@KaciFen Becomes Brand Ambassador For @Fonterra’s “Mainland Say Cheese” Campaign!

Fonterra, the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, has announced that Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 Kaci Fennell is the new Brand Ambassador for its Anchor and Mainland cheeses distributed in Jamaica by World Brands Services Division.

A self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, the Jamaican beauty that was fourth runner-up in the Miss Universe 2014 Competition, has built a strong reputation for her cooking talents, having participated in several celebrity chef competitions. Speaking on the partnership, the beauty queen who favours the brands’ ‘Tasty Cheese’ said  “I am so excited to represent the Fonterra brands, my mother is actually a chef so food is something I’m very passionate about and I’ve actually been a long time user of the brand”.

Marketing Executive of World Brands Services, Mrs. Tania Christie, is excited about the partnership.  She stated, “Kaci will play a critical role in creating and developing the brand’s strong consumer relationship.  We look forward to her bringing her own vibrant personality and uniqueness to the brands.”

This Brand Ambassadorship will feature Kaci in upcoming Anchor and Mainland advertising and marketing campaigns. She will also make special appearances at upcoming events. Fennell’s first official appearance representing the ‘Anchor and Mainland Say Cheese’ campaign was at the 18th staging of the Jamaica Observer’s Table Talk Food Awards on May 26, 2016 where she joined the Anchor and Mainland Chef in whipping up dishes for patrons to enjoy.

The summer activities will be abuzz with Fonterra and Kaci as she imprints her pivotal mark in increasing the social reach of the brands and driving new customers and awareness to the line of Fonterra’s cheeses sold on the market. Slated to appear in a number of live cooking demonstrations across various locations including supermarkets and corporate entities, the ‘Mainland and Anchor Say Cheese’ Campaign will educate and wow consumers to the versatility of the line of products.


About Mainland Cheeses:

MAINLAND EDAM CHEESE: Contains 25% less fat than traditional cheddar, with a fresher, lighter, and more delicate flavor. It has fantastic properties when melted.

MAINLAND SPECIAL RESERVE GOUDA: Creamier than cheddar cheese, with a mild flavor.  Mainland Gouda is ideal for cheese platters or as a cooking ingredient.

MAINLAND TASTY CHEDDAR: A sharp, powerful flavor, naturally aged for 18 months to develop that distinctive Mainland flavor, while retaining a thick, slightly-crumbly texture.

MAINLAND MOZZARELLA: This is an Italian-style cheese with a mild flavor and elastic body. It is made from pasteurized cow’s milk. It is kept frozen to maintain its characteristic stretchiness. It is due to this quality that this cheese is ideal for pizzas.

About World Brands Services:

World Brands Services is a division of GK Foods & Services Limited, which is a subsidiary of GraceKennedy Limited.  World Brands Services manages the procurement, warehousing and distribution across all retail channels in Jamaica of a diversified group of international brands of food and non-food products. Its mandate is delivering quality products at competitive prices while adding value and expanding markets for GraceKennedy’s principals located either in Jamaica or abroad.

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