Shelly Xpressionz Sets The Record Straight!

With many creatives putting out great content in the world of Dancehall, there are times when styles are borrowed, or in other cases, stolen. Today, popular Dancer Shelly Xpressionz (Shelly-Ann Callum) of Dance Xpressionz spoke out about her dance “Shelly Bounce” which was stolen by two other dancers and now being called “Bruk Back“. Below is her statement via her Instagram page.

Let me as the creator of the dance “Shelly Bounce” now being called “Bruk Back” by Tamara n Chrissy address this issue…let the record clarify that I have nothing personal against these young ladies as they are very talented dancers, however the issue at hand is not their talent but their lying nature and deception. Nothing about the dance or the name is unique to any of you, because you both know that we (Dance Xpressionz) were asked to campaign a song called “Bruk Back” by (Dancehall Artist) Savage. He asked us to create a dance called “Bruk Back” to this song, we were planning to use the Shelly Bounce and call it bruk back but because savage had gone on to promoting another song we left that project, this is when you both decide to use the step to (Dancehall Artist) Razor B song “Weh Mek yu waa bruk fimi back” which fits perfectly, just one issue…it’s not your dance and you both know this, so why are you “Chrissy” trying to find stupid justifications for stealing my dance? We were on good terms when this happened, you could’ve asked me because I rate you guys so I could’ve given you all the dance to promote but when you come into my space n steal from me what kind of idiot would I be to let it slide…tell your friends the truth and stop allow them to gas you up. As for you speaking about us getting older, really…that’s your drawing card..Dwl, well if you’re getting younger more power to you, age has nothing to do with this, this is me and my family protecting our intellectual property and you can’t blame us or stop us. You are a bear face thief and trying to be rude. When we use bogle steps we say it’s bogle step and if a step was inspired by Bogle we say it. Also for your information we can’t steal from dancehall, dancehall is ours collectively, but you can’t steal someone’s step as you have clearly done. So please stop sounding stupid. I am defending my dance and there’s nothing you can say to stop me from doing so…so continue to get gas up from your friends…oh and if they’re really your friends they would tell you that you’re wrong because it’s as plain as day. Big up yuhself still you are both good dancers but unuh just lie n teef!

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