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Will The Wolf Kicks Off His Debut Single With A “Bang”!

When you hear “Trinidad and Tobago“, you usually think about Soca, Carnival, and Doubles. While the twin islands are famous for those, a new generation of creatives have stepped up to break out of the norm. We’ve featured artists like Jimmy October, Sarkastik Ambassador, FVRFVN, and there are many others stepping out of the norm, but today we introduce you to new one. Making his debut as a Recording Artist is Will The Wolf with his single, “Bang“.

Produced by Andrew N.P. McIntosh (Sweff Sounds), Will The Wolf finds himself dealing with a few situations in his life, but regardless of the end result, he wants to make sure go out with a bang if things do fall apart. With some smooth production backing the lyrics, this one deserves the repeats on all the playlists. In addition to this track, is its music video which was shot by Josiah Persad Films, and directed by Will. Taking inspiration from Napoleon Dynamite and old school Anime/Kung Fu flicks, Will is either auditioning on the historicalĀ Little Carib Theatre stage, or facing his opponent in a showdown at the beach. A unique visual to accompany a dope song, and we know you’re going to enjoy it. Something different and creative, so tune in now!

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.@AlicaiHarley Asks The Important Questions On “I Just Wanna Know”

When it comes to love and making new connections, people just want to know that they’re making the right decisions. You can’t be mad at someone who has their best interest at heart. For Jamaican born/UK based Recording Artist AlicaƬ HarleyĀ (Happy belated Birthday!), she asks the important questions on, “I Just Wanna Know“.

With a video directed by Rebekah Bird a.k.a.Ā Rebekahbcreative, AlicaƬ Harley gets her 50 Cent21 Questions” on here as she asks her love interest (played by Model Ty-Reece Stewart) what are his intentions with her, and how will handle the relationship moving forward. With a colourful visual filled with AlicaƬ looking glamorous in different fashion and hair styles, this is one to watch over and over. How many of you want to recreate the bathtub scene? AlicaƬ’s versatile delivery of the AntiWave produced track compliments the visual well, and will become a favourite of yours in no time. AlicaƬ has been making some great moves in her career, and is on her way to becoming a name that rings even more bells in the music scene worldwide. Watch her tek it to dem!

(Editor’s note: I think AlicaƬ would give GyalKapone’s “Never” a dope remix!)

(Shout out to all the couples out there, those who are trying to make it work, and those trying to make the reconnections after being apart.)

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King Cruff Gets Into A “Blackberry Groove” On Latest Single!

Canada based Rapper King Cruff (f.k.a.Ā Solyd Roy) has been keeping himself busy this year. While his output wasn’t heavy early on, he looks to make a statement with upcoming releases. One of the releases is the new single called, “Blackberry Groove“.

Produced by Teej a.k.a. Teej Made The Beat, King Cruff put together a track will surely light a fire in you to get moving. With a bass heavy production, this will rattle speakers, rooms, and your ear drums. When speaking about the creative process for the track, King Cruff shared, “I always find it interesting when a song has the overall vibe of being happy, but when you really pree the lyrics, there’s a touch of melancholyĀ in there. That’s exactly how Blackberry Groove came about. When me and Smoothe locked into the studio session, I was feeling a bit disconnected from everything around me. So I tapped into that feeling, and wrote lyrics that would uplift myself, and anybody else who has that type of anxiety“. Accompanying the single is a music video directed by Lighter Juice that plays around with a lot of 3D work. Whether performing at the beach or running with the Lions, King Cruff brings new energy and vibes, and wants to get you into a “Blackberry Groove”! Be on the lookout for more from King Cruff!

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.@KyngTavii Deals With a Shoplifter In New Skit

Comedian/Recording Artist Kyng Tavii has been on the grind with a string of comedy skits this year. While he has been having a bit of a downtime within the last couple of years, he returned with a bang since. Today, he deals with stealing in his new skit called, “Shoplifter“.

In the video, Kyng Tavii plays a Security Guard, a Store Manager, and a Shoplifter here, and we hope you find it as entertaining as we did. Have you ever dealt with a Shoplifter? Have you shoplifted anything? Anyone saw the trolling near the end of the clip? Share your thoughts with us. Check out the video below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us onĀ TwitterĀ andĀ InstagramĀ at @13thStreetPromo.

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Lady Saw’s “Strip Tease” Featured In @GhostStarz Episode 1

Dancehall music continues to find itself everywhere, and bringing nothing but vibes. The popular series Power premiered its spinoff series “Power Book II: Ghost” yesterday, and fans worldwide tuned in. While the main character Ghost is no longer in the series, it’s everyone’s favourite character to hate, Tariq to be the headliner. While viewers checked out the premiere episode, Dancehall fans were taken aback by the inclusion of a classic track, “Strip Tease” by Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Dancehall Queen, Lady Saw.

Produced by Christopher Birch and released in 2004 through Big Yard Music, “Strip Tease” is one of Lady Saw’s classic singles. The single was featured on her 2004 album of the same name. “Strip Tease” was previously featured on the soundtrack for the hit video game, “Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition“. The original Power series featured Sister Nancy’s classic, “Bam Bam.Ā While Minister Marion Hall has done away with her life as Lady Saw for the Christian life, fans are thrilled to still be able to hear the classics. What’s your favourite Lady Saw single?

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Super Cat Returns With @SalaamRemi For “Push Time”

The year 2020 came with plenty surprises for better or for worse. One surprise that we can all be happy about is Dancehall icon Super Cat returning to scene to deliver new music! Like a master returning to civilization after intense training, Super Cat links up with legendary Producer Salaam Remi to give us, “Push Time“.

Released through Wild Apache/Louder Than Life Records, Salaam Remi gives Super Cat some proper sounds to assist in the Don Dada’s social commentary lyrics, and his declaration that he’s back to speak to the world! With a video directed by NEWD4Y JOVI and Salaam Remi, Super Cat can be seen in New York with his peers including Tek of the legendary Hip Hop duo Smif-N-Wessun, interacting with beautiful ladies, and pays tribute to the late legendary Jam Master Jay of the legendary Hip Hop groupĀ Run DMC. Although he showed up on the scene years ago, it’s great to we get to start the new decade with his latest musical contribution. We look forward to more including the album that “Push Time” will be featured on called, “Black On Purpose“.

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