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OLDIES SUNDAY (CHRISTMAS): Phillip Fraser – Rub A Dub Christmas (1985)

It’s that time of the year where Mariah Carey earns another US$5Million, and the kitchens will be at its busiest. It’s Christmas time on Oldies Sunday. Today’s entry comes from Recording Artist Phillip Fraser as he gets us in the holiday spirit with “Rub A Dub Christmas“!

Produced by Ossie Thomas and Phillip Morgan and released through Tuff Gong in 1985, Phillip Fraser kicks off some Dancehall vibes on “Rub A Dub Christmas”. Phillip Fraser shared that he dreams of a Christmas that’s different from the one he grew up on, that entails many components of Dancehall. He also shared that he wants every Christmas to be filled with joy, goodness, unity, and love! “Rub A Dub Christmas” was featured on the “Rub-A-Dub Christmas” Compilation album from 1985, and was enjoyed by listeners during that time.

Since the release of “Rub A Dub Christmas”, Phillip Fraser, who was enjoying a successful career as a Recording Artist and Producer, went on to release more music, and produce for various Artists. He has inspired many Artists, and is still actively touring, and performing some of his hits. Get your Dancehall Christmas ready with this track, and Merry Christmas when it comes!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @TheRealMrLexx – Full Hundred (2000)

On Oldies Sunday, we celebrate Icons, and the songs they have created. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we highlight a Palmer who has made great contributions to Dancehall. His mama named him Christopher and he started out as Lexxus, but the world now knows him as Mr. Lexx (Mr. Lex as well)! We go back in time to check out the track, “Full Hundred“.

Produced by Richard “$hams” Browne for B-Rich Records on the “Orgasm Riddim“, Mr. Lexx was all about living life to the fullest on “Full Hundred”. A song that was motivational, Mr. Lexx emphasized that whatever he was doing in life, he was going to give it his all, and you should too! Nothing but the best for Mr. Palmer. “Full Hundred” quickly gained popularity following its release, and was one of the top singles featured on the “Orgasm Riddim”, which also spawned a few hits. A music video was made for “Full Hundred” that gained mostly positive reviews, and was premiered on Jamaica’s “Entertainment Report” television programme in 2000. The track was featured on Mr. Lexx’s 2005 debut album “Mr. Lex“.

Since the release of “Full Hundred”, Mr. Lexx went on to enjoy a career that gained him a few more hits over the years. He found himself in a few controversies and even a few beefs, and dabbled in Radio and Television as a Media Personality, but he remains one of the more entertaining names today, and thanks to Social Media, he has gained an audience that continues to grow. He is also watching the rise of Recording Duo The Yutes, who happen to be his sons. “Full Hundred” remains one of his most well known singles.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Super Black – Deh Wid You (1986)

It’s another Oldies Sunday! Today, we’re turning up the vibe with a classic. Today’s selection comes from Super Black with the single, “Deh Wid You“.

Produced by King Jammys on the “Heavenless Riddim” and released through the Jammys label in 1986, Super Black steps to a young lady who entered his life “like she big and she broad“. Super Black takes on a melodic delivery on “Deh Wid You” as he shares to the lady that she would’ve been the right Woman for him to love and lavish with gifts had his experience with her was a favourable one, and she had certain qualities about her. “Deh Wid You” was an instant hit for Super Black, as it gained popularity locally and internationally in the dance, and in the mainstream. “Deh Wid You” was featured on the compilation project, “Double Twin Spin Vol. 1” in 1986/87, and became Super Black’s most successful single. A music video directed by famed Director Llewellyn O’Reggio was made in support of the track, and was a hit as well on local Television. “Deh Wid You” was sampled by Junior Cat for his track, “Woulda Let You Go“.

Since the release of “Deh Wid You”, Super Black went on to release more music. He scored a few more hits along the way, but found it difficult to top the success of “Deh Wid You”. “Deh Wid You” is still celebrated along with some of his other hits, and Super Black is recognized as one of the voices who ruled in the early years of Dancehall.

Thank You Super Black For This Classic!

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Eek-A-Mouse "Ganja Smuggling" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Spain #Music #13thStreetPromotions #EekAMouse #GanjaSmuggling #Ganja #Weed #Marijuana #1981 #JunjoLawes #Volcano #1981 #Caribbean #OldiesSunday

OLDIES SUNDAY: Eek-A-Mouse – Ganja Smuggling (1981)

It’s Oldies Sunday! Before “Chopping/Scamming” songs flooded the market, there were songs about the Ganja trade. Today’s selection comes from a pioneer of the “Singjay” style, Eek-A-Mouse with the track, “Ganja Smuggling“!

Produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes and released through the Volcano Label in 1981, Eek-A-Mouse goes into details of his life in the Ganja trade. For a long time, many would find success in Marijuana before it became illegal, and those who participated had to find different means and ways to make it happen under the nose of Law Enforcement. Eek-A-Mouse shares his episodes of early morning harvests, loading up vehicles and Planes with the product, and enjoying the spoils of his work when the necessary deals were made. He found an escape from poverty in the Ganja trade, and with its rewards, he was able to support his family, and make life better for himself, and those around him.

Eek-A-Mouse enjoyed success with the “Ganja Smuggling” track as it quickly became popular in the Dancehall scene. “Ganja Smuggling” was featured on his 1981 album, “Wa Do Dem“, which spawned a few more hits for the Artist. “Ganja Smuggling” joins the list of tracks that shared details of life in the illegal Marijuana trade, and is still being played today, even in parts of the world where Marijuana and conducting business in Marijuana has been made legal. Eek-A-Mouse went on to enjoy success in music in the 80s and 90s, and today he can be found releasing and performing his music, and sharing his opinions on Social Media. He can be controversial, but he can only be him, and his fans celebrate him.

Thank You eek-A-Mouse For This Classic!

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Assassin (Agent Sasco) "To Make Money" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #Assassin #AgentSasco #ToMakeMoney #1999 #2000 #FullMoonRiddim #caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY: @AgentSasco – To Make Money (1999)

Happy Oldies Sunday! For today’s selection, we highlight a Lyricist who is criminally underrated. A Man who has staying power, commanded respected, and has delivered every time. Some call him Jeffrey, but the world knows him as Agent Sasco. Before that however, he was known as “Assassin“, and we feature the track, “To Make Money“.

Produced by Troy McLean and Garfield Hamilton for First Name Music on the “Full Moon Riddim” and released in 1999 and 2000, “To Make Money” was one of Assassin’s first official music releases. Armed with motivation, he deejayed his plan to make the money. He shared his aspirations including having lots of fans, being the object of every Woman’s attraction, and becoming so successful that his funds will never cease. He makes emphasis however on getting to the money the right way, keeping his Brain sharp, and possessing superb lyrical abilities. Assassin’s “To Make Money” has a hit, making it one of the first few singles that placed his name on the map. “To Make Money” was one of the standout tracks on the “Full Moon Riddim” compilation, making way for Assassin to secure more hits in the 2000s.

Since the release of “To Make Money”, Assassin enjoyed a successful career as a member of Spragga Benz’s Red Square collective, and as a solo Artist. He was involved in a couple feuds, changed his name to Agent Sasco, was featured on GRAMMY-winning album by Kendrick Lamar and a GRAMMY-nominated album by Kanye West, released albums, secured corporate partnerships, is raising stars as a Father of 3, and was recently given the Order Of Distinction at the 2022 National Honours & Awards Ceremony. Assassin has come a long way, and “To Make Money” holds a special place in the hearts of many of his fans.

Thank You Assassin/Agent Sasco For This Classic!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: DYCR – Misunderstanding (2004)

They can ban the music everywhere else, but on this Blog, we provide a platform. Today is Oldies Sunday! Today’s selection will make you think, will have you in awe, and will make you laugh. Today, we go back in time to check out Dub Poet DYCR’sMisunderstanding“.

Produced by Black & White for DownSound Records and released in 2004 on the “Invasion Riddim“, DYCR shows us that misunderstanding can be dangerous when the wrong person’s involved. Released during the tenure of US President George W. Bush at the White House, DYCR goes into a story of a Farmer named Joe who lived a simple life. Never bothered to modernize himself, he was far removed from all the technological advances that we have all been accustomed to, even avoided reading the news. Despite all of that, he was able to sustain himself in the countryside, only coming to the town for supplies. One day, Joe got word that his family wanted to file papers in order for him to travel and live in the United States, which turned into something exciting for Joe. The happy moment soon turned into a serious, and a rather hilarious one that you have to tune in to learn about.

DYCR’s clever lyricism and straight-forward delivery made “Misunderstanding” one of his best pieces of work. “Misunderstanding” showed listeners that clarity is very important in conversation, and ignorance can make things go very left. “Misunderstanding” was a part of a run of singles from DYCR that found him traveling near and far performing his works, solidifying his space as one of the top acts in Jamaica during the early 2000s.

Since the release of “Misunderstanding”, DYCR went on to release more singles, and two albums. He is still active, spreading his work through Social Media, and performing wherever he is summoned. “Misunderstanding” remains one of DYCR’s most memorable releases.

Thank You DYCR For This Classic!

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