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.@Audiomack & @AudiomackCarib Launch “Made In Caribbean” Playlist Series To Showcase Homegrown Talent

Digital music streaming giant Audiomack continues to set trends when it comes to highlighting quality music, and showcasing talented creators from around the world. The Audiomack world is filled with original content that has found favor with old and new users of the platform, and they continue to make their mark as the go-to streaming platform to build fanbases, and release unique content. They look to expand their dominance with the launch of their new Playlist series, “Made In Caribbean”.

Made In Caribbean” is a quarterly new series that seeks to exhibit the ever-evolving style of the Caribbean Artist, the music genres that emerge from the Caribbean, and the DJs who are responsible for breaking these Artists and sounds. Derived from the success of Audiomack’s specially-curated Playlists, “Made In Caribbean” is the brainchild of Tanya Lawson, Director of Audiomack’s Strategic Marketing for the Caribbean and Gospel Music division, and is focused on putting the best on display. With 25 Islands to choose from, Audiomack will select a top DJ from each Island, who will then curate a Playlist that features homegrown talent. 

Made In Caribbean” promises to bring an extra boost to the local music industry, encouraging more Artists to go back to their roots when creating and representing the global stage. Top selectors from the Caribbean including Jamaica’s Boom Boom, DJ Spade from Turks & Caicos, Trinidad’s DJ Echo, Rusty G from Bermuda, and TroopahLive From the Virgin Islands, Guyana’s PriinceMuzik, DJ Quest from Antigua, and Haiti’s Michael Brun have been recruited, and are gearing up to launch their respective Playlists featuring their handpicked Artists.

The new “Made In CaribbeanPlaylist series makes its debut today on with the first 8 Playlists, with 5 more premiering in the followup quarters. Follow @AudiomackCaribbean on Instagram, and @AudiomackCarib on Twitter to stay up to date with new updates and developments.


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Gloria Estefan "Coming Out Of The Dark" on #Cuba #PopMusic #13thStreetPromotions #GloriaEstefan #ComingOutOfTheDark #OldiesSunday #Oldies #OldSchool #1991 #Caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY: @GloriaEstefan – Coming Out Of The Dark (1991)

In recognition of Women’s History Month, we take the time out to feature Women who have made great contributions to our music culture. While we celebrate the Women all year over here, we recognize some through our Oldies Sunday section. For today’s selection, we head on over to Miami to check out Cuban-American Pop Artist Gloria Estefan’sComing Out Of The Dark“.

Produced by Emilio Estefan Jr., Jorge Casas, and Clay Ostwald, “Coming Out Of The Dark” was released through Epic Records in 1991. The track finds Gloria Estefan overcoming challenges, and emerging it a triumphant person. The song is the first release for Estefan since recovering from her near-tragic accident on March 20, 1990. The accident was a result of her Tour Bus colliding with an 18-Wheeler Truck. It left her with a broken back that had to go through delicate repair, and the event left many in deep shock as Estefan was at the height of the success of her Debut album, “Cuts Both Ways“. “Coming Out Of The Dark” was featured on her sophomore album, “Into The Light“, and secured #1 placements on the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts, #1 placements in Canada, and top 10 charting in various charts around the World. the track also won BMI and ASCAP Pop Music Awards in 1992. A Spanish version the track called, “Desde La Oscuridad” was released soon after, and was well received in Latin America.

Since the release of “Coming Out Of The Dark”, Gloria Estefan went on to secure more hits in her career. She also received stars on the Hollywood and Las Vegas Walk Of Fame respectively, awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, was inducted in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, and has inspired many Latin Artists, and people around the World. Gloria Estefan remains a champion, a survivor, and a powerful Woman.


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450 "Live 'N Learn" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #SpongeMusic #13thStreetPromotions #450Music #450 #LiveNLearn #Caribbean

450 Shares Life Lessons On “Live N’ Learn”

Dancehall Artist 450 has been regarded as one of the more consistent Artists in recent years. From his generation of Artists, he has managed to deliver songs that will make you think about life and its many challenges, but still have songs that cater to the ladies, and those all about having a good time. Despite the positives in his life, he has experienced his share of pitfalls, and he looks to educate the listener on “Live N’ Learn“.

In video directed by Damaniac Visualz, 450 gives us life lessons on “Live N’ Learn”. He lets us in on some of the times he has been let down people who he thought cared about him, and shows gratitude for putting them behind him so he can enjoy life. He’s living and learning, and in the video he buries his past self, and warns viewers to be careful in the world. “Live N’ Learn” was produced by Sponge Music on the “Forgiven Riddim“. Along with new music, 450 has been busy with live performances in and outside the Caribbean, and securing new connections which would later turn into collaborations. 450 is focused, and just like the comments that we see all the time on Youtube, he hasn’t disappointed his fans yet.

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Bugle x GiHRL "Us" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #Bugle #BugleAn9ted #GiHRL #Us #LoveSong #Caribbean

.@BugleAn9ted & @GiHRL_Reign Fight For Love On “Us”

They say love wins, but sometimes it takes some extra effort to keep the love going. Many people around the world have embraced love, while others have given up. For Recording Artist Bugle, he believes the love should never die, and hope comes in the form of the new single, “Us“.

Bugle recruits Recording Artist GiHRL on “Us”, and together they sing about that love that’s worth fighting for. While many couples have let conflict keep them separate, the Artists believe in seeing the bigger picture, and they sing about making it work. “Us” was produced by 324 New Empire Records/An9ted Ent., while the music video that has accompanied the single was directed by Damaniac Visualz. Bugle has been busy promoting his “Toxicity (Deluxe)” album, along with a number of singles. GiHRL has been on the scene for a number of years, and has been impressing many with her live performances, and singles. Big up all the couples out there still making it work, even when some days aren’t the best.

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ADT Commercial featuring Bob Marley "Three Little Birds" on #Jamaica #Security #ADT #Reggae #Music #13thStreetPromotions #ADT #ThreeLittleBirds #Caribbean

.@BobMarley’s “Three Little Birds” Featured In @ADT’s “No Worries” Campaign

The power of Reggae Music will not die, it will multiply. From the street corner to the TV screens, it is everywhere. Recently, American Electronic Security company ADT Inc. launched their latest “No Worries” campaign. Aimed at providing the best security for Residential and Business consumers, they seek to take the #1 spot in that field. In their new series of Commercials, a familiar Reggae classic was heard.

Onboard as the soundtrack for ADT’s new “No Worries” campaign is Bob Marley’sThree Little Birds“. Produced by Bob Marley And The Wailers and released in 1980, the track was featured on classic “Exodus” album, and still remains a favourite for many worldwide. It was previously covered by Maroon 5 for a Hyundai campaign, it was the theme for Dutch Football Club Ajax’s 2021/2022 third kit, used as inspiration for Bob’s daughter Cedella Marley’sEvery Little Thing” children’s book, and was covered by Bob’s grandson Skip Marley for the “School Of Rock” Music Education program. ADT wants customers to know that complete safety is their aim, and there should be no worries. Everything’s gonna be alright.

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GyalKapone "Syko" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #GyalKapone #Syko #Caribbean

GyalKapone Stays Locked & Loaded On “Syko”

Recording Artist/Creative GyalKapone returns with new music! Still new to the field, she’s still developing and working her way to becoming a name to know. She has been recording, and is ready to take on the world! She recently released her new single, “Syko“.

Produced by Jingo Hol On Deh, GyalKapone goes into “John Wick” mode her as she’s out for blood. Locked and loaded, she has a few rounds for those who dare to step in her way with an intention to bring harm. Backed by good production and a melodic delivery, GyalKapone makes her “Syko” lyrics hit hard, so wear a vest and brace for the impact. She first came on the scene with “Never“, then followed up with “Mission” and “Mission (Remix)“, and even launched the “Enz Off Podcast“. While it’s too early to ask for a project, we believe GyalKapone’s breakout moment is just around the corner. If you haven’t been familiar with her yet, today is the day that changes.

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