NEW MUSIC: @JYunggMusic – Y.O.D.O. (One Life)

We all live once right? Just checking, after all we aren’t cats with 9 lives (lol). JYungg on the other hand dropped a new tune to let us know that we have one life so we should live it up. Titled Y.O.D.O. (You Only Die Once), it’s a good mix of lyrics and a lively riddim. Produced by Kimichi Records, check it out below and send feedback in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @FiveSteez Talks About “War For Peace”

What’s up world? In this video Jamaican rapper Five Steez talks about his “War For Peace” album, what to expect from the album, and previewing a couple tracks. Video shot and edited by @ItsLynky, check it out and tell me what you think in the comments section.

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Mixtape Movements: @DJRikochey “Gyalties” 90s Dancehall Mixtape

Yes Yes!! It’s time to go back…back into the 90s with the help of DJ Rikochey as he unleashes his “GyaltiesDancehall Mixtape. Remember school days or dance sessions with the help of his crazy mixing and song selections. Ladies keep those hips rocking and booty shaking to the classics. Check out the SoundCloud and download links below and enjoy this production of a great DJ.

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NEW VIDEO: @DJRikochey – The Movements Part 1 (Teaser)

What’s up world? Take the time out to know about my friend, DJ Rikochey. Member of the Kingston Allstars and Solace Entertainment Solutions, one of the best young DJs out there. In this video, a teaser of what he does best is being showcased. Check it out and send your feedback in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @NomadCarlos – Live Good

So Sick! Nomad Carlos dropped another single today to feed the ears of many. Titled “Live Good” and produced by French producer DJ King Flow, it’s a real laid back song with smooth lyrics. This feels like a song you would chill to and just enjoy life! Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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POLL: Best Dancehall Beefs (Clashes)

Dancehall beefs/clashes are fallouts between popular artistes (Even Companies/Groups are joining in the fun) resulting in lyrical confrontations, and fans choosing sides adding more fuel to the fire between parties. Sometimes these matters are handled on the stage (for example Sting), the streets with the help of gangs or even lawsuits in court. Do you have any favourite clashes/beefs? Many of them have made their way on to mix cds, radio stations, and even Youtube and becoming major hits worldwide. Many careers started and ended through clashes/beefs. After thinking about the most famous (and necessary) beefs, I put together a poll below for you to vote for the best ones. If I missed any please let me know in the comments section.

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