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@KaciFen Becomes Brand Ambassador For @Fonterra’s “Mainland Say Cheese” Campaign!

Fonterra, the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, has announced that Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 Kaci Fennell is the new Brand Ambassador for its Anchor and Mainland cheeses distributed in Jamaica by World Brands Services Division.

A self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, the Jamaican beauty that was fourth runner-up in the Miss Universe 2014 Competition, has built a strong reputation for her cooking talents, having participated in several celebrity chef competitions. Speaking on the partnership, the beauty queen who favours the brands’ ‘Tasty Cheese’ said  “I am so excited to represent the Fonterra brands, my mother is actually a chef so food is something I’m very passionate about and I’ve actually been a long time user of the brand”.

Marketing Executive of World Brands Services, Mrs. Tania Christie, is excited about the partnership.  She stated, “Kaci will play a critical role in creating and developing the brand’s strong consumer relationship.  We look forward to her bringing her own vibrant personality and uniqueness to the brands.”

This Brand Ambassadorship will feature Kaci in upcoming Anchor and Mainland advertising and marketing campaigns. She will also make special appearances at upcoming events. Fennell’s first official appearance representing the ‘Anchor and Mainland Say Cheese’ campaign was at the 18th staging of the Jamaica Observer’s Table Talk Food Awards on May 26, 2016 where she joined the Anchor and Mainland Chef in whipping up dishes for patrons to enjoy.

The summer activities will be abuzz with Fonterra and Kaci as she imprints her pivotal mark in increasing the social reach of the brands and driving new customers and awareness to the line of Fonterra’s cheeses sold on the market. Slated to appear in a number of live cooking demonstrations across various locations including supermarkets and corporate entities, the ‘Mainland and Anchor Say Cheese’ Campaign will educate and wow consumers to the versatility of the line of products.


About Mainland Cheeses:

MAINLAND EDAM CHEESE: Contains 25% less fat than traditional cheddar, with a fresher, lighter, and more delicate flavor. It has fantastic properties when melted.

MAINLAND SPECIAL RESERVE GOUDA: Creamier than cheddar cheese, with a mild flavor.  Mainland Gouda is ideal for cheese platters or as a cooking ingredient.

MAINLAND TASTY CHEDDAR: A sharp, powerful flavor, naturally aged for 18 months to develop that distinctive Mainland flavor, while retaining a thick, slightly-crumbly texture.

MAINLAND MOZZARELLA: This is an Italian-style cheese with a mild flavor and elastic body. It is made from pasteurized cow’s milk. It is kept frozen to maintain its characteristic stretchiness. It is due to this quality that this cheese is ideal for pizzas.

About World Brands Services:

World Brands Services is a division of GK Foods & Services Limited, which is a subsidiary of GraceKennedy Limited.  World Brands Services manages the procurement, warehousing and distribution across all retail channels in Jamaica of a diversified group of international brands of food and non-food products. Its mandate is delivering quality products at competitive prices while adding value and expanding markets for GraceKennedy’s principals located either in Jamaica or abroad.

Kaci Fennell, Jamaica, Fonterra, 13thStreetPromotions, KaciFen Kaci Fennell, Jamaica, Fonterra, 13thStreetPromotions, KaciFen Kaci Fennell, Jamaica, Fonterra, 13thStreetPromotions, KaciFen Kaci Fennell, Jamaica, Fonterra, 13thStreetPromotions, KaciFen

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @KaciFen


Kaci Fennell is a special individual. Despite being placed 5th at the Miss Universe Pageant, her name became a very hot topic since the event. Catching her before making the trek to Montego Bay was the Onstage team to speak on a few things. Here she spoke on her experience as a contestant, making friendships, thoughts on her placement and the reaction from the public, being a hot commodity during and after the event, thoughts on answering the last question, her short hairstyle, and more. Despite her placement, we are very proud of Kaci and we look forward to what she’ll do. Want to watch her do her thing at Miss Universe again? Watch this! Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: The 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant


If you were present at the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant, you already know the results of the event. If by chance you missed watching it or would love to re-watch it, now you can! Featuring 88 beauties from all over the world vying for the Miss Universe crown, this was a mix of cultures, beauty and colours! Jamaica’s own Kaci Fennell respresented well but if you want to see her grace the stage again, check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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@KaciFen’s 4th Place Runner Up Reactions!


On Sunday January 25, the world was glued to their screens as contestants from all over the world competed for the title of Miss Universe. While Jamaica’s own Kaci Fennell was a fan favourite, the biggest shocker came later that night when she was placed 5th place/4th Runner Up and the overall winner was Miss Colombia. Check out the reactions from viewers below and a special video.


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GUEST POST: @KaciFen: The Face Of Jamaica – @_englishfluffin


As the Coronation of Ms. Universe 2015 fast approaches, countries all over the globe are gleaming with excitement and showing support for their favorite contestant. With no doubt, the contestants are flamboyantly showcasing their walks, elegant poses and beautiful smiles in an effort to make an impression on both the judges and the public at large.
Here in Jamaica, the home crowd is cheering for our new dearly beloved Kaci Fennell. Kaci is from the parish of Kingston and St. Andrew. She is a 24 year old, long-legged beauty who radiates sunshine from her motherland. It has been seen that she is creating a buzz in the competition already, as photos from the Ms. Universe Fan Poll Page of her are shared and liked daily. Jamaican supporters locally and across the diaspora surely announce their strong faith in her, as they encourage our fellow Jamaicans to support our reigning beauty queen.
She posts pictures daily on her social media accounts and fans just can’t help but fall in love with the humble being that she is. Various comments have been made about the reason Jamaicans are so pleased with her, many of which states that there is something unique about Kaci.
Her official Miss Universe interview has her boasting about Jamaica’s warmhearted people, our music, our cuisine and the “vibes and ting”. The Jamaican people have no doubt that Kaci will be a top contender in the competition.
As the Coronation approaches speedily, we set our clocks, phones, tablets on alarm to celebrate our remarkable country and the beauty that represents us as a people.


The 63rd Miss Universe Pageant will take place on Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015.


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