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Sizzla Takes On Japan For New Multi-City “Everlasting Tour”

Jamaican music Icon Sizzla Kalonji has blessed people globally with great music, and classic sounds. With a career closing in on 30 years, he connects with generations of listeners, and is still crafting timeless music. Having released a number of singles this year, Sizzla believed it was time to connect with the people in person, so he embarked on the “Everlasting Tour”.

Announced in January 2023, Sizzla Kalonji has taken his talents to the Land of the Rising Sun for a number of performances on his “Everlasting Tour”. Started on April 25 at Vibes in the city of Ibaraki, Sizzla performed to a packed venue, belting out some of his many hits. The tour continued to Kagoshima on the 26th where he made a scene at the Duckbill club. The famous Voodoo Lounge in Fukuoka was next to receive the Kalonji experience on April 27, and patrons were left with memories that will last a lifetime. For the weekend of the 28th to the 30th, Route Fourteen in Ichikawa, King Xmhu in Sapporo, and Mairo in Toyama welcomed Sizzla with a lot of love and vibes, and he blessed them with classic selections in return. 

For the first week of May, the “Everlasting Tour” takes over Japan’s night life. From the 1st to the 4th, Downtown in Osaka, Harbor Studio in Kobe, Mod’s in Okinawa, and Cross Road7 in Tobishima will felt Sizzla’s presence, and groove through the night to his various hits. The multi-city tour concludes this weekend in Kyoto at Octave, Clubasia in Shibuya, and lastly in Hiroshima at the Mugen5610 club. Despite the many episodes the world has gone through in the past few years, good music continues to prevail, and Sizzla Kalonji is one of the representatives to carry it near and far. For those who missed out, highlights of the tour stops are currently featured on Sizzla’s official Instagram and Youtube pages.

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Byron Messia’s “Talibans” Hits 10 Million Views Milestone

St. Kitts and Nevis-based Recording Artist Byron Messia is one of the hottest acts to emerge out the Caribbean in recent time. The Artist has been delivering to the world a unique Dancehall sound and energy, and has quickly gained a following in Jamaica, and other parts of the Caribbean. He already possesses a large catalogue that includes a number of projects and singles, has secured millions of plays on various music streaming platforms, and gained viral success numerous times on Social Media. He recently celebrated a milestone for one of his biggest singles, “Talibans”.

The music video for Byron Messia’s “Talibans” recently surpassed the 10 Million views mark on video streaming site, Youtube. The Neatz Films-directed visual was released on January 20, and featured cameos from Trinidadian Artist Prince Swanny, and Jamaican Dancehall Artist Jada Kingdom. “Talibans” quickly gained a spot on Youtube’sTrending” chart after its release, and helped to propel Messia’s “No Love” album to more territories. “Talibans” was produced by Ztekk Records and Ej Fya, and was track 10 on the “No Love” album which was released on January 20. 

As a part of the celebration for the success of “Talibans”, Byron Messia took to Social Media to preview an upcoming single called, “Most Hated”, and assured fans that a new album called, “Sad & Famous” is close to completion. Messia is still promoting his “No Love” album, and is currently promoting a collaboration with Jamaican Dancehall Artist Govana called, “Stranger To Happiness”, which has been gaining traction regionally and Internationally.

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Deno Crazy Gives Back To Alma Mater & Hometown Of Ewarton

Popular Jamaican Entertainer/Recording Artist Deno Crazy is all about lifting up the mood of his audience, no matter how challenging their day is. Since his early start as an Internet Comedian, he has always found ways to make people forget about their troubles, and laugh at some of his many skits. Having built his brand up with his consistency and wit, Deno has since ventured into Music and Event Promotion, which brought on another audience to his platform, and took his success to new levels. Seeing the fruits of his labour come in an abundance, he took the time to give back to the places where he started recently.

As a part of his giving back, Deno Crazy recently held his “Polo Fi Days” event at the Ewarton Sports Complex in St. Catherine. The Ewarton community is where he called home for a number of years, was where he started to develop his comedic persona, among other skills. The event was a success thanks to a huge turnout by supporters and members of the community, and performances by a number of guest Artists. Some of the proceeds from the event were contributed to the Ewarton High School, Deno’s alma mater. He recently visited the Institution, and made the contribution to its Sports and Recreation department. “It’s truly a good feeling when you give back to the community,” shared Deno Crazy. “My humble beginnings started here, and no matter the level of success I see, I will always go back home, and give back in some way.

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"The Equalizer" on #Jamaica #Reggae #Music #13thStreetPromotions #QueenLatifah #JimmyCliff #ManyRiversToCross #Caribbean #CBS #TheEqualizerCBS

.@JimmyCliff’s “Many Rivers To Cross” Featured In @TheEqualizerCBS Season Finale

The Equalizer” is an action TV series that focuses on Robyn McCall, who lives life as a single Mother, but has a mysterious side where she uses her extensive range of skills to help people out of various situations. The series stars Queen Latifah and Lorraine Toussaint, and is aired weekly on CBS. It’s inspired by the movie trilogy of the same name that stars Denzel Washington, and is a reboot of the 1980s TV series. This series is in its 3rd season, and during their latest episode, a familiar Reggae classic was featured.

In the season 3 finale of “The Equalizer” titled “Patriot Game“, Jimmy Cliff’sMany Rivers To Cross” closed off the episode. Co-Produced with Leslie Kong, the song was released in 1969 through Trojan Records. The ballad was written at a time Cliff was having difficulty in becoming a successful Musician in the UK, and it brought a lot of frustration within himself. The ballad was featured on his sophomore album “Jimmy Cliff” a.k.a. “Wonderful World, Beautiful People” and “The Harder They Come” soundtrack, and is one of Cliff’s biggest hits. “Many Rivers To Cross” was previously featured in the movie “Rush“, along with the TV shows “Daredevil“, “Wilfred“, and “Falling Skies“. The ballad was also covered by UB40, and Tessanne Chin during her time on “The Voice” in 2013.

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Harry J Allstar's "Liquidator" featured on "Ted Lasso" on #UK #USA #Jamaica #Reggae #Music #13thStreetPromotions #HarryJAllstars #Liquidator #1969 #ChelseaFC #Chelsea #Caribbean #TheStapleSisters #AppleTvPlus

The Harry J Allstars’ “Liquidator” Featured In New @TedLasso Episode

It has been said over and over that good music will always prevail. When it comes to Jamaican music, the same can be said as it has managed to stick to many through the decades. Recently, the Apple TV+ hit series “Ted Lasso” returned with its 3rd season. The series focuses on Ted Lasso who is played by Jason Sudeikis, an American Football (NFL) Coach who takes his talents to the UK to manage a British Football (Soccer) team. The 2nd episode of the 3rd season kicked off on March 22, and a familiar sound was heard.

In the episode “(I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea” of “Ted Lasso”, The Harry J Allstars’Liquidator” was featured. The Instrumental was produced by Harry “Harry J” Johnson, and released through the Harry J label. “Liquidator” was sampled by Al Bell for The Staple Singers’ classic “I’ll Take You There, covered by numerous Artists, and was famously used as run out music for the Football Clubs Wolverhampton Wanderers, Northampton Town, Yeovil Town, West Bromwich Albion, and most famously, Chelsea, who claims to have 1st used it.

“Ted Lasso” is now available for streaming on Apple TV+.

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Audiomack Caribbean "Made In Caribbean" on #Jamaica #Haiti #Bermuda #Guyana #TurksandCaicos #Antigua #VirginIslands #Trinidad #Playlist #Audiomack #AudiomackCaribbean #MadeInCaribbean #Caribbean #DJ

.@Audiomack & @AudiomackCarib Launch “Made In Caribbean” Playlist Series To Showcase Homegrown Talent

Digital music streaming giant Audiomack continues to set trends when it comes to highlighting quality music, and showcasing talented creators from around the world. The Audiomack world is filled with original content that has found favor with old and new users of the platform, and they continue to make their mark as the go-to streaming platform to build fanbases, and release unique content. They look to expand their dominance with the launch of their new Playlist series, “Made In Caribbean”.

Made In Caribbean” is a quarterly new series that seeks to exhibit the ever-evolving style of the Caribbean Artist, the music genres that emerge from the Caribbean, and the DJs who are responsible for breaking these Artists and sounds. Derived from the success of Audiomack’s specially-curated Playlists, “Made In Caribbean” is the brainchild of Tanya Lawson, Director of Audiomack’s Strategic Marketing for the Caribbean and Gospel Music division, and is focused on putting the best on display. With 25 Islands to choose from, Audiomack will select a top DJ from each Island, who will then curate a Playlist that features homegrown talent. 

Made In Caribbean” promises to bring an extra boost to the local music industry, encouraging more Artists to go back to their roots when creating and representing the global stage. Top selectors from the Caribbean including Jamaica’s Boom Boom, DJ Spade from Turks & Caicos, Trinidad’s DJ Echo, Rusty G from Bermuda, and TroopahLive From the Virgin Islands, Guyana’s PriinceMuzik, DJ Quest from Antigua, and Haiti’s Michael Brun have been recruited, and are gearing up to launch their respective Playlists featuring their handpicked Artists.

The new “Made In CaribbeanPlaylist series makes its debut today on with the first 8 Playlists, with 5 more premiering in the followup quarters. Follow @AudiomackCaribbean on Instagram, and @AudiomackCarib on Twitter to stay up to date with new updates and developments.


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