Here Are A Few Times The Jamaican Accent Was Terribly Done In Film!

Have you all seen the new season of Luke Cage on Netflix? If you have, you’d notice the Jamaican influence throughout as Luke’s latest antagonist is a Jamaican by the name of “Bushmaster“. While that is pretty cool, many Jamaicans weren’t pleased with the representation of the Island, including the cringe-worthy butchering of the accent. While Writers Sharine and Andrayspoke about it earlier after a discussion with some of the folks behind the series, we’d like to look back at the times our accent was given a huge dose of injustice in Film. If only Hollywood would take the time out to do some proper research, and give natives a chance at properly representing the 876. If you’re interested in the Jamaican music played throughout, check out our latest playlist here. Check out these clips, and show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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Gabourey Sidibe – Tower Heist

If you’ve never seen this Eddie Murphy flick, you probably dodged a bullet. Anyway, while there were some decent scenes in this Comedy, this section is dedicated to Gabourey Sidibe’s role as Jamaican Odessa Montero. Pretty cringe worthy, even though the team behind it praised her role as “Refreshing. Refreshingly bad I must say. Check out the clip.

Method Man – The Wackness

While this 2008 flick received lots of praise, Ben Kingsley won a Razzie for worst supporting Actor. We weren’t feeling Method Man’s role as a Jamaican dealer by the name of Percy however, and he probably deserved one too (lol). Anyway, here’s a scene between the “Jafakecan” character, and Josh Peck.

Cool Runnings 

Yes, the whole movie (lol). While there were some of our own in roles, the main stars did poorly in delivery. They definitely couldn’t “Be Jamaican“. Imagine you’re in the US and someone refers to you as “Cool Runnings“. Anyway, check out the clip.

Brad Pitt – Meet Joe Black

Talk about cringe-worthy. Remember when a photo of Brad Pitt was circulating on Social Media years ago about him playing the role of Bob Marley? That was trolling, this scene in the 1998 film “Meet Joe Black” was trash. Check it out.

Sebastian The Crab – The Little Mermaid

Hey, we love The Little Mermaid, but it won’t escape the list. Ariel forgive us, but your crab pal Sebastian had a terrible Jamaican accent. Big up Samuel E. Wright (the voice behind Sebastian), but we’d happily boil that crab just to not hear that butchering anymore. See the clip below.

Denzel Washington – The Mighty Quinn

Denzel Washington is an exceptional Actor, but he had his share of bad roles. Along with Actor/Director Robert Townsend, their accents were god awful. Guess we have to thank vets like Carl Bradshaw for at least being authentic.

In Livin’ Color

The Wayans Family are super talented, and really did some damage in TV and Film. They sure did a number in their hit TV series “In Livin’ Color” with their “Hey Mon” skits. Sure the skits were funny here and there, but the accents weren’t. Face palms everywhere.

Dave Chappelle – Half Baked

This Stoner film is a cult classic of sorts, and introduced many to the future Comedy legend, Dave Chappelle. Sure he didn’t play a full role as a Jamaican in the film, but the scene that called for it…smh. I guess you let it slide because he’s a Comedian, right?

Taye Diggs – How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Angela Bassett definitely got her young boy in this 1998 Film, but a Jamaican she did not get. While Taye Diggs has done his thing over the years, many did not like his role as a “Jamaican Boy toy” here. I mean, Peter Lloyd could’ve played that role, right? Hear the butchering below. “Ya man!

Dan Aykroyd – Trading Places

Terrible Jamaican Accent + Blackface = SMDH

Luke Cage (Season 2)

One of the clips that inspired this post. Meet Bushmaster.


R.I.P. Miss Cleo


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