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Sister Maureen Returns With A Message Of Accepting Yourself On “Embrace”!

Dancehall emerged onto the scene in the late 70s/early 80s with a sound that was like no other. Thanks to a handful of talented individuals, the genre took off in a major way, and soon became a global sensation. Though it was a Male-driven territory at first, it was soon challenged by Female Artists including Sister Nancy, Sister Carol, Shelly Thunder, Lady G, and many others. One Female act who stepped up and chose to challenge her Male counterparts was Sister Maureen. Throughout the 80s, she enjoyed a run that birthed a few singles including “Toots” and “Make Them Understand“, but stepped away from the spotlight in the years that followed. Returning with a new focus, Sister Maureen delivers the new single, “Embrace“!

While she challenged Male Artists back in the day, Sister Maureen chooses to challenge beauty standards on “Embrace”. With many Women seeking various ways to alter their looks and slow down the aging process including through a series of expensive surgeries, “Embrace” is all about accepting yourself, and placing natural beauty at the top of the pedestal. Sister Maureen accepts growing old, and with it comes the wisdom that she doesn’t need to chase youth. Over modern Dancehall production, “Embrace” will connect with the right people who need to hear the message, and a Dancehall vet will find herself in a new territory to further develop the new chapter in her life.

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