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OLDIES SUNDAY: Glen Brown – No More Slavery (1975)

Happy “Oldies Sunday“! In recognition of Emancipation Day on August 1st, we have a special selection for you. Going back a few decades, our Oldies Sunday selection comes from Recording Artist/Musician/Producer Glen Brown a.k.a. “God Son” with the track, “No More Slavery“.

Released through Dwyer Records in 1975, “No More Slavery” is an Instrumental release by Glen Brown. Leading with a Melodica, Glen plays notes that may have represented the uplifted moods and the joyous feeling of freedom when Emancipation was declared on August 1, 1838. “No More Slavery” was a part of a long list of tracks that Glen Brown created over the years, and is one of his much respected selections in various parts of the world. Glen Brown would find success in the 1970s, and contribute to many recordings from numerous Artists until he transitioned in October 2019.

Remember your roots! Emancipate yourselves from every form of Slavery!

Thank You Glen Brown For This Classic!

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Tifa "Bizniz" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #Tifa #13thStreetPromotions #ItstheTifa #Bizniz #Caribbean

It’s @ItsTheTifa’s World, And She’s Back To “Bizniz”!

Dancehall Artist Tifa has already secured her spot as an Icon, but she is still building up an already impressive catalogue. She has teased retirement a few times, but like many Artists who have thought about leaving, and even exiting the scene for good, the love for the music has a hold on her, and she’s here to stay. The year has already seen Tifa perform in various parts of the world, and her music doing numbers on the streams. She continues her journey with the release of “Bizniz“!

Produced by longtime friend and collaborator Suku for Misik Muzik, Tifa gets on her “Hot Gyal Business” here. She shares what her day to day life entails, the things that many chase she has already achieved, and it’s gonna be hard for some girls to keep up with her lifestyle. Tifa’s longevity is to be respected, and her fanbase is loving that she’s still an active Artist. It’s Tifa’s world, some gyal just living in it. Big up the real hot gyal fi life!

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.@KyngTavii Turns Guard Rings Into A Business In New Video!

In the Caribbean, Guard Rings have become a popular accessory. While a wearer believes they will protect them from all manner of evil, these spiritual accessories have become a trendy item thanks to being mentioned in Dancehall music. Comedian Kyng Tavii has decided to cash in on the trend by turning it into a profitable business. We find out what happens in his latest video.

Guest starring Comedian Swiss Lee, Kyng Tavii launched “GuardsRing Ltd.“, and is set on making millions off of clients who need some protection. While the customers are pouring in, Tavii gets a client who wants to pay top dollar for the very best protection. To make this possible, he has to break some rules. To see what happens next, you have to watch the video below.

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Dre Zee for #Jamaica #DreZee #13thStreetPromotions #ReggaeSumfest #Caribbean

Dre Zee Makes Impressive Debut At @ReggaeSumfest, Gears Up For New Music!

Montego Bay based Recording Artist Dre Zee is focused on taking his brand to new levels this year, and beyond. The rising Artist has been showcasing his talents on various productions in the past few years, and has what it takes to become a household name locally, and abroad. A Chef by trade, he ensures that not only he can feed the mind with great music, but feed the body with tantalizing meals daily. His musical talents however, was put on in full view of the world recently at Reggae Sumfest 2022.

Held on “Festival Night 2” on July 23, Reggae Sumfest became Dre Zee’s platform to show everyone that he is the Artist they need to know. Dre Zee shared the stage with the likes of Shaneil Muir, Beres Hammond, Sizzla, Koffee, and many others, contributing to an unforgettable night. Running through a few of his singles, Dre Zee spoke about the ups and downs in life that he and many others experience, and secured his stance as one of the representatives for Dancehall music to a very receptive audience, including those who attended online. Though his set was brief, Dre Zee was impressive, and those in attendance showed approval with a series of cheers and comments throughout.

With a wave positive reviews shared on Social Media since his Reggae Sumfest debut, expect Dre Zee to capitalize throughout the rest of 2022 with a series of live performances, and new music. Dre Zee has a few years of experience as a Recording Artist, and is known for the singles “In My Head”, “Money Deh Yah Nuff”, “One Life”, “God’s Push”, and “Curfew”. He is currently finalizing singles for release, including a few with One McKinley Crescent Records (OMC), the label behind his “Curfew” single. Fans of the Artist who are in need of a tasty meal can find him in Montego Bay at “Dre Zee Kitchen”, and be served with some highly praised cuisine.

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Merciless "Mavis" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #Merciless #Mavis #BigYardProduction #BoombasticRiddim #1995 #Caribbean #LeonardBartley

OLDIES SUNDAY: Merciless – Mavis (1995)

On July 19, Dancehall lost a lyrical legend who went by the name, “Merciless“. Born Leonard Bartley, Merciless was known to take over the scene with a barrage a lyrics that will thrill the listener, and let other Artists know that he’s ready for anything. Nicknamed “Warhead” and calls himself the “Warring don from Clarendon“, Merciless had a few hits over the years in addition to his wins as a lyrical contender. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we highlight one his hits, “Mavis“.

Produced by Robert Livingston and Shaun ‘Sting International’ Pizzonia, “Mavis” was released through Big Yard Production in 1995. On the track, Merciless is all about the ladies here as he shares that he has what it takes to make them come back for more. He spoke about the various ladies who come his way, and warns that if the Man cannot fulfill a Woman’s request of satisfaction, she will go elsewhere. “Mavis” was featured on the “Boombastic Riddim“, and Merciless name dropped Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Chuck Norris, sharing that the ladies don’t need the “tough guy“, but rather a Man who can “Wuk har good“.

“Mavis” became a hit for Merciless, and opened the door for a career that found him scoring a few more, and providing him a lane that made him a formidable opponent in Dancehall clashes. The one night Dancehall event Sting would find Merciless in attendance yearly to add notches to his belt. His most famous Sting was in 2000 when he went up against Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, and Ninja Man, becoming the victor in the end. Merciless solidified his space in Dancehall, and he will be missed by fans, family, and members of the music fraternity.

Thank You Merciless For This Classic! Walk Good.

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Black Panther: "Wakanda Forever" on #Jamaica #Wakanda #Marvel #Music #13thStreetPromotions #BlackPanther #WakandaForever #BlackPanther2 #BlackPantherWakandaForever #Tems #BobMarley #NoWomanNoCry #Caribbean #ChadwickBoseman

.@TemsBaby’s Cover Of @BobMarley’s “No Woman No Cry” Featured In “Black Panther Wakanda Forever” Teaser!

Yesterday, Entertainment giant Marvel unveiled the latest phase of their “Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)“. With plenty films and tv shows on the way, fans were looking forward to consume even more stories from their favourite Comics. The rollout included the announcement of the sequel to the popular “Black Panther” film called, “Wakanda Forever“. Announced in the form of a teaser, a familiar song was featured in its soundtrack.

For those familiar with Reggae (who wouldn’t at this point?), the lyrics from Bob Marley’s classic, “No Woman No Cry” was heard in the teaser for “Wakanda Forever”. Instead of Bob’s version, a cover by Nigerian star Tems was put in place. Throughout the over 2 minute teaser, Tems’ cover was played before being mixed into Rapper Kendrick Lamar’sAlright” single. “No Woman No Cry” was written by Bob Marley and Vincent Ford, produced by Chris Blackwell and The Wailers, and was featured on Marley’s 1974 album, “Natty Dread” with The Wailers. A live version of the single was released in 1975, and is considered one of the greatest songs ever made. The track was covered by many including The Fugees, Wizkid, Jimmy Cliff, and Sean Kingston.

Black Panther” was released in 2018, and starred Chadwick Boseman, and Lupita Nyong’o among others. Boseman was set to reprise his role as the African superhero in the sequel, but passed away in 2020 after a long battle with Colon Cancer. “Black Pather: Wakanda Forever” will be released on October 11, 2022.

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