@TheKhxos Changes Name, Sets To Release Debut Album.

Khxos (previously Khaos) is one of the more versatile new Artists to surface onto the scene. A Songwriter who fuses Reggae and Dancehall with a hint of R&B and Pop mixed with a unique voice, Khxos’ vocals alternate between rugged boasts and smooth tones with such lyrical and melodious prowess not seen from the average Reggae Artist. Khxos has made strides in 2016 towards mainstream with his debut EP, “Deception”, guest appearances, and a slew of videos by Videographer, Sean Alaric.

Khxos spent parts of his early life in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica where he learned to love music from his family and surroundings before moving to the States in his teenage years. Although he is regarded as a new artist, Khxos has been underground for the last 4 years creating a fan base from Jamaica, the United States, UK, and Canada to name a few. He has made some of his biggest strides in 2016 with the “One Dance (Remix)” that featured Recording Artist/Comedian Andrew Trabass which amassed over 3 million views on YouTube. Earlier that year, Khxos released the “Deception” EP which was produced by Class One Music and featured Khxos’ single “One Touch” which spread like wildfire throughout the mainstream airwaves last year.

In 2017, Khxos has been working with in-house Producer Sean Alaric and Class One Music on his debut Album, “Dopamine” which features 13 tracks from the Songwriter. Showing his musical versatility touching on sensitive subject matters, boasting a variety of melodies, whether on uptempo Dancehall tracks such as “Badman”, or “Love to U”, the smooth Hip-hop and R&B fused track, “Dopamine” has the potential to be a notable Reggae/Dancehall Album in 2017. “Dopamine” features the lead single “So Loud” that was released in early 2017. “The single has already began gaining rotation on Radio, and we are getting ready to release the second single, “Dopamine”, which the album is titled after. “Dopamine” is a feel-good single that gives you a positive vibe every time you listen to the track,” says Khxos. “It’s one of my favorite tracks on the album.” he added. Singles such as “Can’t Get Over You” is a track that features Jamaican Singer Chevaughn. The single has an Island vibe mixed with an Afro-Dancehall beat that has the potential to breakthrough Internationally to all the ladies. “Nobody” featuring Deejay Chargii has more of an International Dancehall vibe about a girl that a man is infatuated with. “Every man can relate to the track,” added Khxos. Khxos and Class One Music have created an Album that will flow sonically from start to finish to the ears of the music consumer. Khxos is ready to break into the mainstream market this year with “Dopamine” being the first of many major releases.

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