@TheReleaseJA Encourages Young Innovators

The Release Television Programme will be hosting their Community College Tour geared towards encouraging young Innovators. The Tour will feature “The Release Innovation Challenge (TRIC)” which is a challenge for students and staff to showcase and be awarded for their innovation in Technology, Music, Food and Fashion.

The Tour is expected to educate and promote the benefits of inventing; encourage Entrepreneurship among students and to promote sportsmanship among peers through in-school Innovation challenges. Executive Producer and Host for The Release, Talisa Taylor said, “Last year we did a Social ME-dia: Release Responsibly Tour that spoke to the use of Social Media among High School students so this year we decided to promote a different message through encouraging creativity and further awarding it”.

The Tour is set to begin in October and will visit schools such as College of Agriculture Science and Education (C.A.S.E.), Excelsior Community College, Knox Community College, Moneague Community College, Montego Bay Community College, Bethlehem Moravian College, Brown’s Town Community College, and Portmore Community College. Joseph Moore, another Executive Producer of The Release said, “We believe in promoting positivity so The Release will continue to share social messages that can influence our target audience”.

The Tour is sponsored by JUTC and Alternative Music will include a Celebrity judging panel, seminars from different groups on improving Inventions, capitalizing on them and a concert featuring student performers and guest Artists. Students or staff interested in the Tour can follow The Release on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more Information (@TheReleaseja), or call 833-5444.

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