@NikoChromatic Reveals Battling Kidney Disease, Seeks Assistance For Surgery

If you’re a fan of the “Big Bad SoundChromatic, then you definitely know about Niko a.k.a. Nikomatic a.k.a. NikoChromatic. A founding member of the DJ Collective, he was missing out of the limelight for quite some time. While many speculated a possible rift with the other members, Creep, another founding member, assured fans that he’s still a part of the team. Today, the real reason Niko has been missing from the Collective’s various gigs, and Mixtape releases was the fact that he has been battling Kidney Disease. While the news has sent shock waves across Social Media, Niko stated that his battle can be a short one through the help of surgery and revealing it to the public wasn’t an easy feat. The team recently started a GoFundMe account to seek additional aid for the ailing DJ/MC. While we here at 13thStreetPromotions wish the best for NikoChromatic, we urge you the public to assist in any way by donating via the link below, sharing the article, and of course praying.




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One thought on “@NikoChromatic Reveals Battling Kidney Disease, Seeks Assistance For Surgery

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    Again my original post will be taking a backseat to something more important. DJ Niko from the sound Chromatic is in need of help. Check out this article by 13th Street Promotion to find out how you can give a helping hand.

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