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OLDIES SUNDAY: Lee “Scratch” Perry – People Funny Boy (1968)

Today, the world has lost another Icon. Today, the LEGENDARY Lee “Scratch” Perry has transitioned to the big street dance in the afterlife. He is not only the “The Upsetter” or the “Super Ape“, but he is the FATHER of many styles that you have grown to love. His creativity knew no bounds, and his catalogue is unmatched. The “Mad Genius” breathed life into the careers of many, and we will honour him. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection showcases that he has BEEN the legend, even when he was in conflict. Today’s selection is “People Funny Boy“.

People Funny Boy” was released through Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Upset Label in 1968. This was Lee’s first major single, and it featured the use of Sampling (a baby crying), something that is widely popular today. While notable for those, this was also a diss track aimed at the late Producer Joe Gibbs whom Lee had disagreements with. Lee was recording with Gibbs at the time, but they fell out over finances, and Lee would share some of his grievances in the song in a way listeners would easily relate to. This was Lee’s second track of its kind as he also had conflict with the late “Sir Coxsone” Dodd in 1967, and released a diss track towards him called, “Run For Cover“. “People Funny Boy” saw Lee selling 60,000 records, and helped to bring his name to various circles. He would go on to have an amazing recording and production career for decades filled with unique moments and milestones until his sudden death earlier today. Remember the GREAT Lee “Scratch” Perry, an Icon forever!

thank you lee “Scratch” perry. Sleep well.

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Kanye West - "Donda" album featuring Shenseea and Buju Banton on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #KanyeWest #Donda

.@ShenYeng & @BujuBanton Featured On @KanyeWest’s “DONDA” Album!

Just a few hours ago, International Recording Artist/Producer/Entrepreneur Kanye West released his tenth studio album, “DONDA“. It was met with multiple delays, but this year saw it being previewed at a few events. During those events, many of the album’s guest features showed up as a part of the rollout. Today, we highlight two of the album’s features, Dancehall Artist Shenseea, and Reggae/Dancehall Icon Buju Banton.

Kanye West’s “DONDA” album is packed with 26 tracks, with a mix of many genres and sounds. Shenseea represents Dancehall on the album via the track, “Ok ok Pt. 2” and “Pure Souls“, while Buju Banton steps in for Reggae on the track, “Believe What I Say“. Shenseea steps in “Ok Ok Pt. 2” with a verse along with Rapper Fivio Foreign and she sings on “Pure Souls”, while Buju shares a few bars along with some words of wisdom over a Lauryn Hill sampled track. Kanye West is no stranger to having Dancehall/Reggae sounds and Artists on his albums as Agent Sasco, Beenie Man, and Capleton appeared on his “Yeezus” album in 2013. Yeezy SZN is here, and we know many listeners will be making the most out of the album today.

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King Cruff drops new video for "Soufflé" on 13thStreetPromotions.com

King Cruff Gives Us More Vibes With The “SoufflĂ©” Video

Canada based Artist King Cruff hasn’t been slowing down on his musical output, and he gets better and better. With a possible new project on the way, we know he has been piling up on the tracks, and is just teasing the world. For his latest single, he brings some good vibes along with a movie. Stop what you’re doing to check out, “SoufflĂ©“.

With a track that has some retro sounds in the production, the video matches the vibe thanks to direction by Jake Arts for Lighter Juice Productions. We can’t help but bounce to “SoufflĂ©”, and we need more tracks like this. King Cruff has never followed the crowd, and kept creating unique songs that made impressions everywhere they are played. For those who are older, remember those type of photoshoots that is seen in the video? Good times. King Cruff needs to announce a new project already.

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Complex Ricki - "Catching Feelings Might Hurt You" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica

.@ComplexRicki Hangs Out With The Girls In “Catching Feelings” Video

Recording Artist Complex Ricki returns with new content, and she continues to show that there is no limit to her style and creativity. Having released her “Catching Feelings Might Hurt You” single in 2019, fans have been awaiting an official music video for the track. Ricki finally satisfies those cravings by releasing the visual.

Directed by Bolo, Complex Ricki reflects on a past relationship that had some bad moments. She shares the saying, “Catching feelings might hurt you…” in order to avoid history repeating itself. In the video however, she can be seen putting on her best fit to hang out with her friends. Whether they’re taking selfies, eating Pizza, or having fun in the street, we’re glad Ricki finally put this out. One of the more unique Artists coming in the past few years, Complex Ricki aims to stand out with not only her music, but with her fashion sense as well. We’ve featured her before, and we mentioned her as an Artist to watch a couple years ago. Get familiar.

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Devin Di Dakta's "PsYcH wArD" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica

.@DevinDiDakta Takes His Lyricism To The “PsYcH wArD”!

Devin Di Dakta is an Artist you can’t deny when it comes to making songs. His lyricism is both hailed as great, and underrated as he’s at times left out of the Dancehall conversations. Regardless, he continues to release fiery tracks, and level up his brand. For his latest release, he makes bold statements that he has made the longest and most lyrical Dancehall song in history, and has released Jamaica’sFirst 1 Track EP” in the form of, “PsYcH wArD“.

Produced by Slaybad Musiq and with a video directed by Yaadboiiz Films, Devin Di Dakta gives viewers an epic showcase of lyricism for 10 minutes straight from a Padded Room. Having a few years in, Devin doesn’t show a sign of slowing down, and proceeds to have your attention with punchline after punchline. You can say his style is crazy, and he may be a mad genius, but he’s not losing it on this track. The 1 track EP isn’t the first time Devin has been stretching his creativity as he released the “iAMe001-003” Visual EP series in 2020, and commanded attention with the content behind his “Bare Meds EP” from earlier this year. Devin is still thinking outside the box with the “PsYcH wArD EP”, get familiar.

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Medisun - "Speak Love" for 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Reggae

.@MediSunMusic1 Brings Healing Through His “Speak Love” Single

The World is going crazy, and everyday is something new. From crime, to poverty, to pandemics, we need an outlet to escape to. Luckily, music provides that, and today, we get some from GRAMMY winning Recording Artist Medisun looks to bring us peace with his new single, “Speak Love“.

Released through Zion I Kings Productions, Medisun sought the talents of Teflon Zincfence (Drums), Jah D (Bass), Moon Bain (Guitar), and the late Drew Keys (Keys) to give us musical healing, and vibes that are truly unmatched. With lyrics that prompt meditation and reconnecting with oneself, Medisun has done his part in making our days a little better with his music. Accompanying the single is a music video that was directed by Samo Kush, and it finds Medisun performing the track and giving us plenty visual art to enjoy. When you need to get away from the madness of the world, you need music from the likes of Medisun to enjoy, and zone out to. It’s time to heal, and speak love!

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