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Jamaica Salutes Legendary Songwriter Thom Bell In Our New Playlist!

As we close another Black History Month, we use this last day to honour a Jamaican who helped to shape the musical landscape. His name is Thom Bell, and he is the co-creator of the “Philadelphia Soul” that reigned the 1970s. A Songwriter, Producer, Composer, and Arranger, Thom Bell gave the world classics, and has influenced generations. Today, we salute him with our latest Playlist titled, “Jamaica Sings For Thom Bell“.

Featuring 14 tracks (more would’ve been added if they were available for streaming), we highlight some of the Jamaican Artists who have covered songs that were either written, produced, or arranged by Thom Bell. From John Holt, to Horace Andy, to Boris Gardiner, to Alton Ellis, to Etana, we hear covers of classics by The Delfonics, Deneice Williams, The Stylistics, and more. Listeners can learn something new, or reconnect with songs that affected them in ways when they first heard them in the new Playlist. Soul Music along with R&B sounds have a heavy influence in Jamaican music, so it’s only right that many of the American classics were covered by some of the Jamaican greats. The late Thom Bell gave the world something special, and his work will continue to entertain and inspire. Thank you for everything Thom Bell, rest well.

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.@Kraff_Gad Takes “Giant” Steps In New Video!

Dancehall Artist Kraff has been enjoying a favourable amount of buzz these past few months. His hard work has been paying off in the form of big numbers on Youtube and streaming platforms, and being included in various events including the recently held Sting 2022. With a different kind of focus for 2023, he’s making big steps on “Giant“.

Directed by Ruption, Kraff Gad reflects on his achievements on “Giant”, and steps forward with the determination that he’ll be bigger than ever. “Giant” was produced by Tepa Music and Droptop Records. Kraff solidified himself as one of the emerging Artists from last year, and with the new crop of young Artists, will make even more noise this year and beyond. “Trap/Chop Dancehall” has been under much scrutiny over the years, but some of the representatives have managed to take their career to bigger venues, and are finding more ways to be a difference on the scene. Expect to hear more from Kraff this year, watch him make hits out of thin air!

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.@Aidonia4thGenna & @GovanaGenna Get The Ladies Moving On “Earthquake”!

For quite some time, fans have been anticipating a collaborative project from Dancehall Artists Aidonia and Govana. Despite releasing a few singles, no album has shown up in the past couple years. While life has had some turns for the Artists, it looks like things are looking to pick up for them. Getting back to business, they release the visual for “Earthquake“!

Directed by Shane Creative and Ruption, Aidonia and Govana are here for the ladies on the Chimney Records-produced “Earthquake”. While they previously displayed how potent their lyricism can be, they use this time to get the ladies moving. For all the ladies who missed shaking it to a Didi and Govi song, “Earthquake” is for you to have fun to. We hope Aidonia and Govana’s project sees the light of day this year, but if not, we expect to hear a lot more from them. Ladies, it’s your time to show off!

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.@OfficialYaksta Debuts His 1st Album, “22”!

It’s been a long time since he stepped onto the music scene as Yaksta Carvanie, but the years have been good to him. Now with a few hits to his name, Yaksta is ready to take his career to the next level. He set the scene with a few singles over the past few months, and now he finally released his debut album, “22“.

Featuring 20 tracks, the “Bush Lawd” takes his talents to a bigger platform with “22”. The new album finds Yaksta in a good place, and he showcases some of his diversity in his lyrics and flow. Whether he’s motivating the listener, or reaching out to the ladies, he does it effortlessly here. With production by the likes of Anju Blaxx, Skill Don Music, Marlon Easy, Afro Boi, and Wussmusikk, Yaksta finds his comfort zone, and listeners are pulled in for a great listening session. The guest features are few, but important as Demarco, Rygin King, Chronic Law, Monifa, and Usain Bolt are onboard to enhance the listening experience.

Yaksta has come a long way, and is determined to go for more. Will “22” stand out as one of this year’s best releases? Stay tuned.

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Jamaicans Sing @BurtBacharach Hits In Our New Playlist!

On February 8, the music world lost one of the most influential persons in Pop Music, the late Burt Bacharach. With his songwriting, production, and various compositions whether solo or done with collaborators, Bacharach has given us some of the greatest songs and sounds, helped to elevate the careers of some of the best Artists including Dionne Warwick, Tom Jones, and Dusty Springfield, and scored Films such as “Casino Royale” (a James Bond Parody), “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid“, “Arthur“, and “A Boy Called Po“. His work has influenced many, and in our latest Playlist, we cover some of the Jamaican Artists who have covered his songs.

In the “Jamaica Sings Burt Bacharach!” Playlist, we’ve featured 18 tracks that have given hit songs from the late Burt Bacharach a Jamaican touch. From Dennis Brown, to Wayne Wonder, to Diana King, to Dobby Dobson, get yourself familiar or reacquainted with some great music that came to life by Bacharach’s genius. Jamaicans covering some of your favourite International songs always went hand in hand, and we hope to cover a few more like this in the future. Sleep well Burt Bacharach.

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Yaawdi Releases Visual For “Pray”!

Recording Artist Yaawdi is on a mission to bring nothing but great music to the world. Originally from Martinique, he has been making his name in Jamaica and various parts of the world thanks to his affiliations with Sizzla Kalonji and Judgment Yard. Staying true to his mission, he released the visual for the track, “Pray“.

For those unfamiliar with Yaawdi’s delivery, he performs “Pray” mostly in French. Despite the language barrier for some, Yaawdi gives the people a positive message, and we should stay true to our beliefs in order to make the right choices moving forward. The video was mostly shot in Martinique, and we get a glimpse of the Island that Yaawdi calls home. Life is filled with many challenges, but with strong faith and prayer, it gets easier. If you haven’t been familiar with Yaawdi, check him out today.

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