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.@KxngIzem Shares Terrifying Realities On “Haunted”!

Jamaica is in trouble. While that may not be news to many of us, a lot has happened the shake the nation. With corruption and crime running rampant, it has left people seeking opportunities to leave the Island, and others having to go through various means to survive daily. Recording Artist Kxng Izem sheds a light on these and more in “Haunted“.

With a visualizer directed by Vartex Studio, Kxng Izem shares terrifying realities that is crippling the country. It may shock some who have seen Jamaica as this “Island Paradise“, but the residents living there haven’t been happy with the characters who are supposed to be making the country an ideal place to live and thrive. Kxng Izem shares his frustrations with comparisons of the nation’s state to that of Halloween, and the truth is, we need better leadership, and better opportunities for people to enjoy being here. “Haunted” was produced by Ten24 Music and JBeatz. Kxng Izem has been releasing content for a better part of this year, and is gearing up to release a new project soon.

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LG N.I.K.E Brings A Positive Change To Music With “Manifestation” Single!

The world needs a change, a shift from the negativity that will provide possibilities for better days. Enter LG N.I.K.E, a Florida-based Recording Artist who believes that music is the key that will open the right doors, and help to improve society. A new member of the Jamaican Record Label Natural Bond Entertainment roster, LG looks to make a difference with his talent, and contribute to revamping the music scene. He looks to start with the new single, “Manifestation”.

Released through Natural Bond Entertainment, LG N.I.K.E shows an unstoppable focus on “Manifestation”. On a mission to be successful and taking care of what’s important, LG shares that he’s ready to put in the work, and come out on top. Armed with sharp lyrics and a commanding delivery, LG looks to stand out, and build his brand in becoming a household name. Natural Bond Entertainment’s addition of a Hip Hop Artist to a predominantly Reggae/Dancehall roster will show their diversity, building the label to become a stronger force in the coming months. LG N.I.K.E looks to promote “Manifestation” through a campaign that will cover local and International media, and various Social Media platforms. Plans for a music video and additional content for “Manifestation” are currently in the works.

Born Wesley Walker, LG N.I.K.E is a US-based Recording Artist and Entrepreneur. The stage name is an acronym for “Life’s Good Now I Know Everything”, and symbolizes the many trials and tribulations that LG N.I.K.E. has experienced in his life. He has been an active Artist for over a decade, and he looks to take his career to another level through his partnership with Natural Bond Entertainment. LG believes that music is a gift, and he will use it in the right way to change the world.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Eek-A-Mouse – Ganja Smuggling (1981)

It’s Oldies Sunday! Before “Chopping/Scamming” songs flooded the market, there were songs about the Ganja trade. Today’s selection comes from a pioneer of the “Singjay” style, Eek-A-Mouse with the track, “Ganja Smuggling“!

Produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes and released through the Volcano Label in 1981, Eek-A-Mouse goes into details of his life in the Ganja trade. For a long time, many would find success in Marijuana before it became illegal, and those who participated had to find different means and ways to make it happen under the nose of Law Enforcement. Eek-A-Mouse shares his episodes of early morning harvests, loading up vehicles and Planes with the product, and enjoying the spoils of his work when the necessary deals were made. He found an escape from poverty in the Ganja trade, and with its rewards, he was able to support his family, and make life better for himself, and those around him.

Eek-A-Mouse enjoyed success with the “Ganja Smuggling” track as it quickly became popular in the Dancehall scene. “Ganja Smuggling” was featured on his 1981 album, “Wa Do Dem“, which spawned a few more hits for the Artist. “Ganja Smuggling” joins the list of tracks that shared details of life in the illegal Marijuana trade, and is still being played today, even in parts of the world where Marijuana and conducting business in Marijuana has been made legal. Eek-A-Mouse went on to enjoy success in music in the 80s and 90s, and today he can be found releasing and performing his music, and sharing his opinions on Social Media. He can be controversial, but he can only be him, and his fans celebrate him.

Thank You eek-A-Mouse For This Classic!

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Squash Releases “Flames In Ma Eyes” Video Amidst Shooting Rumours!

This week, Dancehall Artist Squash’s name has been brought up in relation to a few shooting incidents in Florida. With rumours circulating that he was either shot or killed, he took to Social Media to refute those claims. While other outlets may produce content to keep his name circulating for all the wrong reasons, Squash is seeing red in the visual for “Flames In Ma Eyes“.

Directed by DirectorBadz, Squash finds himself in a very cautious mood. Tensions are rising high, and he has be on guard at all times. He has a lot to live for, and he’s not letting anyone try to get the best of him. “Flames In Ma Eyes” was produced by Hemton Music and 6ix Real Records. Squash’s life has experienced its share of pain and loss, and every turn he makes, he has to protect not only himself, but those who are important to him. While his name continues to be a topic of discussion recently, we hope things don’t go left, and better days come along.

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King Cruff Secures New Deal, Releases “Samurai Chop” Visual!

King Cruff is back with new music, and this time he’s leveling up! He recently became the latest signee to Universal Music Canada as a part of a joint venture with Tuff Gong Collective, and he’s even more focused. After teasing it for a while, he finally released the visual for, “Samurai Chop“.

Directed by Lighter Juice, King Cruff steps out clean, bringing some big talk as he makes his debut under the new deal. Whether he’s getting his hair done, making moves in the city, or reconnecting with nature at the river, King Cruff gives us a great visual, and a dope track that will catch the attention of many. King Cruff hasn’t been slacking off in his off time as he has been taking the stage in various locations in Canada, and has plans to cross over to more markets in the coming months. 2023 looks like it will be a big year for King Cruff, make sure you’re here to elevate him to the next level.

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Shane O Gets Deep In Thought In “Wrath” Video!

Dancehall Artist Shane O is a thinking Man. He is aware of his surroundings, and has at times reflected on his life, all that it took to get him here, and his daily experiences. A lot of his thinking has reflected in his songwriting, and on “Wrath“, he goes deeper in thought.

With a video directed by Frencho Film from Trinidad, “Wrath” is a collaboration between Shane O and Producer Countree Hype. Shot in Guyana during one of Shane O’s performance stops, the Deejay shares his experiences when it comes to dealing with friends. He has always been strong on loyalty, but some of the people around him think otherwise, and he is forced to reduce his circle, and be cautious of whom he shares his energy with. Shane O gives us some of his signature songwriting, and with the warnings shared throughout, listeners will find themselves pondering on a lot after listening. Shane O continues to stay consistent with the musical output, and is gearing up to connect with more of his fanbase locally, and Internationally.


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