s melodic delivery. Prior to the track’s release, Trippie was seen with Tommy Lee Sparta, so we expect another collab soon. The Shane Creative-directed music video finds the Artists (and Vybz Kartel via a face swap filter) in the streets with the people, and they perform their parts in various locations. It was reported earlier this week that Vybz Kartel is dealing with some health-related issues, and we hope he gets the right help at this time.

“Me no want be no picture pon no button…”

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Skillibeng x Jazzy's World TV Interview on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Brooklyn #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #JazzysWorldTV #Skillibeng #Interview #Caribbean

Jazzy’s World TV Interviews @Skillibeng

She’s a Media personality who has done big things, and she isn’t old enough to drink. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, she goes by the name Jazzy, and she hosts the “Jazzy’s World TV” series. Her videos can be seen on Social Media and Youtube, where she meets some of the biggest Artists out, and asks them a few questions. For her latest Interview, she meets one of Dancehall’s biggest stars, Skillibeng.

For a few minutes, Jazzy had a conversation with Skillibeng about his now Internationally recognized music career, being labeled the future of Dancehall Music, citing Vybz Kartel as an Influential figure, bringing the Jamaican culture to various parts of the world, turning a near tragedy into something positive, and more before closing with some words of motivation. It was about time Jazzy secured an Interview with an Artist like Skillibeng, and we wish her continued success in her career. Catch Skillibeng on a new single, or a stage near you.


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Abka Kaba "Battle Axe" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Reggae #Music #13thStreetPromotions #AbkaKaba #BattleAxe #MusicVideo #ManchesterJamaica #Caribbean

.@AbkaKaba Fights Against Injustice On “Battle Axe”

Manchester-based Recording Artist Abka Kaba wants to start a revolution. With reports of Government Officials caring more about their salaries and lifestyles than the growth and wellbeing of their countries, wars being fought around the World, crime and violence running rampant, Abka is stepping out for change. He calls on the Warriors on “Battle Axe“.

With a video directed by Kahinga Films, Abka Kaba shares his message on the Lions Flow-produced single, and sheds light on others who have, and are experiencing oppression in their part of the world. With a powerful delivery, listeners will be quickly tuned in to the message shared, and step up in pushing for a positive change. Formerly known on stage as Sheldon Senior, Abka Kaba has been on the scene for a number of years, and is also a Graphic Designer and the Creative behind Kahinga Films. If you haven’t been familiar with him, get to know him today.

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Heph B Brings Amapiano Vibes With “Sthandwa Sami”

After making the world tune in to his “AMARII (Deluxe)” album, AfroDancehall King Heph B is back with new music for the summer. Ready to secure more hits and connect with more listeners, he’s taking things to a higher level with the release of the new single, “Sthandwa Sami“.

Produced by Steve Rawd, listeners will be tuned in to some Amapiano sounds, and get a dose of Heph B’s signature vibes. Get ready to dance everywhere, and let “Sthandwa Sami” bring life to the party. Heph B looks forward to feedback for his new single, and is working a number of things including a Music Video, promotional campaigns, and will take the track to the stage through upcoming bookings. If you have been loving the previous music releases, then add this one to your collection, and get ready for even more!

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GyalKapone Stays Locked & Loaded On “Syko”

Recording Artist/Creative GyalKapone returns with new music! Still new to the field, she’s still developing and working her way to becoming a name to know. She has been recording, and is ready to take on the world! She recently released her new single, “Syko“.

Produced by Jingo Hol On Deh, GyalKapone goes into “John Wick” mode her as she’s out for blood. Locked and loaded, she has a few rounds for those who dare to step in her way with an intention to bring harm. Backed by good production and a melodic delivery, GyalKapone makes her “Syko” lyrics hit hard, so wear a vest and brace for the impact. She first came on the scene with “Never“, then followed up with “Mission” and “Mission (Remix)“, and even launched the “Enz Off Podcast“. While it’s too early to ask for a project, we believe GyalKapone’s breakout moment is just around the corner. If you haven’t been familiar with her yet, today is the day that changes.

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Jamaica Salutes Legendary Songwriter Thom Bell In Our New Playlist!

As we close another Black History Month, we use this last day to honour a Jamaican who helped to shape the musical landscape. His name is Thom Bell, and he is the co-creator of the “Philadelphia Soul” that reigned the 1970s. A Songwriter, Producer, Composer, and Arranger, Thom Bell gave the world classics, and has influenced generations. Today, we salute him with our latest Playlist titled, “Jamaica Sings For Thom Bell“.

Featuring 14 tracks (more would’ve been added if they were available for streaming), we highlight some of the Jamaican Artists who have covered songs that were either written, produced, or arranged by Thom Bell. From John Holt, to Horace Andy, to Boris Gardiner, to Alton Ellis, to Etana, we hear covers of classics by The Delfonics, Deneice Williams, The Stylistics, and more. Listeners can learn something new, or reconnect with songs that affected them in ways when they first heard them in the new Playlist. Soul Music along with R&B sounds have a heavy influence in Jamaican music, so it’s only right that many of the American classics were covered by some of the Jamaican greats. The late Thom Bell gave the world something special, and his work will continue to entertain and inspire. Thank you for everything Thom Bell, rest well.

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Jamaicans Sing @BurtBacharach Hits In Our New Playlist!

On February 8, the music world lost one of the most influential persons in Pop Music, the late Burt Bacharach. With his songwriting, production, and various compositions whether solo or done with collaborators, Bacharach has given us some of the greatest songs and sounds, helped to elevate the careers of some of the best Artists including Dionne Warwick, Tom Jones, and Dusty Springfield, and scored Films such as “Casino Royale” (a James Bond Parody), “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid“, “Arthur“, and “A Boy Called Po“. His work has influenced many, and in our latest Playlist, we cover some of the Jamaican Artists who have covered his songs.

In the “Jamaica Sings Burt Bacharach!” Playlist, we’ve featured 18 tracks that have given hit songs from the late Burt Bacharach a Jamaican touch. From Dennis Brown, to Wayne Wonder, to Diana King, to Dobby Dobson, get yourself familiar or reacquainted with some great music that came to life by Bacharach’s genius. Jamaicans covering some of your favourite International songs always went hand in hand, and we hope to cover a few more like this in the future. Sleep well Burt Bacharach.

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"Two Of Cards" App a.k.a. "Strip Me" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Barbados #TrinidadandTobago #App #Gaming #CardGame #PlayingCards #iOS #MacOS #AndroidOS #iPhone #Android #Caribbean #SoftwareDeveloper #KenardoSmith

Jamaican Software Developer Turns Classic Card Game “Strip Me” Into New App!

Growing up in the Caribbean, playing outside was the order of the day. Before the advent of the Internet as we know it, ring games, sports, and many other activities would dominate a child’s life, and would be remembered fondly. With the increase of technology, many of our pastimes have been fading away from regular use, and online activities have taken over. While many would show their displeasure, Jamaican Software Developer Kenardo Smith takes utilizes the power of modern Tech to incorporate some of our favourite pastimes. On January 16, he launched his latest App called, “Two Of Cards”!

“Two Of Cards” is the latest Caribbean gaming App developed by Kenardo Smith through K.I.S.S. Games. The App follows up Smith’s “ABC Fast Or Slow”, which was released in January 2020, and was widely success as it gained thousands of downloads between the iOS and Android platforms, and received praises on Social Media, and on 13thStreetPromotions.com, and TheDigitalJamaica.com. “Two Of Cards” is the digital version of the “Strip Me” card game from Jamaica, or the “Suck The Well” card game from Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago, and requires two players alternatively playing various cards with one having the better card, and the other rewarding that player till either party’s hand is empty, deeming the rewarded the victor.

 “Two Of Cards” is a Freeminum App, which means it’s ad-supported, and offers in-app purchases that will enhance the user’s experience. The App is available on iOS, MacOS, and Android platforms, requiring users to have iOS 11.0 and up, MacOS 11.0 or later, or Android OS 5.0 or later installed on their respective devices. Kenardo Smith will be updating the game through a series of App updates in the future. 

“Two Of Cards” is now available in the Google Play Store, and the Mac and iOS App Stores. For more information on the game and more, visit KissGames658.com, and follow @TwoOfCards on Instagram. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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