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Brysco Unleashes Visual For Viral Track, “Code”!

Dancehall Artist Brysco has been making it happen with his collection of singles and visual content in the past few months, and his fanbase has been steadily growing. Thanks to Social Media platforms TikTok and Instagram, he has been gaining a huge buzz thanks to a preview of the single, “Code“. Today, he finally gives us the track in full.

Produced by DJ Mac, 3KMG, and Josh Skull Records, Brysco saw the snippet of “Code” grow in such a big way in a very short amount of time. Seeing that it was the right moment for release, Brysco unleashed a music video directed by 9Mile Visuals that finds him living life in “Sport Mode“. Brysco is expected to release more music in the coming days, and looks forward to the support through Social Media, and prominent platforms.

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Nation Boss Made His “Dream” A Reality On New Single

They always say to dream big, despite the many challenges that we will face in life. We set goals and work to accomplish them, and we show our potential in every way possible. Recording Artist Nation Boss is one of those who worked to make his dreams a reality, and he speaks about it in his new single, “Dream“.

Produced by 1syde Records, Nation Boss reflects on his life as he always high hopes, ambitions, and dreams. He looks back his journey from having nothing, to now being in a position to take care of himself and his family. His talents made him a breakout star, and he is reaping the fruits of his labour. “Dream” comes fresh off the release of the visual for the single, “Goddess”, and he has a lot more music in store for fans to enjoy. Let Nation Boss’ “Dream” provide some motivation for you today!

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Swizzz Gets Into The Choppa Lifestyle On “Weh Mi Duh”!

Whether you like it or not, the “Chop” era of Dancehall is gonna be here for a while. Though made popular by Artists like Xclusiv, Squash, Daddy1, Gold Gad, and a few others, it has brought on controversies, numerous discussions, and a new group of Artists who share commentary on the lifestyle of a Jamaican Scammer. Social Media Comedian turned Recording Artist Swizzz a.k.a. Swizzle Di Optimist steps in with his style on the new track, “Weh Mi Duh“.

Over a Shabria Entertainment production, Swizzz plays the role of a “top choppa” on the track as he gives listeners an inside look at the day to day life of a Scammer. From the days of never attending school, to being involved in scamming activities to make ends meet, to enjoying the spoils of his work, Swizzz is living it up on “Weh Mi Duh”. Accompanying the single is a music video directed by Rave Entertainment that further illustrates his “choppa” lifestyle. Swizzz is a newcomer to the music scene having released singles since 2020, but has been one of Social Media personalities who has utilized platforms like Instagram and TikTok to push content that at times have gone viral. We look forward to what he’ll do next.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Red Rat – Shelly Ann (1996)

When it comes to your reputation, many will go all out to protect it. When rumors are spread about you, it can be a very dangerous thing. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection dabbles a little of both of those situations. Today, we highlight a classic from Dancehall Artist Red Rat called, “Shelly Ann“.

Produced by Danny Browne on the “Scandal Riddim“, and released through the Main Street label in 1996. On the track, Red Rat shares with the world the story of a young Woman named Shelly Ann who has built a reputation for herself. Whether true or false, the rumors about her being very promiscuous, gives sexual favors for just about anything, and not having any ambition outside of having many men were spread far and wide. Despite all that’s going on, her Mother is unaware of her Daughter’s activities, and it would get ugly if she was to find out.

“Shelly Ann” though controversial, was a hit for Red Rat, and helped to pave the way for a successful music career. “Shelly Ann” was featured on his 1997 debut album, “Oh No…It’s Red Rat“, and is still one of the Artist’s most recognized singles. Since the release of “Shelly Ann”, Red Rat scored a few more hits, and is still active in the Dancehall circles. Be wary of the rumors spread about you. Oh no! Poor Shelly Ann.

thank you Red Rat for this classic!

*Thanks to Genelle Golding for requesting a Red Rat single for this series!

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Skeng Continues His Global Takeover In “London” Music Video

Dancehall Artist Skeng a.k.a. the “Spain Town Gunman” continues his journey of taking over the world with his music and badness. His previous travels found him in the US and Canada, and he now plants his Flag in European soil. He’s ready for anything in the new visual for the single, “London“.

Directed by Frio Films, Skeng brings his energy to the Queen’s residence, and he does this effortlessly over a Ditruth Records/Droptop Records production. Whether he’s hopping out the Helicopter or rolling with the crew in the streets, Skeng ensures that he’s decked in Burberry threads throughout. “London” is expected to become a viral sensation within the coming days, with everyone screaming “Don don don…” to Infinity. Skeng made the most out of his UK visit as he connected with fans through various performances, and made new links. His status as one of the top Dancehall Artists out is only getting better, and we look forward to more progress in the coming months. Don’t get wrong banged.

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Things Get Very Spicy In 450’s “Be Honest” Visual!

Dancehall Artist 450 is on a roll. With singles that are receiving heavy rotation around the world, to fans getting a dose of his energy through live shows in Jamaica and overseas, it’s safe to say that his place in Dancehall music is secure. The year has already seen him celebrate milestones and getting co-signs from some of the top Industry players, now he’s capitalizing off of his buzz with more music. After showing his “Gyalis” ways with “Gyal Thief“, he’s doing things that the ladies love on the visual for his new DHW Records produced single, “Be Honest“.

Directed by RD Studios, 450 is locked in with his love interest as she is caught up in work activities via her Zoom meetings, and being affectionate with him. Work From Home just got more interesting. 450 never left the ladies out in his music, and we expect this one to do a number on them in the coming days. With a spicy visual and lyrics that will make the ladies do a double take, 450 will have a lot more female fans anticipating his next release.

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