NEW MUSIC: @Protoje – Kingston Be Wise

Kingston Be Wise!” …That’s the message being displayed throughout Protoje’s newest single. Protoje explains that his single is “A short story based on the events of May 23rd, 2010, when the Jamaican government deployed its military into Tivoli Gardens in the capital city of Kingston.” Great instrumental, powerful message, only the best from a great singer. Check out the soundcloud below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @MissMya x @SpiceOfficial – Take Him Out

Hey blogworld, got a new video for you guys. Now I was unaware that Mya had a song out with deejay Spice, now there’s a video. Titled “Take Him Out” and directed by the legendary Rass Kassa, Mya and Spice sing about their frustrations with the men in their lives. Typical unappreciated lover anthem, and the scenes were pretty decent. Seeing Mya pinning clothes to a line was a bit funny but dancing while being surrounded by filled garbage bags and a garbage truck? Weird. Anyway by the looks of it this was shot in Jamaica and that’s a good thing. Click on the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @KonshensSojah – Jiggle (Raw)

LADIES! Konshens just dropped his new single on the Baddest Riddim and it’s time for you to get on bad to it! Titled “Jiggle“, it sounds like another big hit for the crimson haired deejay. Click on the video and get to moving. Oh, it’s the raw version so if you’re in the office be discreet (lol).

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Mixtape Movements: @MissDollazbabii – Halloween MixxUp 2012

Feeling spooky? Then get your costumes ready and get into this Halloween Mix by DJ Dollaz! This is 37 minutes of Dancehall hits that is sure to hype you up. This mix Features the best in the business like Khago, Aidonia, Mavado, Sean Paul and many others. Click on the SoundCloud below and share your feedback in the comments section.

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Random: The Bus Ride And The Belt Salesman

Not the actual salesman…

Hey BlogWorld! Got a story to tell, i’ll do my best here…

 So this afternoon (Friday Oct. 26, 2012), I travelled on a bus from Mandeville to Christiana as a part of running a few errands. While the bus driver did his best to drive all over Mandeville in effort to elude a Police Officer on a bike who wanted to give him a ticket, I was greeted by a rather peculiar character who took passage on the bus. His first statement was to the tune of, “Come inside, let’s all take a bus ride” (I forgot what he actually said..), the other was, “Unno pack tight like Sausage, nuh block up the passage…” He went on further to make up many rhymes during our bus ride which lasted around 20 minutes. Every conversation he kept with us passengers turned into a witty rhyme, even when we were eluding the Police Officer he taunted him with a clever rhyme much to our entertainment.

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NEW VIDEO: @BellaBlair21 – Exam Thoughts

Hey Blogworld! I know that many of my readers are currently in school or graduated whether it be High School, Community College, or University, this entry today is just for you. Titled “Exam Thoughts” and created by Toni Blair, she showcases what many of us go through during an examination, from trying to remember what you barely studied, to arguing about the amount of questions given to you, to wishing you could get the hell out of the exam quickly. Pretty funny, always a good watch from Toni. Click on the video above and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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