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.@Olfkiofficial Tries To Stay Away From “Mary-Jane” On New Track

Recording Artist Marcilli has been making moves to become a prominent name in the latest set of artists in Jamaica. Delivering great vocals and showing supporters her awesome creativity, she’s one you should keep on your radars. Recently, she released the single, “Mary-Jane“.

Produced by Yo Christon, Marcilli finds herself wanting to stay away from Mary-Jane. While she shares that Mary has a grip on her, she emphasizes that she needs to be released, she needs her space, but Mary has a way of sticking around. It’s obvious that strong feelings are still there, but life has a way of being funny.l Marcilli holds your attention with some soft vocals and unique wordplay here, while Yo Christon’s production keeps your mind at ease throughout. An enjoyable song that looks to find its way into many playlists very soon.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Lord Creator – Kingston Town (1970)

August is an important month for Jamaica as its Independence and emancipation are celebrated in it. With the month coming to a close, today’s Oldies Sunday selection shows love to its capital, Kingston. Today, we kick things off with Lord Creator’sKingston Town“.

Produced by Clancy Eccles, it was recorded in 1969, and released in 1970 by Clancy’s Records/Clan Disc Records. The song was a remake of Lord Creator’s 1963 Ska single, “Babylon” which was produced by Vincent “Randy” Chin (founder of VP Records), but was given a few changes. “Kingston Town” speaks about a place that Creator longs to visit. A place where he could call home with his Queen, and experience many wonders. In the original song, it referred to “Babylon”, but after Creator’s visit to Jamaica, it inspired him to re-record the song and replace “Babylon” with “Kingston Town”. Jamaica was such a wonder for Lord Creator who was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, that he made it his home for decades, eventually finding his Queen, and fathering 10 children in the process (he is the father of 15). The song didn’t catch on right away when it was released, but once it found its way overseas, it became very popular.

“Kingston Town” became one of Lord Creator’s biggest hits over the years, so much so that it was covered by legendary UK Reggae/Ska band, UB40 in 1989. Their version went on to be a top 10 hit, and was certified a multiplatinum selling single. Despite being a hit, it caused controversy over the years, shortly after UB40’s success, there was a fight over ownership between Lord Creator and Clancy Eccles. It was somewhat resolved some time after. Another controversy came in 2007 when the song’s copyright holders Sparta Florida Music Group took Celebrity/Recording Artist Paris Hilton and Warner Chappell Music to court for plagiarism as Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind” single allegedly shared similarities to “Kingston Town”. It was believed to have been settled out of court in 2009.

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.@Protoje Goes In For The 5th Time With His “In Search Of Lost Time” Album

He announced it a few weeks ago, but today is the day Protoje hits the virtual streets with the release of his 5th album, “In Search Of Lost Time“. A follow up to his 2018 Grammy nominated “A Matter Of Time” album, he looks to further expand his movement, and still bring a few new changes to the game. His first release since his partnership with RCA Records and Six Course Music, Protoje shows us that despite a few new changes, his formula is still timeless. With a lineup that includes Popcaan, Koffee, Lila Ike, and Wiz Khalifa, expect nothing but great offerings throughout. Backed by production from iotosh, Winta James, Supa Dups, Di Genius, Ziah, Natural High Music, and The Grei Show, you’ll be swayed by the Riddims as well. Will this be the album that not only gets the Grammy nom, but take home that golden award? Let’s see what happens in 2021 as iotosh and The Grei Show are two producers we’d love to see be a part of a “Grammy Family“.

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.@BustaRhymes & Vybz Kartel Trade Bars On “The Don & The Boss”

We don’t think any Rapper loves “Yaad” more than Busta Rhymes, he was just one plane trip away from being born there. Throughout his 30+ year career, Busta Rhymes always found time to big up the home of his parents through switching up to patois in his lyrics, spreading the Jamaican culture in one way or the other, or even visiting and interacting some key folks there. One person he has managed to get a few collabs from is the “World BossVybz Kartel. Today, we check out their latest track together called, “The Don & The Boss“.

Produced by Schife Karbeen, this marks Busta and Kartel’s 3rd official recording together as they drop some big talk over some heavy production. While it’s not very lyrical, you know you’re still getting music from two legends in their respective genres. Now imagine a free Vybz Kartel and an energetic Busta Rhymes in the same studio. The renovation after some massive recordings would be super costly. With Busta Rhymes announcing once again that he will be dropping his “Extinction Level Exit 2” album soon, fans can look forward to that project upon its release. We feel there will be another Vybz Kartel feature on there.

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.@Langi_Music Reflects On His Journey To Greatness In “Patience” Video

The road to success is never an easy one. With many trials along the way, it’s the passion, dedication, and determination that assist in getting closer to the goals. Earlier this year, Langi released the track “Patience” as a way to motivate many in their own respective travels. Today, he follows up with the much anticipated music video.

Directed by Eyemake Media, Langi shows us the rise in his career due to his hard work. While some scenes are sure to catch your eye, we also look back on the work he put in to make it all possible like his days of performing at school, to spending hours in the studio perfecting his craft. Behind every glamourous shot, is a story of the struggle and sacrifices that were made to get there. Let Langi’s “Patience” be an example that it’s not an easy road, but put in the work and make the right moves to get to the path of greatness.

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.@SoundzHTG Cooks Up Plenty Bars In New Freestyle!

Continuing the momentum of dropping new music this year is Chase Soundz! His last track added some strength to the Black Lives Matter movement, and now he’s back to flexing a lil over the beats on the “Chef Chef Freestyle“!

Borrowing the “Paper Rock Alumni” beat from Las Vegas Rapper Shaw Monsta, Chase gets to cooking on the beat as he proclaims to be a Chef with the similes and anecdotes. The Texas based artist focuses on being one of the more lyrical artists in a scene that’s slowly gaining back its due respect. a member of the HTG group with Chance and Daley HTG, be on the look out for more offerings from Chase Soundz!

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