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.@DJBlkLuos Brings Some Heat On New “Winter Edition” Mixtape

Canadian Producer/DJ BlkLuos has been busy cooking up some new music for your speakers and earbuds. Known for working with underground Artists and prominent names, there’s no change of that this year. With a collection of projects to his name, he is bringing some heat during these cold times with the 2nd installment in his “Winter EditionMixtape series.

Featuring 10 tracks, DJ BlkLuos brings together some of the best emerging talent out of Toronto, New York, and London. Handling all of the production, BlkLuos brings out the best out of these Artists which include Love Boat Luciano from the Griselda/Black Soprano Family, frequent collaborator 333Zilla, the late Heartbreak Quotey, and promising UK Artist Tabz. If you’re familiar with DJ BlkLuos’ work ethic, expect a lot more music from him throughout this year, with some of the best emerging Artists. Bundle up with these hot tracks, it’s cold out there!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @Bawse_Dawg – Bling Dawg (2000)

On Oldies Sunday, we highlight some of the greats, and many underdogs in Caribbean music. For today’s selection, we highlight one of the underrated Deejays in Dancehall. He goes by the name Ricky Rudie, a.k.a. Bling Dawg with the track titled, “Bling Dawg”.

Produced by Patrick Roberts on the “Scarface Riddim“, “Bling Dawg” was released through the Shocking Vibes Label in 2000. This track was presented as an introduction to the Artist then known as Ricky Rudie. Bling Dawg would showcase a great flow, witty lyrics which included the line, “If yuh nuh like Bling Dawg, gwaan go suck an egg…“, and a catchy hook. “Bling Dawg” became an instant hit for the Deejay, and found itself on a few music charts in Jamaica, and in parts of the Caribbean and the rest of the world. The music video for the single (directed by “Big Daddy Leo” O’Reggio) quickly brought Bling Dawg to more people as the video would feature a few familiar faces including Bounty Killa, who would make him a member of the Dancehall collective, The Alliance.

Bling Dawg went on to release more music over the years, adopting more to the “Bling Dawg” moniker. He would have a few more hits, popularize a few dances (Zip It Up, Kreech, Aji Bounce), got caught up in a musical beef, transitioned to more conscious music, and became a Fitness Guru in the process. He is currently gearing up for the release of his long awaited album, “Elev8” in February. Boom blast!

If Anuh Me A Who? A Ricky Rudie! A.k.a. BLING DAWG!

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@BugleAn9ted Celebrates Birthday, And Shares “History”!

Reggae/Dancehall Artist Bugle is ready to make this year become one filled with great moments, making unforgettable connections, and creating a bigger impact with his music and message. The Deejay celebrates another year of life on January 30, and we wish him nothing but blessings upon blessings. Making his day even more special, he gives us the new single called, “History“.

Produced by MJ Music Management, Bugle continues on his path of providing music with strong lyricism and delivery, and presenting a few messages throughout. Bugle reflects on his life and journey, and recognizes some of those who have been a part of the growth and stages of his life. The Deejay saw the shift he made with his “Toxicity” album last year, and is continuing to release music that opens up the floor for intelligent discussions, and bring a positive change on the music scene. The “History” single is accompanied by a music video that’s directed by KhingCam, and features a few people who have been a part of Bugle’s growth including DASECA Productions that comprises of brothers Craig and David Harrisingh, and Dancehall Artist/Producer Serani. Bugle became DASECA’s flagship Artist in 2007, and made a few hits with the label. The book’s not closed on Bugle, history is still being made. Look out for more Bugle this year. Dweet we a dweet!

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Skeng for Audiomack's "Bless The Yaad" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Audiomack

Skeng Gets In Attack Mode On New @Audiomack’s “Bless The Yaad”

Digital Music Streaming platform Audiomack brings their emerging new series “Bless The Yaad” into 2022. Last year saw them launch with a slew of Dancehall’s top talent, and this year will see them bringing more to their platform. For their 14th episode and 3rd one for the year, Dancehall star Skeng puts his best foot forward.

Born Kevon Douglas, Skeng made his official debut as a Recording Artist in 2019. Since then, he started to see his career grow expeditiously in 2020 and 2021. Thanks to singles like “Gvnman Shift”, “Brrp”, “Street Cred”, “Protocol” with Tommy Lee Sparta, “Curves”, and “Heaven Passport” with Intence, Skeng has positioned himself to become one of Dancehall’s hottest and in-demand Artists. Armed with aggression, a commanding voice, and production by TGUT, Skeng spits a rapid fire freestyle for this episode that is sure to keep the replay button doing overtime. When he starts the episode with his signature “hey bwoy!”, you’re in for something special. 

Bless The Yaad” is the Caribbean version to the popular Audiomack series, “Bless The Booth”. The series is executive produced by Tanya Lawson, with audio by TGUT and Flaire, and video by Sage English. The series premieres every Wednesday with a new featured Artist, and is filmed at the Reggae Legends Villa in Kingston, Jamaica.

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Fully Bad "Give On Thanks" for #Jamaica #Kingston #FullyBad #Music #13thStreetPromotions #Caribbean #GiveOnThanks

.@FullyBadMusic Gets Conscious For New Single, “Give On Thanks”!

Dancehall Artist Fully Bad is ready to make more of an impact in 2022 with his music. In late 2021 he announced his sophomore album, “Gad A Earth”, and released the first single, “Composure. While Fully Bad is known for his aggressive gangster music, he seeks to show more versatility with the new project. An example of this is the album’s 2nd single, “Give On Thanks”.

Produced by Motion Vybz Sound, Fully Bad shows us his more spiritual side on “Give On Thanks”. With lyrics about showing gratitude, asking for protection from negativity and evildoers, and making Jah a governing presence on every part of his life, Fully Bad looks to provide motivation, and encourage more people to tap into their spiritual side on “Give On Thanks”. Fully Bad believes fans will gravitate towards this single, and he looks forward to their support in every possible way. The track comes from the upcoming “Gad A Earth” album, and is a followup to Fully Bad’s debut, “Born Fi Dweet”. While Fully Bad is starting the rollout for his upcoming album, he has been keeping his name hot on various platforms. Recently, he was featured on Audiomack’s “On Da Radar”, and he urges fans to be on the lookout for more developments and announcements.

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Heph B "Party All Night" for #HoustonTX #Nigeria #Afrobeats #PartyAllNight #AMARII

Heph B Invites You To “Party All Night” With Him

AfroDancehall King Heph B is still bringing his “AMARII” album to new territories, and gaining new listeners daily. Since the album’s release in November 2021, Heph B has been enjoying chart success in various countries, and he looks to do more for the album. Keeping his content game strong, he released the music video for one of the album’s popular tracks, “Party All Night“.

Directed by Klef Sound Films, Heph B invites you to party all night with him. From popping bottles, to turning up in the club, Heph ensures you have a good time with him. The video for “Party All Night” is his 2nd video release of the year, and Heph B urges fans to be on the look out for more content in the coming weeks. “AMARII” is now available on all digital music streaming platforms.

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