NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @KaciFen


Kaci Fennell is a special individual. Despite being placed 5th at the Miss Universe Pageant, her name became a very hot topic since the event. Catching her before making the trek to Montego Bay was the Onstage team to speak on a few things. Here she spoke on her experience as a contestant, making friendships, thoughts on her placement and the reaction from the public, being a hot commodity during and after the event, thoughts on answering the last question, her short hairstyle, and more. Despite her placement, we are very proud of Kaci and we look forward to what she’ll do. Want to watch her do her thing at Miss Universe again? Watch this! Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @ItsTheTifa – Good


Dropping one of many tracks this year is “Miss Spell-It-Out“, TIFA. Titled “Mi Sum’n Good” and produced by Misik MuzikĀ on the “Cute Bubble Riddim“, Tifa speaks on having guys going crazy over her because of her “Good up Anatomy“. Sounds likeĀ a hit here, with the catchy hook I know it’ll do its rounds on this Riddim that I’m sure will be a contender for one of the best for 2015. Can’t get enough of Tifa? Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: The 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant


If you were present at the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant, you already know the results of the event. If by chance you missed watching it or would love to re-watch it, now you can! Featuring 88 beauties from all over the world vying for the Miss Universe crown, this was a mix of cultures, beauty and colours! Jamaica’s own Kaci Fennell respresented well but if you want to see her grace the stage again, check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @ProdiVOP876 – Nah Do Weh Dem A Do


Prodi has been pretty busy in the studio lately, and that will not slow down anytime soon. One of his latest creations for 2015 is a new single named “Nah Do Weh Dem A Do“. Produced by Kryss Ras Records on the new “Arctic Riddim“, Prodi lets listeners know he will not lower his standards to achieve riches and success. He also spoke on how far people will go for vanity. We need more songs like this as many people who don’t stand for something, fall for anything. Look out for more from Prodi and Kryss Ras Records this year. Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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@KLASLifestyle Interviews @PayAttentionJA

Pay Attention - January 31 (Back)

It’s that time again to PAY ATTENTION and recently KLAS Lifestyle got a chance to Interview some of the players in the Pay Attention series. Hosted by Garth Williams, Rappers The Sickest Drama (TSD) and Rseenal were featured guests. Here they spoke about Jamaican Hip Hop and how the culture differs from their American counterparts, Jamaica opening up to accommodate the movement, the Pay Attention event and artists making strides to carry the culture across the globe. A good listen here and for those who aren’t familiar, head out to the C&C South Beach (South Beach Cafe) on January 31 and witness the movement in all its glory. Check out the Interview below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Pay Attention - January 31 (Front) (1)

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@PayAttentionJa PROMO: @Sef_Jo Interviews @Rseenal


“It is time for us to push the creative boundaries and let our masterpieces speak loudly for itself in someĀ classic, timeless, agelessĀ manner.”

Jamaica is home to a musical culture that’s quite diverse in nature as displayed at the #PayAttention concert series. Regular patrons should know that after a short hiatus the show will be back on Saturday, January 31 at C&C South Beach, 2 Brompton Road.
Pay Attention - January 31 (Back)Rseenal is ready to perform a Hip-Hop laced set & he explains why as we caught up with him to ask about his 2015 plans.

Q: You’re a #PayAttention veteran, how exactly does it feel to be hitting the stage after the short break?Ā [July 19th being the last staging of the show]
A: For the opening act after the break, to hitĀ THATĀ stage means to set theĀ precedence: upholding the highest standard all others must follow hereafter. This is a great task.. rather, a noble task in the local Jamaican Hip-Hop community, that must reassure the rest of the world of Jamaica’s Rap relevance. It is a worthy force to be reckoned with because theĀ First CoastĀ movement is fully active and greater is yet to come!

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