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Catch The “Drift” In Teejay’s Much-Anticipated New Video

You’ve heard it everywhere, and it continues to be infectious. What are we talking about? Dancehall Artist Teejay’sDrift“! Over the past few weeks, the DJ Mac-produced single has worked its way up to viral status on Social Media, with many anticipating the official Music Video. The wait is over as Teejay finally unveiled it.

Directed by Lagikz Supreme, get ready to join Teejay and a number of dancers in putting on the moves in the “Drift” video. Featuring various clips including the viral scene where the Deejay was performing on top a Vehicle, viewers will be locked in to a very enjoyable visual. If you haven’t learned the “Drift” dance, this is your time to make it happen. The video also features a few highlights of the “Drift Challenge” from TikTok, and even some behind the scenes footage. We hope this means Teejay will finally drop the long-awaited album this year.

A bet me f*** up in ya…

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1SkiMask & Deno Crazy Will Make The World “Ski” This Summer

Recently, Internet Sensation/Recording Artist Valdomore introduced his alter ego “1SkiMask” to the world. Since then, 1SkiMask has done everything from securing Interviews, gaining Social Media popularity, earning performance bookings, and releasing a single that did very well in streaming/Youtube numbers. He now follows up with something special for the summer, and that’s the new single, “Ski“.

“Ski” is a collaboration with fellow Internet Sensation/Recording Artist Deno Crazy, and together over a Week.day-produced Riddim, they introduce the “Ski Dance“. In a Kreative Klique-directed visual, the duo can be found at various locations doing the dance with the help of a few Dancers, and bring a vibe that only they can make possible. 1SkiMask gets into the groove because closing off the song with some serious words, and Deno shares his usual energy that we’ve known him for. Expect this one to quickly gain popularity.

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Skeng & Jigsta Take It Back To School Days In “Smood Wid It” Video

Dancehall Artist Skeng dropped something that will take some of us back to the days when things were a lil easier, and others will anticipate the last bell so they can hit the streets. Previewed through pictures a few weeks ago, we get the visual for the much-anticipated, “Smood Wid It“.

In the Now Or Never-directed clip, Skeng along with Jigsta and a few of his peers, rock school uniforms and take to Half Way Tree to put on a few dance moves. The video brings a lot of energy, fun vibes, and school spirit, and makes you want to find your uniform and get “smood wid it“. Skeng and Jigsta may have found a song that will show up at some of your favourite events this Summer, and if you haven’t caught on to the new dance, it’s time to learn it. “Smood Wid It” was produced by Droptop Records, the video features the infamous Droptop Swag Shop, and highlights the Highflames dance crew. Rep your school!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Elephant Man – Chaka Chaka Dance (2004)

Today, we celebrate the Birthday of a Jamaican Music legend by the name of Elephant Man! For close to 30 years, Elephant Man has been giving you hits, brought an energy like no other, and has influenced many. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we highlight one of his dance hits, “Chaka Chaka Dance“!

Produced by Fire Links and released in 2004 on the “Chaka Chaka Riddim“, Elephant Man stepped out with a new song to promote the new dance called, “Chaka Chaka“. Having a knack for remixing popular songs and making them his own, Elephant Man borrowed the cadence from Eric “Monty” Morris’Sammy Dead” for “Chaka Chaka Dance”. With the line “Dance to di Riddim, Chaka Chaka…“, we were in for a fun time packed with high energy, and a workout. “Chaka Chaka Dance” was a hit for Elephant Man, appearing on charts in Jamaica and parts of the Caribbean. The single was further promoted with a Music Video directed by Llewellyn “BigDaddyLeo” O’Reggio, which was filmed during a staging of the weekly “Weddy Weddy” street dance event in Kingston, and featured many of the popular Jamaican Dancers.

Since the success of “Chaka Chaka”, Elephant Man continued to enjoy a more successful music career that is still very active. With a ton of hits to his name, “Chaka Chaka Dance” is high on the list for some.

Thank You Elephant Man For This Classic!


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Snagga Puss – “Tatie” (1994)

We’re in the 90s, where music enjoyed a season of fusions, the fashion was flashy, and the vibes were right. In Jamaica, it was a time where Dancehall and Hip Hop were always in the studio and making noise overseas, many legends just got their official start, and many dances were created. For today’s “Oldies Sunday” selection, we highlight Snagga Puss (formerly known as Dickie Ranking), and his single, “Tatie“!

Produced by Patrick Roberts for the Shocking Vibes label and released in 1994, Snagga Puss joined in on the fun and created a song for a dance called the “Tatie”. Snagga Puss’ persona and delivery were inspired by the Cartoon character Snagglepuss, and helped to make “Tatie” a hit. “Tatie” was featured on Snagga Puss’ 1995 album, “Reggae Funky“. “Tatie” the dance became popular with the youth, and joined the list of prominent dances including the “Bogle“, “Butterfly“, “Peppaseed“, and “World Dance“. Like many dances of the past, “Tatie” has been remixed and renamed a few times over the years. A music video for the track was made in support of “Tatie”, and it was directed by the legendary “BigDaddyLeoO’Reggio, and featured the late Media Personality, Basil “Bagga” Brown.

Since the release of “Tatie”, Snagga Puss has enjoyed a career with a few hits and memorable dances. He is still active, and has been flexing his entrepreneurial muscle over the years. His distinct sound is still remembered, and “Tatie” is loved by many who were there when it made its debut.

Thank You Snagga Puss For This Classic!

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Put This On TikTok: Squash Shares New “Foot” Music Video!

Dancehall Artist Squash continues to give the people hit singles, and bring his brand to more places around the globe. Enjoying a respectable run of releases, he sees Social Media platform TikTok as a new gateway to promote his music. Enjoying some viral success from previous releases, he urges everyone to share his latest music video for the single, “Foot“!

Directed by DirectorBadz, Squash puts his best foot forward in the music video for “Foot”. With his 6ix crew in attendance, they all show off fancy footwork while Squash continues to dominant with his music. A preview of “Foot” was shared on TikTok a few weeks ago, so the music video is just a way to capitalize off of the viral success. Squash also shows love to his fans by featuring videos where they showed off their dance moves. Popular Media Personality Winford Williams can be seen dancing along with Squash, further showcasing that they dance is for everyone. “Foot” was produced by World Team Production on the Sports Range Riddim.

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