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@Dormtainment Determines Who Is More Jamaican With @4YallEnt In New Skit!

For years there have been debates between Jamaicans, and those born outside the Island who claim Jamaican just because their family was born there. Call them “Yardies“, “Jafakecans” or whatever name, there’ll still be arguments online and at various events. To settle all this, Comedians Rome, Mike, and Cam from Dormtainment, and Trey and Jae from 4YallEnt determine who are real Jamaicans in their new collaborative skit. From Mesh Merinos to a game of JAMEOPARDY, they try to put the arguments to a stop. We still call them Barrel (lol). Big up all the Jamaicans at home and abroad, and all those who claim Jamaican. Check out the video below.


One thought on “@Dormtainment Determines Who Is More Jamaican With @4YallEnt In New Skit!

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