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You’ve heard her voice on the Jamaican airwaves, you’ve seen her presenting on Television, you may have seen her during an Outside Broadcast, but do you know Dadrian Gordon? Formerly of Linkz 96 FM, Dadrian has been lending her talents to RJR for quite a while ensuring that news and other happenings get to you in time. A friend of the Blog from a taller time (lol), we finally got a chance to get her out of her busy schedule for an Interview. If you don’t know, now you know!

Words by: @SwadeDaVillain

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13thStreetPromotions: Hey Dadrian! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to have a chat with 13th Street Promotions! You’re at times  on the Radio and you sometimes make a Television appearance, but who is Dadrian Gordon?

Dadrian Gordon: Firstly, thanks for the interest and I appreciate the feature. Who is Dadrian? Hmmmm…I am a simple lover or life, love and laughter. I like being surrounded by things and people that add value to my being; that inspires, uplifts, celebrates, supports and teaches. I can be a Drama Queen and in the same breath be an Introvert. I cherish simple treasures; long conversations, listening to music, cooking new dishes, creating art and of course I can’t live without my TV shows. I’m the original Google Chef and Pinterest/HGTV is life. *chuckles*

13thSP: For those who aren’t up to speed, what do you do overall, and where have we heard and seen you work?

 DG: The question is what don’t I do (lol), but i pride myself in being an all rounder. I believe that if your environment permits, you should capitalize on all the available options. With that being said, I’m primarily employed as a News Presenter, however i’m a general Broadcaster at the RJR Gleaner Communications Group. I host my own Radio show on Saturday mornings (9 AM- 1 PM), I sub for E-Prime during Prime Time News (TVJ), I write and produce for selected Newscasts, I host Outside Broadcasts, I voice and produce Commercials, and I present the RJR News Webcast.

Over the years I’ve done Outside Broadcast coverages for a number of Festivals including Reggae Sumfest, Jamaica Jazz & Blues, Denbigh Agricultural Show, Independence Village as well as voice over ads for WIHCON and Red Stripe.

13thSP: How did you get into Media? Was it always your passion to do so?

DG: I’ll credit Northern Caribbean University (NCU) for introducing me to the field. As a Freshman we were/are required to do a career test which serves a guide to our career choices. Based on my interests and personality, it pointed me to Mass Communications though I knew nothing about the field, except that i wanted to sound like Paula Ann Porter Jones (Media Personality). I changed my major from Teaching and it was the best decision. I was surprised as to how natural and uncomplicated the transition was. And as they say, the rest is history.

13thSP: Tell us about your upbringing, did it help in any way with your career?

DG: Growing up, my life was always surrounded by music and entertainment. I used to buy the song books and started writing my own lyrics since All Age School (Middle School/Primary).

I remember in High School I used to save my lunch money to buy “Right On” and “Black Beat” Magazines and Cassettes. My walls were filled with posters and i’d hurry home after school to watch “106th & Park” (Popular TV Show on BET) and TRL (Popular TV on MTV) at my neighbour’s house. I loved visiting my Aunt’s house in Linstead because she had a computer and cable…it was like foreign (lol). Nothing in entertainment missed me! It was only for me to fine tune the serious side of Media which was News. That came later in life.

13thSP: Who have been some of your influences in Media if you have any? Have you worked with any of them yet?

DG: As mentioned Paula Ann Porter Jones; she gave a lecture at NCU when i was a Freshman, and that was the highlight of my entire College existence. Her voice is golden! I listened to Fame 95 FM religiously, so the voices there were the ones I tried to emulate…Simone (Clarke-Cooper), Deidra (James), CP (Claudette Powell), and Danae (Ramgolam). I also liked Dorraine (Samuels), even more so when I realized we shared the same birthday, I thought it was destiny. I’ve been blessed to have some of the best mentors since I’ve transitioned to News, Norma Brown-Bell, Fae Ellington, Earl Moxam, Dionne Jackson-Miller, Derick Wilks and of course my Simmy (Simone Clarke Cooper), who have all shared their knowledge and helped me where I fell short.

13thSP: What have been some of your proudest moments and not so proud moments in Media?

DG: Proudest moment…The RJR Gleaner Group is the pinnacle of Caribbean Media, and to be here soaking up all this knowledge, growing and imparting the knowledge I’ve gathered on others is humbling to say the least. The way my family and friends light up when I’m on the Radio or TV, I know they’re proud too.

I wouldn’t say I’ve had “Not so proud moments” because who I was before helped mold the me I am now, but there were a few on air embarrassing moments however (lol).

13thSP: Off Camera and outside of the Booth, what does Dadrian do in her offtime?

DG: I’m such a homebody; watch my snaps and i’m either cooking, learning to sew, trying to save my plants, doing some DIY project, or catching up on my series. Other than that I like the beach, a good movie, lyming over drinks, and live Sporting events. Oh, me noisy bad, so my Radio is probably blasting.

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13thSP: You’ve also dabbled a lil in DJing over the years, and went by the name “Santana”. Will we get to see you joining the lineup with DJs like ZJ Venus, Nova, or even DJ Sunshine anytime soon?

 DG: Hahahaha they say never say never but i’d have some catching up to do. Hats off to those ladies, they’re awesome!


13thSP: The Media world isn’t always the greatest job, but for many it’s rewarding. What advice would you give to those who are looking to pursue a career in Media?

DG: The first thing you’ll learn is that the job is NOT a 9-5; there is no holiday or Summer break. Be prepared to put in long hours and weather literal storms. A misconception is that ‘fame’ means everything. NOPE! You have to be strong because the criticisms will come, you have to keep your eye on your prize because a thousand others want the stop you occupy. It’s easy to lose yourself when you try to live up the hype of what the spotlight brings, but “Don’t put your basket where your hands can’t reach”. You have to be creative, find new ways to build your brand, be professional, and maintain your credibility. You’re as good as your last presentation, so practice! My biggest thing though is not let it consume you; you will need to adjust your life but please don’t lose yourself.

Jamaica, Journalism, RJR FM, RJR 94 FM, Blog, 13thStreetPromotions, 13thStreetPromo, Dadrian Gordon, Reporter, Get To Know, Interview, Media, DJ, Caribbean,


13thSP: In closing, what’s next for Dadrian Gordon?

DG: Winning the Super Lotto would be nice, but until I get that right dream, just continuing with the hard work. Focusing on cementing my place in the Industry. I still think i’d love to teach so maybe i’ll get certified and share this knowledge. And the cliche, House on the hill with the white picket fence, family Mini Van, husband, two kids and a dog (LOL).

Jamaica, Journalism, RJR FM, RJR 94 FM, Blog, 13thStreetPromotions, 13thStreetPromo, Dadrian Gordon, Reporter, Get To Know, Interview, Media, DJ, Caribbean,


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  1. Happy birthday blessed earthstrong strongearth to you Ms. Gordon from Wayne in kinda cold NY tiday.Hail up mi fambilly an fren dem up a Mahoney Mt.Olive ina di Lawrence Tavern area.Nuff nuff more God’s blessings also condolences to you and family.6

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