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Marcia Griffiths’ “Electric Slide” Featured In “How I Met Your Father” Season Premiere!

It’s always a good time when it comes to watching your favourite TV shows. No matter the taste, there’s something for everybody. Earlier, the Hulu series “How I Met Your Father” premiered its 2nd season. The spinoff of the popular “How I Met Your Mother” series has featured a few hit song on its soundtrack, but for the season premiere, it featured a global Reggae classic.

On the episode titled “Cool and Chill“, Marcia Griffiths’Electric Slide” was featured. Originally called “Electric Boogie” which was recorded and produced by the late Bunny Wailer in 1976, and released in 1980 and 1989, “Electric Slide” lived a few lives over the years. While it was a minor hit for Wailer in the late 70s and 80s, Marcia Griffiths’ 1983 version of the record was released and became a minor hit as well. It wasn’t until 1989 when a remixed version that was featured on Griffiths’ “Carousel” album quickly made it a dance staple around the world. The new version gave birth to the “Electric Slide” dance, which became the official dance for cookouts, family gatherings, Weddings, and various celebrations and events over the years.

The premiere episode of “How I Met Your Father” featured a Wedding conversation, and was suggested by a cast member to include it in a Playlist, to which it was met with rejection. “Electric Slide” was previously featured in the Marvel series “She-Hulk, and was sampled last year on Cardi B’s “Hot Sh**” featuring Kanye West and Lil Durk. “How I Met Your Father” is a weekly series featured on the Hulu streaming platform.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Culture – Two Sevens Clash (1977)

Today we celebrate the birthday of a Reggae Icon who has contributed greatly to the culture, and funny enough he was the founder of a band called, Culture. We feature the late Joseph Hill today on Oldies Sunday by highlighting his band’s track called, “Two Sevens Clash“.

Produced by Joe Gibbs and released through Joe Gibbs Music in 1977, the Joseph Hill-led Culture shared an apocalyptic message on “Two Sevens Clash”. Inspired by a vision by Joseph Hill and a prediction by Marcus Garvey, the song spoke of the year 1977 becoming a year of judgment, and the date of July 7, 1977 (7/7/77) becoming a day chaos respectively. The song’s lyrics spoke of the 7s clashing (i.e. the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventy-seventh year), and it would mean that past injustices would be avenged. Joseph Hill’s vision came during a bus ride, with lyrics and melodies following, thus becoming a song in the process. “Two Sevens Clash”, while it was a very influential record upon release, it was paired with Marcus Garvey’s prediction, and caused many individuals in Jamaica to remain indoors and establishments closed, awaiting the fulfillment of the prophecy on July 7, 1977. The single itself was very successful as it gained a following overseas, and became the title track of Culture’s debut album that was released the same year. “Two Sevens Clash” went on to become Culture’s most memorable, successful, and influential song to date.

Since the release of “Two Sevens Clash”, Culture went on to release more music, securing its place as one of Reggae’s greatest bands. The band split in 1981, with Joseph Hill keeping the name, and recruiting new members. The band also had a rift with Joe Gibbs over unpaid royalties for the “Two Sevens Clash” album. The band continued to be active over the years till Hill passed away in 2006, prompting his son Kenyatta to take over as the lead Singer till this day.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Michael Palmer – Dem A Lick Shot (1984)

Happy Oldies Sunday! For today’s selection, we’re gonna give you a rare cut. Many are familiar with the selection, while there are others who will hear it for the first time. Today, we go back in time to check out Michael Palmer’sDem A Lick Shot“!

Produced by G. Nicholson and O. Brown and released through Tasha Records in 1984, this is the original version of Michael Palmer’s successful “Dem A Lick Shot” that was produced by George Phang, and released in the same year through the Power House label on the “Mad Mad Riddim“. On the original, Michael shares his experience of being a victim of robbery in his community, and getting help from the authouritives proved to be futile. It all happened in his hometown, but things have to change. The original version of “Dem A Lick Shot” gained positive feedback from listeners when it was released, but soon made way for the George Phang version as it was featured on Palmer’s album of the same name.

Since the release of “Dem A Lick Shot”, Michael Palmer went on to release more music over the years, but sadly had vocal problems, and diverted into production for some time before taking a 20 year hiatus. He returned in the late 2010s, and stays active through performances and recordings. While many celebrate the George Phang version of “Dem A Lick Shot”, there are still those who appreciate the original.


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.@OriginalKoffee Secures “Gimme” Collaboration With @SamSmith & @JessieReyez!

Koffee continues to make her presence be felt Internationally, securing even more prime real estate in the soundtracks of many listeners around the world. Last year saw her release her GRAMMY-nominated debut album, “Gifted“, and she’s going for even more this year. After months of speculation, Koffee teamed up with GRAMMY-winning Recording Artist Sam Smith on the new single, “Gimme“!

Produced by Anju Blaxx, StarGate, Jimmy Napes, and Sam Smith, “Gimme” also features Canadian Recording Artist Jessie Reyez, and it’s uptempo poppy single that has Dancehall sprinkled throughout. The song encourages good times, and the Artists definitely had fun recording this one. The Music Video accompanying the track finds each Artist being themselves as they all turn up the vibe at an underground party. The visual doesn’t hold back on the vibe, and the good time is shared equally with everyone involved. Koffee further seals her position as an International Artist, and may just be a taste of what’s to come from her this year. “Gimme” will be included on Sam Smith’s upcoming “Gloria” album later this month.

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Davianah "Trips N Drips" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #Davianah #Dancehall #Music TripsNDrips #13thStreetPromotions #MusicVideo #Caribbean

Davianah Manifests “Trips N Drips” For All Of 2023 In New Single!

If you’re one of those who has a list of New Year resolutions, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s ok too, but whatever your goal is for the year, we hope you accomplish them in good time. For Recording Artist Davianah, she’s eyeing a few things on, “Trips N Drips“.

Directed by JerroWill, Davianah is all about living the good life on “Trips N Drips”. Joined by a few of her closest people including her sisters and Dancehall Artist Lisa Hyper, Davianah is not here for the badmind, but she’s manifesting great moments, success, and good vibes that are infectious to everyone in its path. The previous years may have produced stress and plenty bad times, but now is the time to live it up. “Trips N Drips” is released ahead of her upcoming performance at the annual Rebel Salute event, where she’ll be sharing the stage with her Father Tony Rebel, Bounty Killa, Third World, Yaksta, and many more. Expect to see and hear more of Davianah later this year, in the meantime, work towards your goals!

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"Mayfair Witches" on #TrinidadandTobago #Music #Soca #Calypso #MayfairWitches #CalypsoRose #AMC #MoLaudi #SouthAfrica #Witch #Caribbean #TVShow

Calypso Rose’s @MoLaudi Remix Of “Calypso Queen” Featured In “Mayfair Witches”!

Caught up with any TV shows lately? Are you familiar with the new series called, “Mayfair Witches“? This newly debuted series focuses on Dr. Rowan Fielding who discovers that she is the heiress to a dynasty of powerful Witches haunted by a sinister spirit. This supernatural thriller premiered on January 8 on AMC, and featured this iconic Caribbean track for a scene.

The legendary Calypso Rose got some shine during the debut episode of “Mayfair Witches”. A remix of her single “Calypso Queen” was featured in “The Witching Hour” episode. Released in 2016, “Calypso Queen” was remixed by South African DJ Mo Laudi, and was a part of a series of Calypso Rose remixes that were released in the same year. Calypso Rose has enjoyed an over 40 year career, is considered the “Mother of Calypso“, and has secured the title of “Calypso Queen” so many times, that the “Calypso King” competition had to be renamed to the “Calypso Monarch” in her honour. “Mayfair Witches” is out now for viewing on AMC, and for streaming on AMC+.

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