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Skeng Takes On “Paris” In New Visual

Dancehall Artist Skeng is working his way up to becoming a well traveled man, truly making his brand a global one. Looking to make a bigger impact, he has secured a record deal with Rapper Nicki Minaj, and has been taking his talents to various stages. This time around, he lands in a famous European city called, “Paris“.

Directed by AllEyezOnIt, Skeng takes on the City of Love in one of his recent bookings. Rolling with a few of his peers, the Deejay gives us a good view of the Eiffel Tower, and other parts of the city while performing his Droptop Records/3 Kings Music Group-produced track. Skeng has made an impact in various cities, and with a great support system, he will be a unstoppable entity in the coming months. Where will Skeng show up next?

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Shane O Gets Deep In Thought In “Wrath” Video!

Dancehall Artist Shane O is a thinking Man. He is aware of his surroundings, and has at times reflected on his life, all that it took to get him here, and his daily experiences. A lot of his thinking has reflected in his songwriting, and on “Wrath“, he goes deeper in thought.

With a video directed by Frencho Film from Trinidad, “Wrath” is a collaboration between Shane O and Producer Countree Hype. Shot in Guyana during one of Shane O’s performance stops, the Deejay shares his experiences when it comes to dealing with friends. He has always been strong on loyalty, but some of the people around him think otherwise, and he is forced to reduce his circle, and be cautious of whom he shares his energy with. Shane O gives us some of his signature songwriting, and with the warnings shared throughout, listeners will find themselves pondering on a lot after listening. Shane O continues to stay consistent with the musical output, and is gearing up to connect with more of his fanbase locally, and Internationally.


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Elephant Man Shares A Bagga Tings In @TheFixJA Interview!

Dancehall Artist Elephant Man is a legend, with a career that has been nothing short of impactful. We have been recognizing his greatness for years, and he deserves all the Flowers that should come his way. With hits, plaques, historic moments, and more under his belt, we know he has a lot to look back at and appreciate. Recently, he joined the good folks over at The Fix Podcast for an epic Interview.

Hosted by Naro and Ari, Elephant Man had plenty to discuss in an over 2 hour Interview. Ele spoke on his nearly 30 year career, the ascension of the “Energy God“, contributing to crossing over Dancehall in the 2000s, having a hand in the development and further exposure of some of your favourite Artists, thoughts on the impact of dancing songs in Dancehall, addressing Negus Imara and comments from fellow members of the Dancehall Fraternity, his past feud with Beenie Man, his kids, and a lot more! Elephant Man is to be appreciated, and his contributions should not be taken lightly and should be brought up in more conversations.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Snagga Puss – “Tatie” (1994)

We’re in the 90s, where music enjoyed a season of fusions, the fashion was flashy, and the vibes were right. In Jamaica, it was a time where Dancehall and Hip Hop were always in the studio and making noise overseas, many legends just got their official start, and many dances were created. For today’s “Oldies Sunday” selection, we highlight Snagga Puss (formerly known as Dickie Ranking), and his single, “Tatie“!

Produced by Patrick Roberts for the Shocking Vibes label and released in 1994, Snagga Puss joined in on the fun and created a song for a dance called the “Tatie”. Snagga Puss’ persona and delivery were inspired by the Cartoon character Snagglepuss, and helped to make “Tatie” a hit. “Tatie” was featured on Snagga Puss’ 1995 album, “Reggae Funky“. “Tatie” the dance became popular with the youth, and joined the list of prominent dances including the “Bogle“, “Butterfly“, “Peppaseed“, and “World Dance“. Like many dances of the past, “Tatie” has been remixed and renamed a few times over the years. A music video for the track was made in support of “Tatie”, and it was directed by the legendary “BigDaddyLeoO’Reggio, and featured the late Media Personality, Basil “Bagga” Brown.

Since the release of “Tatie”, Snagga Puss has enjoyed a career with a few hits and memorable dances. He is still active, and has been flexing his entrepreneurial muscle over the years. His distinct sound is still remembered, and “Tatie” is loved by many who were there when it made its debut.

Thank You Snagga Puss For This Classic!

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Chronic Law Stays Locked And Loaded On “Four Four”!

Dancehall Artist Chronic Law is arguably one of the most consistent Artists in the past 5 years. A month does not pass without him releasing a handful of singles and videos, and his fanbase is loving everything. From conscious tracks to aggressive tracks, the “Law Boss” has every sector locked. Speaking of locked, he has his arsenal ready on the new single, “Four Four“.

Produced by Digital Productionz, Chronic Law ensures that his clips are full, and wherever the war is, he’s armed to the teeth. “Four Four” is one of the many pieces of content Chronic Law has already released this month, but it’s all in the name of making money daily. We can’t be mad at that. Expect a lot more from the “Law Boss” in the coming days.

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.@Skillibeng Expands His Reach With The “Mr. Universe EP”!

Dancehall Artist Skillibeng saw his career jump to levels that were considered legendary a couple years ago. Thanks to his string of singles that displayed sharp lyricism and instant comparisons to Vybz Kartel, Skilli was at the top of the Totem Pole overlooking his competitors. Since 2021, his name went from widely celebrated, to being ridiculed by some through the quality of some of his releases. His album “Crocodile Teeth” didn’t live up to the hype for some, and many were questioning his legitimacy as a Lyricist. He stirred up quite the controversy, but his loyal fans remained championing him. With his eyes set on covering more International grounds, Skillibeng released his latest EP, “Mr. Universe“.

Titled after the 2020 single, Skillibeng gives us 5 singles that should be able to give new listeners an idea of what to expect from him. The songs featured aren’t new, but his “Rocket Launcher” collaboration with Rapper Rich The Kid and Popcaan, “Piana“, and “The Most Power” from the “Crocodile Teeth” album are featured. His controversial single “Whap Whap” featuring F.S. made it to the list, so this EP is more for those who are new to Skillibeng’s catalogue. We look forward to more projects from Skillibeng this year, including a rumored album that has a June release date.

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