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Heph B Gets Into Some “Badd”ness In New Video!

AfroDancehall King Heph B continues to keep his name out there, and has a lot of content in store for 2023. Having recently released the deluxe version of his “AMARII” album, he has been enjoying chart success, and is ensuring that the album is promoted to the right spots. While he has shown the fun side over the past few months, he gets serious in the visual for the track, “Badd“!

Directed by Zoom Creative and shot in August Town, Heph B raises the ‘Matic on “Badd”, showing that he’s not the one to mess with. Bringing in a different energy here, Heph doesn’t even need a crew around as he can do bad all by himself. “Badd” is featured on “AMARII (Deluxe)“, and has been steadily gaining some love from listeners since the album’s release. Heph B looks to keep the vibe going as he looks to take his music to various places via a series of live performances this year. Followers of Heph B can stay tuned to his Social Media for updates. In the meantime, support “AMARII (Deluxe)”!

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No Weapon Formed Against @Valiant_Musiq Prospered In “Bruk Days” Video!

When it comes to success for some, it’s a result of hard work, dedication to the craft, and consistency. For others, it’s a stroke of luck. For Dancehall Artist Valiant, he did the necessary groundwork and development to get to where he is now. While he was recently named as an Artist to watch by British Vogue, his work is just getting started. Despite his success so far, there are many in high and low places who don’t wish to see him make it any further. We call it badmind, but Valiant has something for them that is stronger on “Bruk Days“.

In this KhingCam-directed video, Valiant shows us that no weapon formed against him shall prosper, and it can be your own friend who wishes to see your downfall. The video sees the Deejay overcoming the traps that a badmind friend has set against him through the help of the Obeah Man, but without even noticing what’s going on, his life remained intact with no harm done to him. Valiant speaks of his emerging success on “Bruk Days” as he’s able to take care of things that seemed unattainable before, and once his family is happy, he’s happy. It’s always important to watch the friends that you keep, and there will be many who will try to bring that negative energy into your life. Be careful. Here’s to more success to Valiant, and to all who are doing the right things to make it.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: General Trees – Minibus (1985)

How are you doing today? It’s Oldies Sunday! Today’s selection goes out to those who are always on the move via public transportation. We go back in time to check out General Trees’Minibus“!

Produced by Jack Scorpio and released through his Black Scorpio label in 1985, General Trees deejays about a great shift in public transportation in “Minibus”. For years Jamaicans would travel on the “Jolly Bus” or “Country Bus“, but the advent of the Minibus gave way to a newer way to ride in the public transport system. General Trees’ gave an account of his experience traveling on one, and he detailed it from seeing how people behaved after the change in the public transport system, how he was treated before even taking a Bus in Kingston, and the various episodes he went through before arriving at his destination in Westmoreland. The song was originally previewed at a few of General Trees’ performances, and was instantly a favourite, prompting him to record the official version with Jack Scorpio. The song also borrowed from the 1955 modern-folk song “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?“.

“Minibus” created history since its release as it was the first Dancehall song to go number 1 in 1985 was awarded “Song Of The Year” by the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC), and its Llewellyn O’Reggio-directed music video was the first award-winning Jamaican music video (the video helped to birth a “Best Music Video” category for Jamaican award shows that followed). It was safe to say “Minibus” was quite the hit, and opened up the floor for General Trees to secure more hit songs. Since then, General Trees went on to have a following in the early 1990s, but was not able to match up the popularity from the 80s. He suffered a few health issues later down, but still made his presence be felt wherever he went. “Minibus” will continue to be one of his greatest works.

Thank You General Trees For This Classic!

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.@KyngTavii Deals With a Greedy Friend In “2 Beggy Beggy”!

Ever had a friend or knew someone who just wanted everything that you had? In the terms of food, they always wanted some of what you have, but never have any to share with you in return. We’ve all been there at some point. Kyng Tavii had to deal with one in his new video, “2 Beggy Beggy“.

The video finds Kyng Tavii waiting in the park with a friend when hunger took him on suddenly. Not wanting to leave the park and his friend behind for some proper food, he sought for a snack from his bag. His friend, who was also hungry, decided to ask him for share his snack. After a few rejctions, Tavii finally shared, and had to regret it soon after as his friend proceeded to consume all of it. Obviously unhappy about it, Tavii decided to do something that will make his friend never ask him for anything again. Keep watching below to see what happened.

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.@OfficialYaksta Shares “Alchemist” 1st Single Ahead Of Debut Album Release!

Recording Artist Yaksta has come a long way in this career of his. The years he has spent putting in the work has been paying off in great dividends recently. His profile has grown significantly, and he has secured a few hits in the process. While he has made the 2020s his decade so far, there’s just one thing the fans need from him, and that’s an album. With the announcement of one last year, he is gearing up to make it a very important milestone. To kick things off, he released the single, “Alchemist“.

“Alchemist” is the first single off of Yaksta’s upcoming debut album, and it finds him providing some of his signature motivation to the listener. The Hapilos Records/G-Tac/Bush Music-produced single gives listeners a taste of what’s to come, and it’s accompanied by a music video directed by Simeon Di Great. Yaksta’s debut album “’22” is a 19 track project that is set to be released on February 24, and is expected to break into new ground for Jamaican music. Watch the Bush Lawd work!

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.@Aidonia4thGenna Shines Through The Dark Times On “Faith”!

Recording Artist Aidonia has been through a few storms in his life, and is overcoming them day by day. Still mourning the loss of his son Khalif, many of his supporters are still sending well wishes to him and his family, with the hope that better days are near. In the meantime, the Deejay steps out with his first release of the year called, “Faith“.

The Banga House MG/Darshan Records-produced track finds Aidonia keeping his head up despite the troubles he is facing. While many would turn to vices, he keeps his faith in God, and stays strong for himself and his family. The Shane Creative-directed video finds him further emphasizing that faith will move mountains, and he will keep his son’s name and memory alive. “Faith” is Aidonia’s first release in months, and we urge fans to be patient with him at this time of grief.


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