NEW MUSIC: @Mavado_Gully – Soldiers (R.I.P. Roach)


In memory of Producer Patrick “Roach” Samuels’ passing, the Gully God Mavado released a tribute song. Titled “Soldiers” and produced by JA Productions, we hear Mavado paying homage to not only Roach, but to all fallen soldiers over a beautiful production. Patrick Samuels was gunned down on September 15 in Kingston. Patrick Samuels was known for his many productions including Mavado’s “Caribbean Girls” and Vybz Kartel’s “Emergency” and was also Kartel’s Road Manager. He will surely be missed by friends, family and the Dancehall fraternity. Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @HopCashay682 Presents: Hop Cashay Day


While many artists spent their money on a new ride or the latest fashion this summer, Bronx rapper Hop Cashay used his to help people. On September 7, 2013, Hop and 682 Varsity Ent. presented “Hop Cashay Day“. Sponsored by, it was all about food, family, fun and awareness. Kids were given school supplies, free haircuts, local rappers competed for studio time, and unity in the community was promoted. It was a successful one and Hop showed that you don’t have to be a millionaire to help people. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @TeamKapri_FL – Get My Geesus Up

In these hard times it’s only right we do what we can to step our game up. One person who’s making it happen is Jamaican rapper Kash Kapri in his new single. Titled “Get My Geesus Up” and produced by D Ballad, we hear Kash dropping lyrics about his everyday life and being on the grind to ensure that he gets his “Geesus” (money) up. Not a bad song by Kash and he is on point with his flow over the production. It’s a 24/7 grind, get your Geesus up. Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @Trabass_TV x @Lincoln3Dot – FAME


Fame is a drug, and while many can succumb to its allure, sometimes the people who were there with you before it all get lost in the process. With that said Andrew Trabass and Lincoln 3Dot are doing their best to never fall victim to it with their new song. Titled “FAME“, they speak about gaining popularity (and the things that come along with it) but also making sure the ladies in their lives are beside them to benefit and more. Lincoln has been receiving alot of buzz lately with his songs in Jamaica and we know Trabass as one of the go to comedians from Jamaica. Check out the single below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews Shebada


Known for his onstage performances and a shocking personality, KeithShebadaRamsey has become a household name in just a few short years. Very controversial at times and is known as the face of Roots Theatre, he joined Winford Williams on Onstage for an interview. Here he spoke about his start in theatre upon being discovered by ChristopherJohnnyDaley, revealing that he had no formal training,  the origin of his name “Shebada“, being a very charismatic character on and off stage, his near “cult” following, gaining popularity overseas, future projects, his sexuality being questioned, his name being used in Dancehall Music and other topics. Very interesting  interview, he also previewed a clip from his new TV series. While many may not like his personality off stage, he sure is a hit with his many theatrical performances. What do you think? Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Guest Blog: @ShannyDeLionessBlog – Marley Twists by @Virgochyktessie


During the height of my Installation season (a.k.a “Pretty Season“) I noticed I was having difficulty managing my hair. Usually when it gets this way, I give it a break and opt for protective styling. My first choice is usually a sew-in but this time I decided to research some other options for protective hairstyles. One “new” discovery was Marley Twists.

I didn’t know anyone who tried this style and my regular hairdresser has no clue what they are, so I ruled it out and settled for “Patra” braids.
Last week though my friend Wade (who knows my obsession with Hair & Beauty) reintroduced me to the Marley Twist concept when he introduced me to hairstylist Teresa Simpson (@VirgoChykTessie). My interest was sparked and I pondered getting them!

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