NEW VIDEO: @Kevin2wokrayzee : The Profane Lane Episode 1

WARNING: The intention of this video is NOT to offend, but if you had a moment featured in the video then you can relate to it and laugh about it.

What’s up world? For my friday feature i came across this video from local comedian Kevin2wokrayzee. We all have said a curseword (badword) at least a few times in our lives, this video shows how often Jamaicans have said a certain curseword. All I ask of you is to have an open mind…and ENJOY IT!

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NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem x @HelpJaChildren – Help JA Children…

Hey World! While today could’ve been a post about new music or new entertainers it instead sheds light on a very important topic, the abuse of children and how you can help. Child abuse has been rampant the world over and while many have been saved from further turmoil, many others continue to suffer from unfortunate acts being done to them. In Jamaica, many stories pour out through the media about children being abused and nothing much has been done to help bring justice for these victims. One new organization looking to help bring much needed awareness is Help Ja Children, which was started by a few young people who have seen much injustice and felt that their voices must be heard. Check out the video above to get an idea and check out below on how you can get in touch with the organization and help. Children are our future, help to protect them today…

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NEW MUSIC: @FiveSteez x @SamirBouzid – Put Ya Hands Up

What’s up world? Got a new track for you all to check out. Straight out of Jamaica is Five Steez with a brand new track called, “Put Ya Hands Up” and it features production from French producer Samir Bouzid. Production from this is pretty dope, Steez has a international movement going on, be sure to support it. You can “Put Ya Hands Up” to it below. War For Peace album coming soon.

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Artiste Spotlight – Sekkle Dung Wendy (@SekkleWendy)

Vibrant, versatile, fierce, and unique are just a few words used to describe 22 year old SingJay, Sekkle Dung Wendy. Sekkle Dung Wendy was born Reina Lisa-Marie Butler on September 13, 1989 in Kingston, Jamaica. A graduate of the Mona High School, Sekkle Dung Wendy is a Dancehall artiste with a style that aims to capture your attention and displays lyrical content that far exceeds her maturity. Continue reading “Artiste Spotlight – Sekkle Dung Wendy (@SekkleWendy)”

NEW VIDEO: Toni Blair (@BellaBlair21) – Annoying Stuff On BBM

Ping Ping Ping! If you own a Blackberry Smartphone you should be familiar with Blackberry Messenger or BBM. While many have connected with various BBM users worldwide, there are others who find numerous problems with the users. In the above video, Comedienne Toni Blair rants about the problems she’s experiencing. Check out the video and be entertained.

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NEW VIDEO: Toni Blair (@BellaBlair21) – Stuff Jamaican Christians Say

Hey World! Came across a new talent last week, a young Comedienne by the name of Toni BlairHailing from Kingston, she comes with an arsenal of videos aimed to have you laughing your butt off and hitting the replay button. The featured video from the “Crack Fairy” as she calls herself is called “Stuff Jamaican Christians Say”. If there are any Christian viewers here this is not an attempt to be disrespectful but merely displaying how Jamaican Christians act. To be honest, she is dead on with the sayings and actions for most of them. Enough talking, check out the video and see how you can reach her below.

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