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Jah Patriot Gives The Ladies Some Loving On “Dream”

Following the release of the singles “Keep The Faith“, “Crown”, and “Oh Gosh” this year, US based Reggae Recording Artist Jah Patriot is making all the necessary moves to keep the musical spotlight shining his way. He has been gaining great feedback locally and internationally for his releases, and has been showing that the veteran still has the power to make great music. When he’s not making songs that command a certain level of consciousness, or music that provides a positive message, he’s making something for the ladies like his new single, “Dream“.

Produced by Reggae Capital, Jah Patriot calls the ladies over as he spins clever lyrics to entice them. Flipping a Dancehall flow, “Dream” may surprise many, but those familiar with his career, knows that he always has a few tricks up his sleeve. The veteran Reggae Artist has been hinting that a new project is on the way from him, and we look forward to it becoming a reality hopefully later this year.

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General B ft. Ghost - Mr. Boasy & Friend on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Dancehall #13thStreetPromotions

OLDIES SUNDAY: General B X Ghost – Mr. Boasy & Friend (1998)

Happy Sunday! Today’s Oldies Sunday selection is for those who like to show off, stunt, keep up appearances, and look down on people, but their priorities aren’t in order. The World is filled with them, but this man chose to call them out many years ago. His name is Dancehall Artist General B, and the track is called, “Mr. Boasy & Friend“.

Produced by Colin “Fatta” Walters on the “Top Shotta Riddim” and released through Colin Fat Records/VP Records in 1998, General B calls out those who always have the most money, have all the high end fashion, driving the latest vehicles, and who carry on like rich snobs. While some may say he is hating, the fact is those same people don’t have their priorities in order to the point where they don’t own anything outside of the fancy things, and one false move may find them homeless and flooded with bills causing embarrassment to themselves and their families. General B shares that he may not have the best of things at the time, but he is confident that at the end of the day, life is more in order than theirs. Fellow Dancehall Artist Ghost makes an appearance on the track by providing the chorus, and compliments General B’s deejaying well. “Mr. Boasy & Friend” was a hit for General B, and was one of many as he was a part of the legendary Monster Shack Crew with Ghost and Roundhead. The single was also featured on the group’s 1998 “Monster Party” album. General B is still active in the Dancehall circles, and has solidified himself as one of the contributors to some of the best years in Jamaican music.


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Chase Soundz "Watts" on 13thStreetPromotions.com

.@ChaseSoundz Shines With New “Watts” Track

Rapper Chase Soundz continues his music release streak for the month of September. He gave us “Blooming Through Flames” and “Parade” previously, and has been gaining some great feedback. Now into week 3 of his series, we get his latest effort titled, “Watts“.

Produced by J Keys, Chase Soundz gives us a report on what he been experiencing live from “Babylon“. Over a somber beat, Chase lets us in on the ups and downs he faces day to day, recall some of the struggles his family faced, making observations on the world around him, and counting his blessings through them all. Chase Soundz continues to keep it lyrical, and stands out with his delivery and subject matter. Stay tuned for more from him.

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Bugle & Nation Boss for 13thStreetPromotions.com

.@BugleAn9ted Teams Up With @1NationBoss On “Experience”

Renowned Reggae/Dancehall Artist Bugle announced earlier this year that he would be releasing a new album for 2021. Titled “Toxicity“, it would follow his widely praised “Picture Perfect” album from 2019, and give us some of the quality music that we’ve come to know from Bugle. He recently caught listeners’ attention with the title track, and is bound to hold them captive with the follow up single, “Experience“.

Produced by Evidence Music and featuring emerging Artist Nation Boss, Bugle and Nation share their various encounters in life where they have been wronged. Despite their challenges in life, they present motivating lyrics for the people to know that there is better ahead as pain is temporary, but greatness lasts forever. The combination of the two Artists may be a contender for one of the year’s best as they both deliver strong lyrics throughout. Nation Boss found a hit with his single, “Humans“, and hasn’t looked back since. Bugle’s “Toxicity” album is set to be released on October 22.

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Kelvyn Colt "Emotions" single on 13thStreetPromotions.com

.@UniversvlZinc Co-Produced @KelvynColt “Emotions” Single Featured In New @OppoItalia Campaign!

If you’re on a Mobile Phone reading this, it’s likely you’re using an iPhone, or an Android device (if you’re still using a Blackberry, kudos to you!). Chinese Consumer Electronics/Mobile Tech giant Oppo recently launched a new campaign to promote their latest mobile device, the Oppo Reno 6 Series. The Italian branch of the brand kicked off their campaign with the help of German Rapper Kelvyn Colt through his latest single, “Emotions“.

Liam Callan is a Producer on “Emotions”, and features co-production by Jamaican Producer Universvl Zincfence along with fellow Jamaicans Jazzy T, and Melio Sounds. The song finds Kelvyn Colt sharing an experience with a lady that has gotten the best of him at times. The single has been doing well Internationally since its release on September 9, and with its Dancehall-tinged production, has found to be the right sound for Oppo’s campaign. Universvl Zincfence (formerly Dj Tyrece) is a GRAMMY nominated Producer/Mix & Recording Engineer, and the younger brother of future Reggae legend Chronixx. We featured him a couple years ago as he released a “Universal Joints” project, and he has been making his name known in many circles around the world.

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Bella Blair "Shine" EP on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #BellaBlair

.@TheBellaBlair Takes A Moment To “Shine” With New EP!

She has worn a few hats over the years from Comedienne to most recently Mother, but Bella Blair is back today to wearing the hat of a Recording Artist. She gave us songs that cover everything from the “Hot Gyal” life, to putting the spotlight on Domestic Violence, to national pride, and the world enjoyed them all, and anticipated more. The wait is over however as she makes her return with the new project, the “ShineEP!

Released through UpRize Music and featuring 5 tracks, Bella Blair makes the wait worth your while as she shows that her sound is as fresh as ever. With Kevon “Webbo” Webster at the production helm, Bella has something for the lovers, the dreamers, the stoners, and those who have been longtime fans of her music. The EP follows up her 2018 “AURA” EP, and we look forward to Bella giving us a full project in the future. Get your ears ready.

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