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.@KxngIzem Continues On A Fiery Path With @TheRoyalBlu Featured “Uno”!

2021 found Kxng Izem giving his all, and amplifying his hustle with the release of new music via the “Wildfire EP“. Since its release, it has been receiving quite a lot of praise and streams worldwide, and Izem’s continuing to apply pressure with content in support of the EP. Previously stated that will shoot a visual for every track on the EP, he completes that mission with the video for “Uno“.

Directed by Jus Hugh Production, “Uno” is the much anticipated collaboration between Kxng Izem and Royal Blu, and they bring the best out of each other over the Ten24 Music production. The video features some dope editing, and the chemistry between Izem and Blu is put on full display. Kxng Izem is back to making more music behind the scenes, but for now, we get to see that when he steps out, he does it in a big way. The folks in high places who claim to be in support of the Creatives, take note, as we’re not playing around! The “Wildfire EP” is available on all digital music streaming platforms.

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Deeclef Spreads Love To All The Women Through His “Agape” EP

Mandeville born/US based Recording Artist Deeclef is seeing his brand rise in a drastic way in recent months. Having gained a following thanks to singles like, “Bull Inna Pen”, “Constancy”, “Guide My Path”, and “Go Hard”, he aims to cover all bases, deliver more quality music, and become one of the top Dancehall/Reggae Artists of the new decade. While his music connects with people from all walks of life, he has the ladies on his radar for his debut EP, “Agape”.

Inspired by the Greek origin of “Agape” that means the undiluted love of God, Deeclef sought to add a sensual element to the word, but focuses on offering his love, time, talents, and energy to all women on the project. In a time where the headlines speak on women going through abusive and violent situations, Deeclef’s “Agape EP” brings forth positive music that uplifts, entertains, and reassures women that they are loved, they deserve every good thing, and they should be treated with nothing but love and respect. The “Agape EP” consists of 7 tracks, and features production from Sartout Records, Shyheim Entertainment, Collaboration Recordz, SC-21 Productions, and Halcyon Music who all helped to provide a great ambiance. Dancehall Artist Fully Bad is the sole featured act on the “Agape EP” on a track called, “Dutty Love”. In support of the EP, Deeclef released the single and video for the track, “Sexy Physique” in early 2021, and has plans to release more music videos, and specialized Social Media content in the following weeks after the EP’s release.

They say that Chivalry is dead, and I wanted to step forward and debunk that statement” shared Deeclef on the making of the “Agape EP”. “I still believe that good gestures are performed for women, and there are some out there who have yet to experience good love. With my project, I wanted to bring forward that unconditional love that women deserve, and enforce that they are protected from all manner of evil some have been facing through abuse, and domestic violence. Me and my team carefully put this project together through brainstorming sessions as we wanted to provide an air of love, let the listener feel the sensual moods throughout the EP, and have them see the pictures that we’ve painted for each track. We believe that the ‘Agape EP’ will be warmly embraced by everyone when it’s released, and will be a contender for one of the best projects of 2021”.

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.@RyginKingO Covers The Classic “Stop That Train” With The Late U-Roy!

In February 2021, the world lost a Music legend, and a Jamaican Icon named Ewart “U-Roy” Beckford. A man who has greatly contributed to the ever changing musical landscape, you can call him the Originator of how you put the lyrics together. While the world misses him, there were talks about putting together a final album for the great U-Roy. It was revealed with the title, “Solid Gold U-Roy“, and one of the singles that made the album features one of Dancehall’s hottest acts, Rygin King on a cover of the classic single, “Stop That Train“.

Produced by Sharna Liguz, Youth, and Zak Starkey, we see two Artists from two great generations join forces to give us something different. The single covers the 1967 version of the Keith & Tex Rocksteady version of “Stop That Train”. The 1967 version is cover/remake of The Spanishtonians’ 1965 Ska original that speaks of a woman whose boyfriend is leaving her via train, and she wants to join him on board. U-Roy also released a cover version in 2009/10. Both Keith & Tex and U-Roy & Rygin’s versions speak from a man’s perspective however. While many are familiar with Rygin King’s style of music, they’d be surprised to know what he enjoys in his downtime, and seeing this collaboration is just a fraction of what can happen. With the late U-Roy’s signature toasting/deejaying, this an “OG meets the Young General” moment, and we know the posthumous U-Roy album has a lot more gems. This could pave the way for a lot more collaborations like this, and we’re here for it! Call us up so we can be a part of it. For more U-Roy, check out our special U-Roy Playlist here. “Solid Gold U-Roy” is now available for pre-order through Trojan Records, and will be released on July 16, 2021. Continue sleeping in peace, Daddy U-Roy!

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.@KapitalStone, @KheemoSTS, & @DJDensen Stay Winning On “Dem Vex”

They persistence is to try, and despite the challenges, you have to win the fight. Lyricist Kapital Stone can attest that he has gone through a few challenges in his life, is still pressing on like a Warrior, and knows that his end goal will be achieved. He shares his experiences in his own way on the new track, “Dem Vex“.

Done in collaboration with fellow Artist Kheemo and Producer DJ Densen, Kapital Stone speaks about believing in one’s self, working towards your goals, and celebrating your wins regardless of the detractors and naysayers. Kapital and Kheemo share great chemistry on the track, and DJ Densen provides a heavy production that is sure to wake everyone up. Kapital Stone is gearing up to liberate a few more singles this year, and make his presence be felt in more places. Keep on winning.

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Natural Bond Ent. Reaches For The Stars With “Comet Riddim”!

Jamaican Record Label Natural Bond Entertainment is on its 3rd gear to release a plethora of new music. While the label dominated with the “Gold Leaf”, “Mentality”, and “PorusRiddims in 2020 and early 2021, the tank is far from empty as the label wants to continue putting out quality music, and collaborate with more upcoming and established artists. With the new “Comet Riddim”, the label seeks to connect with more music markets worldwide.

The “Comet Riddim” started its rollout in Spring 2021 with the release of Dancehall Artist Teejay’sYoung Rich”, followed by Dancehall Songstress Ikaya’sNude” in May 2021. Increasing the anticipation, Zimbabwean Artist Buffalo Souljah’sTek Off” featuring Zimbabwean Artist Poptain and Ghanian Artist Jupitar, and Dancehall Artist Navino’sTiptronic” round off the final releases before the complete compilation from the Riddim is available. Da Professor, Knaxx, and Deeclef are the other featured Artists on the Riddim, and Natural Bond Entertainment promises that the “Comet Riddim” will be another classic. In addition to the release of the tracks, music videos will be released in support of the “Comet Riddim”.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Cornel Campbell – You’re No Good (1973)

June may be a Wedding month for many couples, but sometimes many relationships don’t get to make it to the Altar. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we go back in time to check out Cornel Campbell’s track, “You’re No Good“.

Produced by Bunny “Striker” Lee for his Lee’s Label and released in 1973, Cornel Campbell uses his signature falsetto to deliver a song that speaks about heartbreak, abandonment, and lost love. Cornel calls out the person who hurt him, and let him to suffer, and he looks back at the times he was warned that she was not. good person. The hurt can be felt by the listener, people instantly connected with the song, and related to the lyrics. The song was a great addition to Campbell’s catalogue, as he recorded many hits with Bunny Lee in the 1970s. He went on to record many singles and released albums well into 2021 in the form of the reissue of his 1978 album, “Sweet Baby“. Congrats to those who got a chance to take the big step this Wedding season, much love to those who have gone through splits.

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